Are you an online business owner looking for reliable dropshipping suppliers in California? Finding trustworthy suppliers can be a challenging task. On the other hand, choosing the wrong one can lead to numerous pain points, such as shipping delays, poor product quality, and customer dissatisfaction. But don’t worry, cause we have your back!

In this article, we provide you with a comprehensive list of the top 15 California dropshipping suppliers. Plus, we’ll share effective methods for identifying dependable dropshipping suppliers in California. Stay tuned as we uncover tips and recommendations to boost our California and US eCommerce business.

Let’s dive in!

15 Best Dropshipping Suppliers From California

As a central hub, there are several California dropshipping suppliers we can work with. However, choosing the ones we can trust can be challenging. Fortunately, we’ve made this step easier with this list of the top 15 best dropshipping suppliers in California:

Let’s check out what each of these suppliers has to offer.


sellvia one of dropshipping suppliers california

Sellvia provides users with an eCommerce solution for long delivery times from Asia to North America. This supplier boasts more than just a wide inventory of products. Here are some of its most eye-catching features:


  • Fast shipping times
  • Automated order placement
  • Most affordable prices
  • Sellvia Customer Store

Sellvia stocks up on products from Asia and stores them in a warehouse in Irvine, California. Therefore, California-based customers can expect the same affordable prices from Asian suppliers without the long wait of international shipping.

Moreover, Sellvia’s Custom Store is a convenient, ready-made, done-for-you dropshipping store. This feature empowers dropshippers to readily sell products on the platform. This supplier is certainly one to consider.


  • Misleading profit margins
  • Pricey shipping fees
  • Paid Membership

Sellvia’s site provides customers with potential profit numbers calculated by comparing the retail price with the actual product price. However, it does not account yet for shipping fees which could be misleading. Finally, membership on the platform starts at $39.00, which might not be affordable for many just starting out.


weiv one of dropshipping suppliers california

Weiv is a trendy fashion supplier based in Los Angeles. It’s a menswear company with thousands of clothing and apparel in its store, stretching from basic shirts to sweaters, track pants, and more. Let’s go through some of its features:


  • Fast domestic shipping
  • Multiple payment options
  • Private labeling options
  • 30-day return policy
  • International shipping

First and foremost, with their warehouse based in LA, customers can expect speedy shipping. Plus, multiple payment options make it convenient for buyers to complete their purchases. There’s also a 30-day return policy we can take advantage of.

Weiv also offers international shipping. On top of that, it offers private labeling options, helping us become more recognizable to our buyers. It helps boost our brand without hassle.


  • Weekend orders take longer
  • No dropshipping app

While Weiv boasts fast domestic shipping, weekend orders could take longer to ship. Plus, it currently has no dropshipping app available.


OfficeCrave one of dropshipping suppliers california

OfficeCrave is a top choice supplier if we want to explore the home and office supplies niche. It serves customers with over 100,000 different products, including printers, typewriters, paper, ink and toner cartridges, projectors, computer accessories, stationery, furniture, and more. With that said, here are more of its attractive features.


  • Fast order processing & delivery
  • Multiple payment options
  • Offers full refunds
  • Dropshipping program

With 48 distribution centers in over 25 states, including Los Angeles, California, we can expect fast order processing & delivery of items. They also support several payment options and accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, wire transfers, checks, and money orders. Plus, they offer full refunds when orders don’t arrive on the expected date.

In addition, OfficeCrave now has a dropshipping program, making it easier for us to source products from them. They even offer a blind dropshipping option so customers don’t have to know our products came from them.


  • No personalized branding services

While OfficeCrave now offers a blind dropshipping option, there are no customized branding services available yet. 


Apliiq dropshipping suppliers california

Based in Los Angeles, Apliiq offers on-demand dropshipping supplier services for Shopify and WooCommerce shops. They partner with season cutters and sewers to offer custom garments.


  • Private labeling
  • Unlimited samples
  • Sustainable options
  • Fully automated
  • Bulk discounts
  • Graphic design services

With print-on-demand services, Apliiq offers private labeling options for dropshippers. They also provide unlimited samples and sustainable options to suit various demands. Plus, it has graphic design services so customers can create and sell unique products easily.


