1) What is MyWay Program?

The MYWAY program is a program that costs only 30 dollars per year. This program is for people who buy a lot of home and garden products from Wayfair.

You can use the MyWay program for your dropshipping businesses to get a massive edge over your competitors. By using this program, you will get access to some premium stuff that only MyWay program users can have.

2) What will you get by using the MYWAY Program?

There are a lot of advantages of using MyWay Program; we will cover some of them in this article:

1- Everything Ships Free:

All MyWay Members get free shipping on everything, even for products that are under 49$. So instead of paying 5$ per shipment, you will get it for free.

This is amazing for us as drop shippers because our competitors will pay this 5$ extra while we will be saving this money on every order.

2- Exclusive products:

As a MyWay member, you will get access to some products that are only available for MyWay members, so you have a significant advantage over most of your competitors.

With this, you can list products that are only available to you and a few people to buy so you can make much more profits using these products.

3- Free 1 Day Shipping:

On Wayfair, some products have 1-day shipping, but they cost 9.99$ for the shipment. Using this program, you will have free shipping also for these products.

Your competitors will have no idea about why you are listing these products for much less, and you will be making more sales than them.

You can even create a 1-day shipping policy on eBay and make the buyers pay an extra 4$ or 5$ to get their products fast. So you are getting extra money by doing nothing, Amazing right?

3) How to Join the MyWay Program?

As AutoDS team, we recommend you to join the MyWay program if you are dropshipping from Wayfair.

All you need to do is to go to MyWay program homepage and then click the “Join now” button.

After that, you need to fill your details, and then you are free to go and explore this fantastic program.