Every eBay dropshipping business requires a solid foundation of reliable suppliers in order to succeed. These suppliers play an essential role in the inventory and shipment of the products we sell to customers.

There are numerous eBay dropshipping suppliers available in the market. However, without the proper knowledge of these suppliers, it is difficult to scrutinize their capacities to provide the right services for our business.

That’s why this article will cover the top 12 eBay dropshipping suppliers, along with their top features and benefits, that will help maximize our success.

How To Find eBay Dropshipping Suppliers

When searching for the best eBay dropshipping suppliers, we should look out for the following factors:

  • Wide range of products with customer reviews
  • Excellent customer service
  • Clear shipping and return policies
  • eBay supported tracking numbers

We must first choose the ones that offer a wide range of products to sell. Ideally, these items should come with reliable customer reviews that affirm the quality of the products.

Additionally, a good supplier should offer excellent customer service so that we can extend the same to our customers.

The suppliers we pick should also have clear and favorable shipping and return policies. As many of us know, fulfilling customers’ orders within a reasonable time is of the essence. Similarly, we must retain the ability to process returns easily and promptly.

Furthermore, given the emphasis eBay places on order tracking, we would be wise to pick dropshipping suppliers that provide tracking information supported by the platform. As a selling channel, eBay supports multiple shipping carriers, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, Laserhip, OnTrac, and more.

Why Is It Important To Provide Tracking Information On eBay?

When we pick a supplier that supports tracking events, it helps us in a few ways. First, it allows us to keep the customer in the loop. But more importantly, providing tracking information that eBay supports helps keep our seller metrics high and protects us if a customer claims they did not receive the package.

For instance, when a buyer opens an ‘item not received’ case, we can prove that the item was delivered and win the case. To sum up, consistent tracking updates are essential for our business’s long-term survivability.

12 Best eBay Dropshipping Suppliers For 2022

Now that we know the factors that define a good supplier, let’s go over the 12 best eBay dropshipping suppliers that fit the criteria:

  1. AliExpress
  2. Banggood
  3. CJ Dropshipping
  4. Walmart
  5. The Home Depot
  6. Etsy
  7. Costco
  8. Wayfair
  9. Overstock
  10. Costway
  11. Alibaba
  12. Wish

These suppliers offer eBay-compatible tracking information in the majority of cases. However, it’s always a good idea to verify that each product we import comes with supported tracking.

Now, let’s explore what each dropshipping supplier offers our eBay stores, starting from the top.

1. AliExpress

AliExpress is an excellent platform to source products by countless eBay dropshipping businesses.

Main Features:

  • Wide range of products
  • Low prices
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Low market competition

Range of products:

AliExpress offers over 100 million items in multiple categories on its website. The vast selection of categories includes fashion, telecommunications, electronics, beauty, health, home improvement, and a lot more.

Since it is a number game, the more product choices that we offer in our eBay stores, the higher the chances customers will find what they’re looking for in our stores.

Shipping Policies:

Another feature that AliExpress boasts is its worldwide shipping. Having domestic and international shipping options allows us to reach more markets globally.

AliExpress has many different shipping options available to dropshippers. Both the delivery time and price for each method depend on the source and destination of the package. 

Here are three examples of commonly used AliExpress shipping options out of the many it offers:

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping – Free or up to $3
  • AliExpress Premium Shipping – Starting from $10
  • DHL – $60-$70

AliExpress Standard Shipping vs. AliExpress Premium Shipping

AliExpress Standard Shipping is the commonly-used shipping method for orders above $5, offering an estimated delivery time of 15 to 20 days. Second, AliExpress Premium Shipping ships your order in about 39 days, and the shipping fee depends on the private courier that AliExpress utilizes. Third, DHL is one of the private couriers that AliExpress works with, and through this method, customers receive their packages in about 21 days.

Bear in mind that the best way to find out different shipping policies is by going to the particular product page and checking the options.

Return Policies:

As to AliExpress’ return policies, customers have 15 days to apply for returns without any explanation after receiving your package. However, the item must be in perfect condition, and the original packaging must be intact. Also, safety seals and labels must not be damaged.

When returning multiple items, we must return all items at once to be entitled to the free return. Otherwise, we become responsible for the shipping fees.

You will receive a full refund after AliExpress gets the item in good condition.

Some sellers offer better return policies. In any case, if the buyer wants to return the product for any other reason, the supplier may not accept it. If they will, the buyer will pay for return shipping.