  • Little information about manufacturing
  • Inconsistent shipping times

With print-on-demand services, production can take up to 5 days. With shipping, it could take a while for orders to reach customers. However, we can do our part and be transparent about shipping times to keep customers informed.

Ioka Jewelry

Ioka Jewelry dropshipping suppliers california

Ioka Jewelry is a family business in the heart of the jewelry district of Downtown Los Angeles. This supplier specializes in gold jewelry pieces such as men’s and women’s engagement rings, gold chains, gold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, gold pendants, and more. Let’s go through some of its perks:


  • Free domestic shipping
  • Custom jewelry options
  • Multiple payment options

With high-ticket items for sale, Ioka Jewelry conveniently and considerately offers its customers free domestic shipping. It even provides custom engravement services for its products. 

Beginner’s Tips: Customers are willing to pay more for personalized items. We can take advantage of customization options to charge more for personalized items, especially custom jewelry.


  • No personalized branding services

While Ioka Jewelry offers product customization, it doesn’t do the same for branding and packaging. Thus, we must be clear with our customers and inform them about where we source our products.

 Four Seasons General Merchandise (4sgm)

4sgm dropshipping suppliers california

Among the largest dropshipping and wholesale suppliers on the West Coast, Four Seasons General Merchandise, or simply 4sgm, offers a wide range of items. Here are more key features we can consider for this supplier:


  • Fast shipping
  • Free shipping perks
  • Multiple payment options

With a large inventory, 4gsm offers fast domestic and international shipping. In addition, they have free shipping deals for orders above $1000.00 anywhere in the Los Angeles area. There are also multiple payment options, including checks, credit cards, and wire transfers for convenient customer checkouts.


  • $500 minimum order amount
  • No personalized branding options

Since 4sgm is a wholesale online store, it has a minimum order amount of $500.00 per checkout, which might not be sustainable unless we’re targeting bulk buyers with our dropshipping business. Moreover, there are no personalized branding options for us to leverage,


Simplicitie dropshipping suppliers california

Simplicitie is a Los Angeles-based online store focusing on women’s apparel. They offer various clothing items such as jackets, dresses, and more. Here are some of its key features as a dropshipping supplier.


  • Private label services
  • Fast shipping
  • Deals for Simplicitie dropship program users

Simplicitie provides private label services allowing us to add our branding for a minimum order of 200 pieces. They also offer fast shipping, with orders only taking 3 to 7 days to deliver. Moreover, joining their dropship program grants an extra 40% discount.


  • Costly dropshipping programs
  • No dropshipping integrations

While being on their dropship program gives us large discounts on products, it also sets us back a whopping $295 monthly. Plus, they don’t have integrations, so we must fulfill orders manually. The good thing is that AutoDS already has services to remedy this.

With Fulfilled by AutoDS, we can automate our orders without using our personal buyer accounts and payment information. This feature is just one of many that AutoDS offers its users to make dropshipping easier.

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel dropshipping suppliers california

Tasha Apparel is a great choice if we’re looking for dropshipping suppliers for women’s clothing in California. With in-house designers, they offer a diverse collection of quality products.


  • High-quality, unique pieces
  • Fast shipping
  • Multiple payment methods (Paypal, Wire transfers)
  • Fast order processing
  • No subscription fees

One of the main perks of Tasha Apparel is its focus on the design and quality of the garments. On top of that, they have fast shipping and processing for both domestic and international orders. Plus, they offer multiple payment options for customer convenience, including PayPal, major credit/debit cards, and wire transfers.


  • High shipping costs
  • No personalized branding options

Meanwhile, a major con of this supplier is its high shipping costs, especially for international orders. Moreover, there are no personalized branding options for dropshippers.

Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale dropshipping suppliers california

Another top California dropshipping supplier is Sunrise Wholesale. This dropshipper-friendly supplier caters to all our dropshipping needs. Here are its key features:


  • Wide product range
  • Responsive customer support
  • Automation
  • Free trial on their dropshipping program

Sunrise Wholesale offers a wide selection of in-demand and wholesale products that range from household equipment to office tools and children’s toys. Furthermore, it has reliable and responsive customer support that we can extend to our customers to improve our service and increase customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, Sunrise Wholesale has a dropshipping program we can try for free for up to 7 days. We can try out their services, check out their products, and see if they’re the ones for us before committing to a subscription.


