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CJDropshipping to Shopify

Start dropshipping from CJDropshipping to your Shopify store in the easiest way possible. Easily import products from CJDropshipping straight to your store using AutoDS. Edit and optimize your store directly from your AutoDS account. Scale your dropshipping business the simplest and quickest way by using AutoDS automation features and services.

Enjoy more time doing the things you love while resting assured your dropshipping business continues to thrive. With the fastest stock & price monitoring in the industry, automatic price optimization, and much more, AutoDS will allow for the best dropshipping experience.

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The Benefits Of Dropshipping From
CJDropshipping To Shopify

With 8 international warehouses, over 400,000 products to choose from, and multiple dropship integration tools, CJDropshipping is quickly becoming a leading Chinese dropshipping supplier! Additionally, they offer exclusive print-on-demand and white label services. They are one of the most flexible, reliable, and lucrative dropshipping platforms available.

FREE US Warehouse Inventory
CJDropshipping offers USA warehouse fulfillment centers to ensure a fast, secure, and reliable delivery to your buyers for free! Items are pre-stocked so they can process orders the same day. From their US warehouse they ship via USPS in 2-5 days. All you need to pay is the shipping cost.
A HUGE Variety Of Products
Cooperating with hundreds of factories, CJDropshipping offers a large variety of products. There are more than 400,000 products offered. With tons of different suppliers, you can find products for any niche you’re looking for. Working with such broad options you can lower your competition drastically.
Sourcing & Negotiating
A big perk of working with CJDropshipping is them providing the option of sourcing products for you per request for FREE. If there’s a product you’re looking for and can’t find it through them, simply post a sourcing request to CJ APP and you will get the quotation in 24 business hours.
Professional Videos & Images For Your Store
As a dropshipper, since you don’t hold your own stock, getting good videos and pictures can be tough sometimes. Your products need great videos to get the message across to the audience. Plus, amazing product images & videos bring you more sales. CJDropshipping can fulfill that for you.
Print-On-Demand For Thousands Of Products
Sell custom design products in your dropshipping store with their Printful print-on-demand solution. Thousands of printable products are supported. Make your designs come to life and/or provide design solutions to your buyers.
White Label - Branding
This is a huge advantage! Since they offer white labels that allow for product branding, you can fully design and customize products as well as packaging. This pushes your business immensely.
Several Products - One Package
When dropshipping multiple products from a supplier with such a large catalog of items, it is a big inconvenience if a buyer purchases more than one product. With CJDropshipping that is no longer a problem since all products will be shipped in the same package. No more worrying about separate packages and different arrival dates to buyers.

CJDropshipping To Shopify Dropshipping - Step By Step Explanation


Link Your Shopify Store With AutoDS

Once you register your account, add your store using the top left menu. Add your store URL and follow the on-screen instructions to link your Shopify store with AutoDS. We’ve made the process as simple as it should be.

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Find Products To Sell & Create Drafts

Create product drafts to import. Go to CJDropshipping, and then use our AutoDS Helper Extension to import any/all the products with a click of a button. They will then appear on your drafts page for easy editing and importing to your store.

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Optimize & Prepare Your Products

Optimize your product draft easily using our system. Change the title, description, edit variations, images, and adapt the price. Once done, click “Import” to add straight to your Shopify store or schedule an import for a specific time and date.

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Price & Stock Monitoring

AutoDS will monitor all products you import from CJDropshipping and check for price and/or stock changes. If changes occur, AutoDS will adapt accordingly and make sure to sync those changes to your Shopify store. AutoDS also calculates the shipping price, if there is any, and adds it to your final price.

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Save Time On Order Fulfillment

With the AutoDS Helper Chrome extension, you can upgrade your manual order fulfillment! Use our Helper extension to copy-paste your customers’ addresses, from AutoDS to CJDropshipping, with a click of a button.

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Enjoy Your Freedom!

By using AutoDS, you save countless hours on product optimization, importing automation, and a 100% automated ordering system. This allows you to enjoy more free time. Invest this time on the things that matter most, like spending time with your family or growing your e-commerce business into an online empire.

14 day trial for $1 Cancel any time

CJDropshipping To Shopify Integration Key Features

Huge Variety of Filters and Bulk Changes Options

Using AutoDS you can choose between over 20 different filters that you can run on your store and will help you to understand what’s going on with your Shopify store. On any filter, you can run bulk operations that will help you to fix problems, or just to increase the profits of your store.

Price Optimization Features

AutoDS will round your prices to .99, increase them if your products sell well, and decrease them if the products stop selling.

Price & Stock Monitoring

Don’t worry about prices or stock changes on your supplier’s site. If the product goes out of stock on your supplier site, AutoDS will set it out of stock in your store. Likewise, if the price of your product changes on your supplier’s website – AutoDS will adapt the price to your store according to your profit margin.

Variations Support

AutoDS supports variations uploads from CJDropshipping, which means that if the product has some different variations you can grab all of them and upload them to your Shopify store.

Automatic Shipping Price Calculation

For products that don’t have the free shipping option, AutoDS will calculate the shipping and add it to the final selling price automatically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a trial period?

Sure! You can try AutoDS for just $1 and get all the features that AutoDS offers. Registration only takes a few clicks, then you add your store and configure your general settings in a few quick and easy steps.

Can AutoDS teach me how to create a Shopify dropshipping business?

We sure can! We offer a FREE A-Z Shopify course that will teach you everything you need to start your own dropshipping business.

Do you have customer support?

Yes, we do! Our team offers 1-to-1 support and is always eager to help.

Can I migrate from another dropshipping tool?

Yes, the migration process is quick and simple. Here is a step-by-step guide.

How often does AutoDS check for price and stock changes?

Our monitoring scans occur every 60 minutes.

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