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Dionizio Brandão

The software has been life-changing to my business. Plus, the customer service is fast and efficient. "Daisy" was ready to help me when I needed it. So far, the best tool I've used for dropshipping.

Marc Mitra

Best dropshipping tool. Easy to navigate and supports a lot of suppliers.

Pay Per Mart

Good tool and an awesome Support Team! I have a huge list of products, variants and suppliers.
After ShopMaster closed down I turned to AutoDS. Angelica (Customer Support) suggested some awesome solutions to satisfy my concerns. Einav (Director Global Customer Support) created a custom plan to meet my needs and followed up to ensure a smooth process. Jiselle (Customer Support) provided all the necessary documentation to get set up quickly. Great experience so far using the app. In 1 month I will provide a more detailed update regarding my overall user experience.

Gil Levin

This tool saved me hours of work every day with all the automation features they have, thanks to their all in one system. Great product, great team, 5 stars!

Laura Peete

Totally amazing service. Just getting back to dropshipping, and was looking for an all in one platform to list my products on my eBay store that uses mostly USA suppliers, and they nailed it! Comes with all the top suppliers.

I'm so happy and blessed. The training videos really makes it easy to get you going. Liran, Olivia and the whole team ROCK!


Anne Nat

Initially, I was TERRIFIED at the thought of becoming an eBay seller! AutoDS has made the entire process so much easier! There are an almost infinite amount of training videos available that answer almost any question you could possibly have. Their support is also top notch. I actually sold my first product today! I'm definitely looking forward to many more sales!


I use this app and found it is very professional and helpful. Reduces our work, and it is direct and to the point.
Special thanks to Ms. Jamaica for her kind support.
I recommend this app for all. Thanks.

Hasan Kemal Kayacan

AutoDS is probably the best tool to list and monitor your items for eBay dropshipping. One of best parts of this tool is that they have a wonderful online support team. They are doing a fantastic job. Let me tell you what happened today. I had a hard time migrating my account to their new version. I got a call from one of their online support team. Her name was Jay Ann. What a wonderful lady! She did everything online for 2 hours and migrated my account from the old version to new version. I mean, who does that?? I've never seen a team who is more dedicated to their job than they are. And thank you Jay Ann. You are a rockstar 🌟


I'm happy with AutoDS because it does almost everything for my online store. It gives me also a wider and better selection of products that I can add to my store. I'm glad I chose AutoDS.

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