2. Banggood

Banggood is a China-based one-stop-shop that offers a wide range of quality dropshipping products.

Main Features:

  • Diverse product choices
  • Domestic warehouses
  • Dropshipping-friendly supplier
  • Exclusive membership perks
  • Discounts and cashback
  • Curated product selection

Range of products:

Offering over 250,000 items, Banggood gives dropshippers plenty of options to choose from.

Unlike other giant marketplaces, Banggood prides itself on picking tested and proven products.

Having a good quality product set us apart from many average listings on eBay. These items are also available at competitive prices.

Shipping Policies:

With over 30 global warehouses, this eBay dropshipping supplier enables fast shipping times to different regions worldwide. 

Orders from Banggood usually take as fast as two days to deliver when the packages come from a domestic warehouse. Items sourced from Banggood’s center in China deliver in eight days or more.

Additionally, Banggood offers the Standard Shipping and Express Shipping methods. It also offers free shipping for orders above $49.99.

Banggood uses a range of carriers that offer eBay-supported tracing, including DHL, USPS, UPS, and more.

Return Policies:

Banggood has complex return policies, depending on the category of product that we’re dealing with.

Generally speaking, customers can return damaged or defective items 30 days after shipment or seven days after receiving the order.

In some cases, Banggood requires buyers to take photos or videos of the damaged item. Buyers must also send a detailed description of the problem and preserve the original packaging.

When customers change their minds, they have 14 days after order receipt to return their orders for exchanges

In most instances, customers pay the shipping fees; however, if the returns are made due to supplier issues, Banggood shoulders the shipping costs.

3. CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping is another established eBay dropshipping supplier from China, created by dropshippers for dropshippers.

Main Features:

  •  Extensive product ideas
  • Global warehouses
  • Fast shipping times
  • Branding and sourcing services
  • Print-on-demand products
  • Dropshipping Friendly Supplier

Range of products:

CJ Dropshipping sources only top-quality trending products for our eBay dropshipping stores. We can select from about 400,000 product ideas like sports, outdoors, home improvement, and more.

Shipping policies:

This eBay dropshipping supplier’s eight global warehouses allow us to ship products to customers worldwide.

CJ Dropshipping has numerous shipping options such as CJPacket, USPS, DHL, JewelShipping, ePacket, and Special Line.

Shipment usually takes 2-14 days. On the other hand, shipping from Asian warehouses to the US takes several days longer.

When selecting the CJPacket options we can expect a delivery timeframe of 10-114 days. However, for an added cost we can select USPS and expect pancakes to arrive in 7-13 days.

You can check the equivalent shipping cost and estimated delivery time for each deleivery method by using CJ Dropshipping’s shipping cost calculator. This tool can compute estimated shipping fees of products depend primarily based on their weights.

Return policies:

CJ Dropshipping provides a 14 day return period for customers to return damaged or defective goods. Depending on the circumstances, buyers will either need to return the actual product or send photo evidences of the defect.

Once the customer has returned the product, CJ Dropshipping issues a refund to the dropshipper. After which, the dropshipper refunds the buyer or places a new order to replace the item.

4. Walmart

Walmart is an American multinational company that manages a line of hypermarkets, grocery stores, and discount department stores in the US. Today, it expands its reach to the global eCommerce market with a giant online marketplace.

Main Features:

  • Millions of products
  • Competitive prices
  • Deals and discounts
  • Flexible shipping options
  • Excellent customer support
  • Price match service

Range of products:

Walmart provides about 46.1 million product selections. With such vast choices of products, we can cater to more audiences and interests.

Shipping policies:

Walmart offers four shipping options: Value, Standard, Expedited, and Rush.

The cheapest among the four is Value Shipping; however, it’s also the slowest choice. This option is free shipping for orders above $50 and charges $4.97 per order for purchases under $50. This delivery time frame using this method is 6-9 business days.

On the other hand, Standard Shipping can deliver packages in 3-5 business days. For orders above $50, shipping costs $4.97; and for purchases below $50, it costs $6.97 per order.

Expedited Shipping and Rush Shipping are by far the fastest offering a timeframe of 1-3 business days. Their shipping fee varies by product, and Walmart charges a separate fee for each item.

Return policies

In order to qualify for a return or replacement, dropshippers must notify Walmart within 90 days after customers receive their orders. This period is also applicable to customers who change their minds and want to exchange their orders to other varieties.

Note that there are exceptions to the 90-day period—items such as phones must be returned within 14 days upon receipt. Additionally, most electronic products must be returned within 30 days.