  • 20% restocking fee for product returns

One con we need to consider when sourcing from Sunrise Wholesale is their restocking fee. There’s a fee of up to 20% whenever we return products. We can safeguard ourselves from this by increasing our prices or by simply being transparent to our customers when it comes to return policies. 

My Online Fashion Store

My Online Fashion Store

My Online Fashion Store is a supplier that focuses on the fashion & clothing niche. This supplier serves dropshipping stores, so they don’t offer wholesale or reselling services to the public. With that said, here are the top dropshipper-friendly features of this supplier:


  • Fast, affordable shipping
  • Free returns
  • Supports customization

My Online Fashion Store guarantees fast and affordable shipping anywhere in the US. Moreover, this platform offers 30-day free returns, giving us one less thing for us to worry about. Plus, this is an offer we can also extend to our customers, making us a better choice for them.

Additionally, this supplier supports the customization of packages and labels. This way, our customers don’t have to second guess whether or not the products they order come from our store.


  • No automated order fulfillment
  • Low product volume

Despite being a dropshipper-friendly supplier, Sunrise Wholesale does not offer automated order fulfillment services. In addition, they have low product volumes, meaning we can only offer limited stocks of each product.



Shelterdist is a unique supplier focused on dropshipping a specific niche—knives. While some may think this niche is risky, there is an observable steady growth in demand. Specializing in knives, swords, daggers, crossbows, and other self-defense equipment and hunting gear, here are more features we can look forward to from this supplier:


  • Niche supplier
  • Fast worldwide shipping
  • Multiple payment options

Since Shelterdist focuses on a niche product category, we can easily target a specific audience interested in the items they offer. Moreover, having a focused niche helps build customer loyalty with our target audience. In addition, it offers fast shipping services we can extend to our customers as well. Lastly, they have multiple payment options available for easy and convenient checkouts.


  • No personalized branding options

Shelterdist, unfortunately, does not offer personalized branding options. Because of this, we could miss out on branding opportunities to make us more recognizable to buyers. Moreover, our customers will be able to know where we source our products from. 

CC Wholesale Clothing

CC Wholesale Clothing

CC Wholesale Clothing is another California-based supplier with a niche in women’s clothing of all sizes and categories. With a wide range of products and dropshipper-oriented programs, here are its main features:


  • Offers turnkey website services
  • Fast, affordable shipping
  • Supports customization
  • 30-day return policies

CC Wholesale Clothing helps new retailers and aspiring dropshippers start their businesses by offering custom-made turnkey websites for its users. Plus, they offer fast and affordable shipping along with 30-day returns on their products. 

Notably, CC Wholesale Clothing offers customization for packages and labels, enabling us to boost our branding to customers. 


  • Low product volume

CC Wholesale Clothing has low product volumes, so we could easily run out of stock when sourcing products from them. 

Beginner’s Tip: It’s ideal to work with multiple dropshipping suppliers to avoid and mitigate any supply chain issues. If one supplier is low on stock, we have another supplier to source in-demand products from and earn more profit.



Next on our list of dropshipping suppliers in California is Trendsi. This supplier focuses on accessible clothing brands with a wide selection of over 50 new products added daily. Let’s see more of their features:


  • Positive reviews
  • Fast, reliable shipping
  • No monthly fees
  • In-house photography services
  • Real-time inventory sync and restock

This supplier is known for its quick and dependable 2-7 day shipping anywhere in the US. It’s also amongst Shopify’s most popular clothing supplier apps. And, with no monthly costs, we only have to pay for products that our customers buy and nothing else. 

Moreover, Trendsi offers in-house professional photography services, meaning we can have beautiful product images for our store to catch the eye of more customers. Plus, their real-time inventory sync and restock helps us avoid missing sales opportunities while letting us keep track of how much we can sell.


  • Exclusive for Shopify stores

While Trendsi is a great dropshipping supplier, it is only limited to Shopify Stores. If we want to set up our online dropshipping store somewhere else, we must look for another supplier.



