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Overstock to eBay dropshipping

Enjoy full automation for your entire Overstock to eBay dropshipping business. AutoDS does everything! From product finding, uploading listings in singles or bulk, price & stock monitoring, price optimizations, full business overview, customer support, and more.

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The Benefits of Dropshipping From Overstock To eBay, Inc. the American online retailer specializing in home goods was founded in 1999. Overstock’s first three months in business reached a volume of $1.8 million in sales. Even back then they had 173,000 visitors per day. As of today, the average is over a million visitors a day. In recent years, dropshippers have started dropshipping from Overstock to eBay because of their high-quality products, reasonable prices, reliable shipping, and excellent customer support. It is no wonder that in 2014 their revenue reached $1.5 billion!

Tons Of Quality Products
As one of the top 10 biggest retailers in America, you should expect nothing less than a wide variety of quality products. Although originally home goods only store, nowadays even apparel, jewelry, and bath products can be found on their site.
Fast & Reliable Shipping
Overstock offers standard free shipping within the US for most products. Most orders are shipped within 1-2 days and are delivered via one of the major mail carriers they work with. This includes UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service. This is especially great as eliminating shipping costs allows you to be more competitive.
Payment Using PayPal
Eliminate the headache of credit card limits and cash flow. Since you receive money from your buyers through PayPal, why not pay for their orders from Overstock directly through PayPal. This is just one of many reasons why dropshippers love dropshipping from Overstock to Shopify.
Friendly Return Policy
For any returns on orders from Overstock, you have a 30 days policy. However, after 30 days, they still offer a partial refund. This is great and means even in the case of a late return, you won’t lose the full amount/profit from your order.
Price Match Guarantee
We love any supplier that offers a price match! This means Overstock promises to provide you with the lowest price on the market. If you find the same product from any other supplier for a lower price, you can contact Overstock and get the price difference refunded. Knowing you can always get the best offer on any given product is amazing and helps you beat competitors.
Club 0 Program
Like any supplier's loyalty program, this is great to have when dropshipping. Using their program you get free shipping on ALL orders and 5% cashback on any purchase. You can try it first for 30 days free, and then it’s only $19.95 per year. (Totally worth it!) Both of these extra perks result in more profit per sale for you.
Fewer Warehouses, Fewer Taxes
Overstock doesn’t use a lot of warehouses like other big US retailers, which is good for us dropshippers. Since shipping time is fast, we get to minimize paying extra taxes to most states within the US. Due to the lower number of warehouses, in many cases, there will be no taxes added.
On Point Customer Support
As an American supplier, Overstock’s customer service is held to a high standard, even compared to other US suppliers. They offer easy-to-reach chat support online, and it is available most hours of the day. This makes it easy for you to provide better service to your customers.

Overstock To eBay Dropshipping - Step By Step Explanation


Link Your eBay Store With AutoDS

Once you register your account, add your store using the top left menu. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your eBay store with AutoDS. We’ve made the process as simple as it should be.

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Find Products To Sell & Create Drafts

Create product drafts to import. Go to and use our AutoDS Helper Extension to import any/all the products with a click of a button. They will then appear on your drafts page for easy editing and importing to your eBay store.

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Optimize & Prepare Your Products

Optimize your product draft easily using our system. Change the title, description, edit variations, images, and adapt the price. Once done, click “Import” to add straight to your eBay store or schedule an import for a specific time and date.

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Price & Stock Monitoring

AutoDS monitors all products you import from Overstock and checks for price and/or stock changes. If changes occur, AutoDS will adapt accordingly and make sure to sync those changes to your eBay store. AutoDS also calculates the shipping price, if there is any, and adds it to your final price.

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Automate Order Fulfillment

Automate your Overstock orders 100%!

The Fulfilled by AutoDS Service saves the headache of dealing with accounts and credit card limits. Load balance to your AutoDS account and we will process all of your orders from our accounts. Additionally, we also automatically update tracking information for all orders. In case of a return, we will provide a label and process it for you.

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Manage Your eBay Customer Support

Forget about jumping between multiple systems to manage your customer support, orders cancellation requests, cases, and returns. In AutoDS, you can manage everything in a straightforward system.

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Enjoy The Freedom

While AutoDS automates your dropshipping business, you can go and do the things that you love, or invest time on the things that will take your dropshipping business to new heights.

14 day trial for $1 Cancel any time

Overstock to eBay Integration Key Features

Price Optimization Features

Allow AutoDS to manage optimal pricing for you. The system can round your prices to .99 and increase them for products that sell well. If a product stops selling, the system will decrease its price to keep you in the competition.

Price & Stock Monitoring

AutoDS scans your products every 60 min so no need to worry about price or stock changes on Overstock. If a product goes out of stock, AutoDS will set it out of stock in your store. The same goes for prices. If we detect a price change, we will automatically adapt the price to your store according to your profit margin settings.

Manage Multiple Stores From One Screen

If you have multiple eBay dropshipping stores, you can manage all of their orders, products, and messages together on one platform, one AutoDS account. No need for jumping around between different websites and platforms to manage them all.

Massive Variety Of Filters And Bulk Changes Options

Choose from over 15 different filters to give you a full overview of your store’s status and performance. You can also perform bulk changes that will modify any of the current parameters if your listing preferences change.

Advanced Chrome Extension

The “AutoDS Helper” Chrome extension allows you to grab full pages of hot selling products, categories, or even other sellers’ products. Use it to find new products to sell. The extension also helps fulfill your orders faster using the address copier feature, which allows you to copy your buyers’ addresses from AutoDS to Overstock in a click.

Variations Support

AutoDS supports variation uploads from Overstock. Meaning, if a product has more than one variation, you can upload all of them as one listing with variations to your eBay store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have customer support?

Yes, we do! Our customer support provides 1-to-1 support and is always eager to help.

Can I migrate from another dropshipping tool?

Yes, the migration process is simple and takes only a few minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Do you have a trial period?

Sure! You can try AutoDS for just $1 and get all of the features that AutoDS offers.

Can you help me learn about dropshipping?

Definitely!  Check out our A-Z Dropshipping Course.

How often does the price & stock monitoring run?

Price and stock monitoring scans occurr every 60 minutes.

Can AutoDS fulfill my Overstock orders automatically?

We sure can! Not only for your Overstock (US) orders. Our Fulfilled by AutoDS service supports, Amazon (US), AliExpress (US & CN), Banggood (US) Walmart, Wayfair (US),  Wayfair (US), Walmart, Home Depot, Costco, Costway (US), Overstock, Chinabrands (US), Etsy, Lowes, eBay (US), Target, CJ Dropshipping (US), Sam’s Club, and Vidaxl (US).

Which eBay regions can I dropship to with AutoDS?

We make it easy to dropship to many different eBay regions, including eBay US, eBay UK, eBay Australia, eBay Italy, eBay Spain, eBay Germany, eBay Canada, and eBay France.

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