The client can return the product by mail and request a refund or replacement.

5. The Home Depot

The fifth eBay dropshippiing supplier on our list is The Home Depot, a large retailer specializing in home improvement supplies and construction tools.

Main Features:

  • Numerous stores and distribution centers
  • High-quality products
  • Competitive prices
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Flexible delivery options

Range of products:

The Home Depot is a one-of-a-kind supplier that provides a vast selection of home products. This supplier’s categories of products include construction materials, garden tools, and home appliances, among others.

Moreover, The Home Depot provides competitive prices for its innovative and value-oriented products.

Shipping policies:

This retailer manages about 90 distribution centers that cater to over 2,000 physical stores in the US. Therefore, eBay dropshippers can conveniently source products from any of these locations for fast shipping across the US.

Additionally, the company offers a 2-day shipping option for most products and free deliveries for purchases amounting to $45 or more. We can adopt these flexible shipping arrangements and extend them to our eBay customers.

Return Policies:

The Home Depot provides us with a 90-day return policy for online orders. For missing official receipts, we can just present government-issued IDs. Then, the company shall verify the purchase using its store system search.

In addition, original shipping fees are entitled to refunds when eligible.

6. Etsy

The sixth supplier on our list is Etsy. This American eCommerce platform focuses on handmade and customized products. As such, it is an excellent eBay dropshipping supplier for sellers in that niche.

Main Features:

  • Unique items
  • High-profit margins
  • Local industry support
  • Environmental awareness
  • Fast shipping

Range of products:

Etsy is a marketplace that attracts buyers looking for all sorts of unique items and untraditional products. These items include jewelry, bags, home decors, toys, notebooks, and other vinted items.

Since specialty items are difficult to find elsewhere, we can help our customers by offering these items on eBay. By sourcing these products from Etsy, we can ensure that the products we get are created with much respect to craftmanship.

Shipping policies:

Etsy’s fast shipping options allow the delivery of orders in one to three business days. Also, it provides free shipping for selected products.

Generally, the shipping fees vary depending on the courier, origin, destination, size, and weight of orders. Also, remember that Etsy is filled with several sellers enforcing different shipping arrangements. Therefore make sure to read the seller’s shipping policies first.

Return policies:

The return and exchange policies on Etsy depend on the shop where you buy a product. Before purchasing anything from an Etsy shop, make sure to review if the seller allows returns or exchanges.

7. Costco

Next on our list of eBay dropshipping suppliers, we have Costco, a multinational retail company offering unique savings on excellent products through its membership club.

Main Features:

  • Trending product choices
  • Unique membership club
  • Wholesale supplier – low prices
  • Remarkable customer service
  • Fast shipping times

Range of products:

We can also dropship unique product lines that are only available at Costco’s stores and website. Consequently, it helps us stand out compared to other sellers on eBay. Also, as a wholesale supplier, we can score great deals for products from Costco.

Some trending products that we can get from Costco are home supplies, pet needs, clothing, furniture, electronics, and other great deals.

Shipping policies:

Costco offers efficient shipping times as fast as three to five days. It provides numerous shipping options like Standard and Express Delivery, UPS Mail Innovations, Large-Item Delivery, and many others.

Standard and Express Delivery utilize UPS, FedEx, and USPS as package carriers. An additional shipping and handling fee will be calculated upon checkout when picking the express shipping.

Return Policies:

Costco deals with tracking, return, and cancellation issues in the most convenient way possible. For instance, it offers a 90-day return policy which we can extend to customers who won’t find many other sellers offering such flexible return policies.

Most items returned online are eligible for shipping and handling fees refund. Costco will be responsible for the return shipping cost when customers send back returned items.

In addition, there are limitations to the products that can be returned. For instance, generators, HVAC systems, special order kiosks, water heaters, and similar items are not eligible for return.

8. Wayfair

The eighth eBay dropshipping supplier is Wayfair. It is an American eCommerce company that focuses on the home niche.

Main Features:

  • Dropshipping-friendly supplier
  • Millions of product ideas
  • Exclusive membership deals
  • Reliable shipping options
  • Convenient payment methods

Range of products:

Highlighting the home niche, Wayfair provides its clients with a vast selection of furniture, decors, lighting, appliances, and more. We can select from over 14 million dropshipping items.

Shipping policies:

Generally, Wayfair provides a free two-day shipping option for purchases above $49. For orders below $49, Wayfair charges an additional delivery fee of $4.99.