DiecastModelsWholesale is another niche supplier focusing on die-cast cars and toys. In fact, it’s the best in this niche, with over 10,000 items in stock. If we’re looking to source products from this supplier, here are some perks we can look forward to:


  • Fast shipping
  • 24-hour order dispatching
  • Supports combined orders
  • Free returns on domestic orders
  • Multiple payment options

DieCastModelsWholesale offers fast international shipping via FedEx and USPS with only 1-6 days of shipping time within the US. So, we can expect the same speed for its domestic deliveries as well. Plus, they have quick 24-hour order processing. 

Moreover, they allow combined orders so buyers can check out multiple items in one shipment. On top of that, they offer free returns for domestic orders and have multiple payment methods available, including PayPal, credit/debit cards, money orders, and checks.


  • No personalized branding options

This supplier does not offer personalized branding, making it hard for us to establish a name for our store.  This also means customers can easily find out where our products are coming from.

A4 Apparel

A4 Apparel

A4 Apparel is one of the best dropshipping suppliers in California, with a niche in athletic and sportswear. They even offer everyday clothing, such as hoodies and jackets made from high-quality materials. Aside from lush sports and leisure apparel, here are some features of this supplier we can benefit from: 


  • Fast domestic shipping
  • Supports customization
  • Convenient order tracking

For local customers, they offer speedy domestic shipping that takes approximately 2 days at most. Plus, they offer convenient order tracking, so it’s easier for us and our customers to track our purchases. Moreover, A4 Apparel supports product customization we can use to attract more customers and mark up prices. Remember, consumers are willing to pay more for custom and personalized items.


  • 15% restocking fee for product returns

Unfortunately, A4 Apparel has a restocking fee of 15% on product returns. We must consider this when pricing our products and remaining transparent to our customers.

+ More US Reliable Dropshipping Suppliers

While we’ve mentioned California-based dropshipping suppliers, there are several US dropshipping suppliers we can rely on as well. Here are some of them:


Beyond having a wide product selection, Amazon also offers fast domestic deliveries. With multiple warehouses all over the country, California-based customers can get their packages through same-day or two-day deliveries. Plus, they have a trusty customer service we can trust to assist us and our buyers 24/7.



Walmart is a globally recognizable company we can rely on to supply our dropshipping needs. It has a huge catalog of products, especially on its online platform. Moreover, not only do they offer fast shipping, but dropshippers can enjoy free next-day deliveries we can leverage for our customers.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot

The Home Depot is another top choice for California dropshippers. With over 2 million home improvement products, lightning-fast 2-day delivery, and a price match guarantee, it’s a one-stop destination for all your dropshipping needs in California.



Lowe’s is one of the world’s largest home improvement retailers, making it an ideal dropshipping partner. On top of that, they offer speedy shipping, including standard, same-day, and two-day delivery options. Additionally, they have a “Pro Loyalty” program with personalized offers and tools to manage your dropshipping business, while Lowe’s protection plan provides extensive product warranties without extra fees. 



Target is one of the biggest retailers in the US and is an excellent choice for dropshippers. They have a wide selection of products online, and with over 2000 physical stores, customers can expect speedy deliveries. Plus, they offer free two-day shipping for orders over $35.

Find California Suppliers For Your Dropshipping Store

Qualities of a Reliable California Dropshipping Supplier Infographic

Finding reliable dropshipping suppliers in California is crucial if we want to successfully dropship in the US. California is a major economic hub with a large consumer market. Therefore, having suppliers in this region can result in faster shipping times and reduced shipping costs for US customers. 

Additionally, California dropshipping suppliers often adhere to strict quality and business standards, ensuring high-quality products and, as a result, increasing customer satisfaction. So, partnering with reputable suppliers in California is essential for building a strong, competitive, and sustainable dropshipping business in the US.

Keeping all this in mind, here are factors to consider when choosing a reliable dropshipping supplier:

  • Reliable shipping 
  • Return policy
  • Order quantities
  • Pricing 
  • Wide product range
  • Customer reviews

First and foremost, choose a dropshipping supplier with reliable shipping. Notably, suppliers who partner with major couriers, such as UPS, FedEXL, and DSL, are more dependable for timely product deliveries. In addition, quick and easy return policies safeguard against damaged items and reflect supplier confidence in product quality.

