In this article, we will share with you 7 different ways how you can find a virtual assistant for your e-commerce business.


Upwork is a site for freelancers from many different niches and many different types of works.

The good thing about Upwork is that they have time and screen recording software. So can easily track the working hours for your virtual assistants.

How to use Upwork

For the payments, it is straight forward as you only pay Upwork. They are the one who pays the virtual assistants.

The payments get automatically transferred to the virtual assistants on a weekly basis, based on their working hours.

The bad thing about Upwork is that all of the payments must go through Upwork, therefore, they take very high fees.

Upwork takes between 5% up to 20% from the virtual assistants, this way Upwork is not the cheapest site to find a virtual assistant for your e-commerce business.

But remember, Upwork is the largest site for finding virtual assistants and freelancers from different places and different niches, but still it’s more expensive.

On the other side, we can find very good virtual assistants. Because in Upwork you can see how much a virtual assistant already made in profits from Upwork.

So if someone made like $10,000 and he has 95% positive feedbacks or something like this, we can assume that this freelancer is very experienced and he knows what he is doing.


Using Guru to find Virtual Assistants

The next site called, it is very similar to Upwork, Guru is just much cheaper and has fewer freelancers than Upwork, but you can search on both sites and check which one of them you prefer to use.

So these were the first two sites, they are pretty similar. Now we will go to other types of sites.

3.OnlineJobs ph

Outsource Filipino workers

The next option is Online job pH, this site is only for Philippines freelancers. The good thing about this site is that the prices are very cheap.

The reason for this is because the site does not take any fees for the payments, we do not pay through the site, but instead, we pay directly to the freelancers using PayPal.

The downside here is that we need to purchase a time tracker software to track the working hours, you can use something like time clock wizard or hub staff.

So the benefits of this site are that they have a lot of cheap freelancers because they don’t take any fees.

They have a lot of different freelancers who already worked on eBay dropshipping, so you can find very experienced people, but you will need to check their scores, feedbacks, and reviews.

The problem with Online job pH is that you can not really check and contact the freelancer using the free plan, therefore it is not really practical to work with this site without paying a subscription fee, while Upwork and the other sites are free. But you still can request a job.

onlinejobs ph Prices

The minimum subscription in Online Jobs Ph which can really work for you costs $69 per month, sometimes it worth it, as we already know a lot of big drop-shippers who like this site and they hire virtual assistants only through Online Jobs PH. They just purchase a subscription for 1 month, they find VA’s and then they just cancel the subscription.

So you can work with this site or you can work with Upwork, Upwork is easier but cost more money for the short term but for the long term, Online Jobs ph is much better because you pay just one time to find freelancers.

Online Jobs ph is better for the long-term and Upwork is better for the short term.

There is the 3 first sites, Upwork, Guru, and Online Jobs ph. Now we will go to some other ways to find virtual assistants.

4.Dropshipping Facebook Groups

The 4th way is just by going to any Facebook dropshipping group, for example, you can go to AutoDs Facebook Group and just make a post saying that you are searching for a VA.

This method is very interesting because you can find virtual assistants who already worked for other drop shippers. Maybe those VA’s already know strategies that you do not know.

AutoDS dropshipping community facebook group

There are a lot of virtual assistants who have interesting strategies and ways to work. This way maybe the best way to find VA’s.

First, because it’s free, and the second thing is that these virtual assistants are very experienced.

Basically, if you upload a job in AutoDS Groups there is a very high chance to find a virtual assistant who already worked with AutoDS. You can just contact them and it will be much easier to start from there.

5.Virtual Assistants Facebook Groups

The next thing is groups on Facebook, like this Virtual assistant Network Philippines group, this option is also a free option but it’s a bit dangerous because you don’t really know the feedbacks, you don’t know the experience of people who you will find here.

Virtual Assistant Networks

If you decide to go with this option you will just need to make a very long interview and to ask your virtual assistant a lot of questions. So you can make sure that the VA you are talking to is suitable for your needs. Because you don’t know who will come from these groups.

For groups like AutoDS, for example, you know that the person already worked for someone else using AutoDS. So, you can easily publish a post asking about that virtual assistant. The other drop shippers will share their experience with that particular virtual assistant then you can make your decision.

Or they can be just general dropshipping groups, for example, eBay Dropshipping Mastermind, we can just go to this group and upload a post here. There are also many different other big dropshipping groups so you can just use them to find vas.

eBay Dropshipping Mastermind

So we have general dropshipping Facebook groups, we have virtual assistants Facebook groups. Also, you can use groups that belong to Dropshipping Tools like AutoDS.

6.Talent Hub Staff

Finding virtual assistants using hub staff

Hub Stuff is a program where you can track the time of your employees, so what Hub Staff did is they just added an option to find Virtual Assistants.

You have here a lot of freelancers, you can search for eBay dropshipping and you will find many very cheap and experienced eBay virtual assistants.

Usually, the prices for a virtual assistant will be between $2 and $5 per hour. So just search for something within this price range.

7.Virtual Assistants Training Companies.

There are some third-party companies that bring VA’s to their office, and they teach them. Then you can just go to these companies and hire a virtual assistant.

Keep in mind that these virtual assistants are working for the company, they don’t really work for you. So the prices are higher and that the VA’s will work on the way the company taught them.

You want to teach your methods to the virtual assistants. Because the methods that these companies usually teach their employees are very generic.

Therefore we suggest you to learn how to teach and manage the virtual assistants, and then you can just work with them directly.

We hope that you liked this article. Please write in the comments if you liked this article. Or if you already have any other way to find VA’s.