Additionally, Wayfair’s MYWAY Program entitles us to free shipping for all on-site products and one-day shipping for select products.

Return Policies:

Customers can return items for a refund or store credit within 30 days after receiving their orders. The goods must be in their undamaged condition with their original packaging. Also, return shipping costs apply.

However, there are limitations to the list of items eligible for returns. Products that are not eligible for returns include clearance items, gift items, personalized goods, bundled sale items, assembled products, open box items, and items marked as non-returnable

9. Overstock

Overstock is another eBay dropshipping supplier that focuses on the home niche. Compared to its competitors, Costco offers exceptional discounts for students, teachers, and veterinarians. Also, it caters to the international market, reaching about 180 countries worldwide.

Main Features:

  • Excellent product choices
  • Competitive prices
  • Membership benefits
  • Fast shipping options
  • Outstanding customer service

Range of products:

As a leading retailer in the US, Overstock provides us with a wide array of products to dropship. Product categories available on Overstock include home goods, bath supplies, jewelry, clothing, and more.

Moreover, we can find deals and discounts on Overstock’s website. It also offers the fairest prices for its products on the market.

Shipping policies:

Overstock can deliver customers’ orders in one to two days. It also utilizes major mail carriers, eliminating expensive shipment fees.

Moreover, US clients can enjoy free shipping on selected Overstock products, applicable to most US states. Meanwhile, international orders come with shipping costs that vary depending on the nature of the order and the package’s destination.

Finally, Overstock Club 0 Program members enjoy free shipping on all orders, not just selected items.

Return Policies:

This eBay dropshipping supplier has a 30-day return policy when the products fall short of consumers’ expectations. The product to be returned must be in its new or unused condition, with all original accessories intact.

The customer handles the shipping fee of returned items when the cause of the return is a change of mind or a mistake on the buyer’s side. Conversely, Overstock pays shipping costs when the return is due to defected or damaged products.

10. Costway

At the lucky number ten spot, we have Costway, another discount eBay dropshipping supplier. The company is one of the top retailers in North America and Europe and offers us excellent deals.

Main Features:

  • Premium products
  • Hot deals and rebates
  • High-profit margins
  • Dependable dropshipping perks
  • Flexible shipping arrangements
  • Trustworthy customer support

Range of products:

Costway stands out for offering us premium products. It has more than 8,000 self-branded items from 10 diverse product categories. Even with high-quality products, Costway still provides competitive prices.

Shipping policies:

Costway entitles us to free standard shipping on all items. Product handling is within 24 hours, and shipping time is around 3-5 days, depending on the destination and courier.

Return Policies:

Costway a 30-day period for returns and refunds on items with issues. The policy requires that the items be with their original contents and packaging. When the original packaging can no longer be used for the return, the customer needs to pay $45 for the repackaging of each item.

In addition, some items are not eligible for refunds including special-priced products, flash deals, and bundled discounts. Any item returned 30 days after the purchase date will no longer be entitled to a refund. However, in the event of damaged or defective products, items can be returned after 30 days, regardless of category.

When buyers change their minds, the shipping fee for the first replacement made within 30 days is free of charge. However, for the succeeding replacements, the buyer shall already pay for the shipping costs.

11. Alibaba

Alibaba is a gigantic wholesale supplier with a reputation for unbeatable prices on quality merchandise.

Main Features:

  • Extensive choices of products
  • High-profit margins
  • Branding solutions
  • Highest standard of customer support
  • Worldwide shipping

Range of products:

With hundreds of millions of products from hundreds of categories, Alibaba stands out as an excellent supplier for eBay dropshipping.

We can score great deals on electronics, apparel, sports, machinery, home, beauty, and other vast categories of products.

Furthermore, Alibaba allows you to step up your dropshipping adventure by custom-branding your products. You can personalize logos or designs to give a distinct identity to your eBay business.

Shipping policies:

Alibaba utilizes shipping options that enable the faster delivery of customers’ orders than it typically takes from China.

In particular, packages take 3-10 business days to deliver when shipped via air express. On the other hand, when items are shipped through air freight, the shipping times usually take 20-45 days. Finally, orders shipped via sea will take about 30-60 days to arrive.

Lastly, for products weighing below 10 kilograms, the shipping fee usually ranges from $10 to $100. When the order weighs more than 10 kilograms, the shipping cost will be around $100 to $200.