We should also seek positive customer reviews for more reference on the quality of products. Plus, for dropshippers, no MOQs (minimum order quantities) are ideal since customers often only buy single items. MOQs can discourage customers from buying products since they force the purchase of more items than needed. 

Moreover, we should prioritize suppliers with low wholesale prices. We can boost profits without compromising competitiveness. Remember that a diverse product selection allows us to cater to a wider range of customer needs. Thus, it enables us to sell more products and earn more profit.

So, how do we find dropshipping suppliers in California? Here are some methods we can employ:

Google Lens

Google Lens assists in identifying products and simplifies the supplier discovery process. To elaborate, Google Lens’ image recognition technology lets users find relevant product information from a single product image. 

For example, we can take images or upload pictures on Google Lens through desktop or mobile devices. Instantly, it provides information and links to similar products based on their relevance. 

Through this, we can identify potential manufacturers and suppliers, making it useful for dropshippers like us. If we find a product we want, we can use Google Lens to find the source and use the Location filter to shortlist our options.

Let’s quickly go through how it can work for us by looking at “women’s clothes” on Amazon as an example.

Once we have the product we want, we can simply upload/copy/drag the image into Google Lens, which will generate results for us. The top-right portion provides a list of different suppliers we can choose from.

We can add keywords like supplier, dropshipping, California, or the location filter to improve our search on the app.

With these features, Google Lens greatly reduces the length of our search for reliable dropshipping suppliers in California. It’s a convenient, effective, and accessible tool.

Online Research 

Another effective method for locating trustworthy California-based dropshipping suppliers is simply conducting online research. In this age of technology, we can leverage various online platforms, search engines, and supplier directories to access a wealth of information. 

We can look up industry insights and assess supplier reputations, product quality, shipping times, and customer service standards. Moreover, online research empowers us to weigh multiple options, gather contact information, and communicate directly with potential suppliers. 

Start searching Google for suppliers using keywords of what we are trying to find (e.g., “California dropshipping suppliers”). Contact potential suppliers and negotiate with the ones that fit our niche. Keep in mind that some suppliers require an MOQ or a minimum order quantity.

By conducting due diligence, we can personally identify reliable partners who meet specific dropshipping needs in California. However, all this work needs to be done manually and can take a long time to accomplish.

Automate Your California Dropshipping Business

With foundational knowledge of dropshipping in California, the next step for us is to launch and scale our business with the power of automation. AutoDS emerges as the all-in-one platform to automate our dropshipping operations effectively and efficiently. The dropshipping solution offers robust features that cater to all our business needs, ensuring optimal results. Explore below the key features of AutoDS that will revolutionize and streamline our dropshipping venture:

These AutoDS features will make managing our online dropshipping business in California so much easier. From facilitating product selection and optimizing pricing strategies to streamlining order fulfillment, automation with AutoDS enhances our overall management efficiency. Therefore, we have no choice but to scale and level up faster and better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Start A Dropshipping Business With Suppliers From California?

Absolutely! You can work with any of the suppliers mentioned in this article to jumpstart your California dropshipping business. However, not all of them might have dropshipping integration. Fortunately, we have AutoDS to smooth out the kinks for us and help us manage and scale our dropshipping business better.

Is Dropshipping Legal In California? 

Yes, dropshipping is definitely legal in California. But be mindful of taxing your products properly and strictly following rules and regulations to avoid getting suspensions and penalties. 

Which Is The Best Dropshipping Supplier In California?

The best dropshipping supplier in California depends on what you want for your dropshipping business. Consider all the pros and cons above to choose the best and most right for your California dropshipping goals. 


And there we have it! We now know the top 15 best dropshipping suppliers in California and then some. Equipped with know-how on their pros and cons, we can now find the right suppliers for our California dropshipping venture. Then, we can start dropshipping to customers in California and all over the US. 

Are you excited to find more dropshipping suppliers in the US? Here are more resources on the subject.