On November 25th, we launched a webinar with explanations of the 5 best Dropshipping suppliers for 2021. Also, we have published full guides for each of the suppliers we talked on the webinar.

Top 5 Suppliers Guides A-Z Full guides:


AliExpress is a supplier you will want to utilize to get you started. Their multi-languages sites make them more user-friendly and will help ensure you the most significant opportunity to be successful in dropshipping. Easy to access on the go with an Apple and Android supported mobile application. AliExpress also has an exclusive option called ePacket that will be perfect for a premium shipping option that delivers in one to two weeks with warehouses throughout Asia, Europe, and the US. Another perk AliExpress has to offer is that they have suppliers with over 100 Million+ available products that are very familiar with dropshipping and understanding your needs. Make sure you are aware of the refund policies to spare yourself having to absorb the cost on your own. Another costly mistake is Designer knock-offs, which carry copyright infringement warnings. AliExpress conveniently accepts payments from a wide variety of payment options to include the seller favored Paypal.  There are a few ways to find products to list. You can use The AutoDS auto finder for fast and easy listing and complete automation. If you prefer to search for specific Niche or categories, then the auto helper tool or the Alitools chrome extension.

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Chinabrands is considered a powerhouse platform for e-commerce with major global dropshipping and distributing by providing services to over 300,000+ global sellers. This platform is considered a quick and easy avenue to start your online business because it cooperates with over 400 logistics channels in more than 200 countries and regions. This model provides an opportunity for your business to net a 50% profit while shipping directly from Chinabrands to your customer. It also is considered the platform with the fastest delivery times in the market to more than 250 countries because of its 40+ worldwide warehouses. Chinabrands is also fully integrated with the AutoDS software as an official partner. This platform also sports multi-language descriptions, over  10,000 suppliers with 500,000+ SKUs which contributes to their fast delivery to your customers with their 95% 24-hour handling time. Hot Selling, Clearance, and New Arrival sections can be searched easily when the AutoDS Chrome extension is enabled. Chinabrands provides sellers several avenues to contact customer support by phone, email and even social media “Facebook” message. They even provide an option of a section for both “Pre” or “Post” sale consultation. The payment methods available for this platform include Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and CB Wallet.

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Banggood fully supports dropshipping, which can make life easier in some situations. There is no membership fee to use their dropship program. There is a special drop ship contract for all AutoDS members. Contact AutoDS support, and they will provide you with a certificate for dropshipping with Banggood. Shipping can come from warehouses mostly in China, but they do have some in the US as well as Asia, Europe, Australia, and other parts of North America. Banggood offers a 5-20% discount (depending on VIP level) on its listed prices for dropshippers with no minimum order quantity requirements.  They also have a mobile application and a review club that is pretty unique in the industry. Another unique feature that Banggood offers its customers is the ability to remove the Banggood logo from the shipping packaging just by clicking a box during checkout. They also accept Paypal, which is convenient when checking out for buyer protection. They do accept many other forms of payment as well. Banggood customer support can be reached in a few different ways to include Facebook messenger, email, phone, or even live chat. Using the AutoDS helper tool to grab whole pages of items into a CSV file to bulk list categories is a fast and convenient way to get going with this supplier.

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Costway is a top retailer in both the US and UK. They aim to exceed customer expectations with ultra-low prices. Even though they are relatively new to the dropshipping world only having their online presence since 2009 and their online store since 2015,  they are already doing excess of 1 million in sales per day. Costway has already amassed nine large warehouses around the world in the US, UK, and DE. They not only have thousands of products from other manufacturers but also have 8000+ self-branded products.  They have fast, reliable shipping with no invoices in the packaging. Costway provides official drop shipping agreements to giving permissions to sell on specific platforms such as eBay, which prevents VeRO violations. You will receive an actual authorization certificate from Costway to sell their products. One extraordinary thing about Costway is its 60-day return policy eBay algorithm also known as “Cassini” loves.  Also, standard shipping from Costway is always free with one to two-day handling. There is no need to worry about becoming tax-exempt as the only state that you will ever pay tax in is items shipped to CA addresses. You can save even more money and boost profits by earning points in their membership program. 

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Wayfair is the right supplier for dropshippers who prefer Niche stores and specific categories. They have over 14 million products in the home goods categories. Wayfair is an inspiring example of what a dropshipper can accomplish considering that it is what they started as themselves. Order over $49 has free standard shipping; however, if you become a member of their MyWay program for only $29 a year, the shipping is always free. One pretty unique thing about Wayfair is that they encourage company employees to donate their time and money to nonprofit organizations. Every WayFair team member is given one day off every year to participate in a unique community service project. You can set up your eBay returns policies with standard 30 day returns policies. Be aware, however, that if you decide to sell clearance items and a select few others, they are non-returnable.  Wayfair accepts all the standard forms of payments, including credit cards and PayPal which are the preferred methods for your purchase protection, but they do offer others as well, such as gift cards. An excellent way to list in bulk from niche categories is to use the AutoDS Helper Tool chrome extension to grab entire pages of items at a time and extract to a CSV file for uploading into AutoDS bulk uploader.

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