Return Policies:

When products don’t satisfy the buyers’ needs or preferences, they can apply for a return within 30 days after receiving the package. Customers can either request a refund or an exchange of the returned goods.

Once the exchange request has been made, the customer has seven days to return the item to Alibaba. Then, Alibaba shall ship the new item to the buyer within seven days after confirming the receipt of the returned product.

For refund requests, reimbursement becomes available within seven working days after approval. 

12. Wish

Closing out our list of the most reliable eBay dropshipping suppliers is Wish. This American online marketplace is famous for incorporating technologies that give customers a personalized shopping experience.

Main Features:

  • A vast array of items
  • AI-backed product suggestions
  • Various shipping options
  • Flexible payment channels
  • In-store games

Range of products:

With over one million low-cost items under diverse categories, such as beauty, fashion, gadgets, electronics, and a lot more.

Shipping policies:

In terms of shipping arrangements, Wish has an express option that delivers packages in 5 days or 6–8 days. On the other hand, its standard shipping option takes 2–3 weeks but carries lower shipping fees than the express option.

Remember that items from Wish come from several merchants, so shipping fees are charged per item and not per order. Additionally, the shipping costs depend on the package’s size, weight, and destination.

Return Policies:

When customers are not fully happy with their orders, they can return the items within 30 days of receiving the packages. Moreover, buyers who received wrong or defective items are eligible for refunds. However, they need to present photos or videos as proofs and send back the items to Wish.

Additionally, Wish’s return policies restrict customers from returning perishable products.

This eBay dropshipping supplier also provides a Money-Back Guarantee. Wish estimates the delivery date range and the eligible refund period for every item. When an item doesn’t arrive within the qualified refund date, customers can request a refund for the undelivered or missing item.

Work With Multiple Dropshipping Suppliers

Working with only one dropshipping supplier for your eBay store can pose many problems. First, we get limited choices of items. Second, when issues arise with our supplier, we won’t have alternatives to pick up the slack.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to work with multiple eBay dropshipping suppliers.

With several suppliers, we don’t just depend on a sole entity. It gives us the flexibility to divert customers’ orders to another supplier when there are problems with the first.

Also, having more choices of suppliers means more diversity in items that we sell. We can utilize general suppliers like Banggood for a variety of categories. For specific categories, we can use niche suppliers such as The Home Depot for home goods.

Moreover, sourcing from numerous suppliers helps minimize delays with order fulfillment. When holdups happen in one supplier, we can still maintain the continuous flow of orders since we have other sourcing options.

Finally, the availability of many suppliers leads to healthy competition in the market. It allows Dropshippers to bargain for better prices and deals.

Combining Multiple Suppliers With Dropshipping Automation

To maximize efficiency in our eBay dropshipping stores, we should not only work with multiple suppliers but consider automating our business as well.

That’s why AutoDS is your ultimate eBay dropshipping companion. It facilitates dropshipping from multiple quality suppliers while automating all the critical processes for us.

For example, AutoDS supports price/stock monitoring and quick product importing for all the eBay dropshipping suppliers mentioned in this article.

Price monitoring automatically adjusts the prices of products, depending on how well they are selling. Moreover, the stock monitoring feature automatically updates product inventory on our eBay stores and the AutoDS platform. Finally, the quick product importing allows us to list items in our stores in just a few clicks.


Pat yourself on the back for making this far. You are now an expert on the best eBay dropshipping suppliers!

The next step you need to take is to evaluate and select which ones are the most suitable for your eBay business. After choosing the right suppliers, take on the task of sourcing products and listing them to your eBay store.

By working with excellent suppliers and automating our store, we are definitely destined for a bright future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find Dropshipping Suppliers For eBay?

To find eBay dropshipping suppliers, run a Google search for ‘dropshipping suppliers.’ Then, qualify each supplier by ensuring that they offer eBay’s supported tracking carriers, shipping, and favorable shipping and return policies.

Can I Work With More Than One Dropshipping Supplier?

Yes, you can work with as many suppliers as you wish, and it is advisable to do so. However, always check that your supplier offers eBay-supported tracking numbers. 

Does eBay Support Dropshipping?

Absolutely! eBay’s primary goal is customer satisfaction. Our only responsibility as sellers is to ensure that the packages are shipped on time and the products fit their description.

Can I Dropship To And From Different Regions With These Suppliers?

Yes! Most of these suppliers have warehouses worldwide. You can sell on eBay US, Canada, Australia, UK, and more and ship from suppliers with warehouses in those locations for fast domestic shipping.