Have you ever considered Shopify dropshipping stores for sale? You should! Shopify dropshipping is a leading worldwide e-commerce trend that helps entrepreneurs of any level to earn high profits with low risk. Dropshipping store owners sell to customers around the globe with low starting investment and high returns.

With so many Shopify dropshipping shops for sale right now, it’s a wonderful time to dive into the world of the dropshipping business without learning any technical skills

 This article will show you the advantages of buying a Shopify store and the best places to find the most profitable and lucrative stores.

Should I Consider Shopify Dropshipping Stores For Sale Or Create One Myself?

Why consider Shopify dropshipping stores for sale? While some entrepreneurs start dropshipping stores from scratch, some prefer to buy existing stores. That’s because starting a dropshipping store from scratch can be a daunting task, especially if you are starting with limited time and skills.

Save Time With A Ready-Made Shopify Storeready made shopify store dropshipping

Building a professional website from scratch takes a lot of effort. Moreover, designing our professional website can cost a hefty web developer fee or result in a bad-looking website if we do it ourselves with no skills. Shopify dropshipping stores for sale are established and professional websites built by experts.

Likewise, the existing Shopify dropshipping stores comprise products that are ready to sell and vendors that are ready to supply. Sourcing products is not a problem, unlike self-built stores where we have to research products and list them for sale.

Not all of us have the free time and the skills to design websites and find suitable products. Therefore, Buying an existing store is particularly good for dropshippers with time and skill constraints.

Existing Shopify Customer Baseexisting shopify customer base

Another benefit of buying an existing Shopify Store is the existing customer base and organic traffic. Most of the time, the dropshipping store we acquire comes with a substantial customer base.  That’s because having an existing customer base leads to instant sales and revenue, which is vital to any business.

Conversely, building a dropshipping store from scratch requires us to build a steady flow of visitors to your store. However, new store owners have a hard time creating a significant customer base and organic traffic from the very beginning. Therefore, having an established customer base is by far the better choice.

Save Time And Money Marketing Your Store

Marketing a Shopify store is one of the most challenging tasks due to a lack of skill, knowledge, or a budget. Not everyone can afford it or knows how much they have to spend to succeed. Also, not everyone has an idea about how to run ads or market their products.

Moreover, generating organic traffic to our website is an even more complex task. As a result, buying the dropshipping store gives an edge over owners building their store. That’s because when you buy a working Shopify store, the store owner can share the marketing methods and results that work for the store, and you can continue the success from there.

Are Shopify Dropshipping Stores For Sale Profitable?

buying a shopify store profitable

Yes. Shopify dropshipping stores for sale can generate healthy profits. However,  profitability depends on the condition of the store or if the store has the potential to flourish.

Before the purchase, we must research the store well by analyzing the traffic of the website and the existing customer base. Additionally, we must manage the store properly after purchasing to gain consistent profits.

Overall, buying a Shopify store can be a very profitable business model to pursue. Just like buying any other ready-made business. The trick is knowing how to choose the right stores that you will be able to manage, run and scale successfully.

How Much Do Dropshippers Make?

how much do shopify dropshippers make

The earnings from dropshipping depend upon many factors. For example:

  • How many products do you have in your store
  • How well you researched your products
  • Marketing
  • Upsells
  • Overall look and feel
  • Pricing and profit margin settings

Dropshippers can expect to make around $1000-$5000 per month (and more) if the business is handled well. Moreover, dropshipping stores may make more or less than that, but the profit margins on each product run around 20%-30%, and above.

Now that you understand the benefits of purchasing Shopify dropshipping stores, let’s go over how to find Shopify stores for sale.

Platforms With Shopify Dropshipping Stores For Sale

shopify store exchange platforms

Online trading platforms connect buyers and sellers to facilitate the trades of businesses and provide additional services throughout the entire process. We can find numerous types of businesses listings for sale, from startups to established eCommerce stores generating healthy profits.

Therefore, online trending platforms are an excellent place where e-commerce entrepreneurs can find Shopify dropshipping stores for sale. While many Shopify stores for sale utilize the dropshipping model, we should take care to look at the description and see which of the stores work with physical inventory.

There are two types of online trading platforms. Those that include a variety of businesses and those dedicated to e-commerce.

We will look at two trade platforms, one of each type:

  • EXCHANGE Marketplace – A platform focused on Shopify ecommerce stores
  • Flippa Marketplace – A marketplace for businesses of all types 

Both Exchange and Flippa are among the leading marketplaces for buying and selling Shopify stores.


exchange buy and sell Shopify stores

Exchange is an official website powered by Shopify that allows users to buy and sell Shopify stores. This is a marketplace where we can find many  Shopify dropshipping stores, whether big or small. You can find thousands of Shopify stores from different niches or categories.

For instance, there are over 500,000 Shopify stores globally, and over 3000 are added daily. Finding a good store to buy is the basis for a sustainable business in the future. With adequate research, we can quickly discover stores that match our requirements and are likely to grow.

Finding Shopify Stores For Sale On EXCHANGE Step-by-step:

Here are the steps to find Shopify dropshipping stores for sale on EXCHANGE:

  • Click “Browse” on the top left corner of the EXCHANGE homepage
  • Choose “Browse All” from the dropdown menu
  • Click “Business Type” and select among different types of business 
  • Select “Industry” to choose the desirable niche 
  • Click on “Price” to find and check price ranges that you want to search within
  • Click on “Revenue” to find out stores that generate average revenue on a monthly basis

 To start searching for stores, click on  “Browse” at the top left-hand side of the page.

The “Browse all” option from the dropdown menu allows us to narrow our search using intelligent filters. We can find additional search filters, including the price, revenue, age, business type, and industry.

Since we want to get into the Dropshipping business, the first step is to choose Dropshipping under “Business type.” Second, choose which niche market the dropshipping store is catering to under the industry option.


Another critical point is to specify the buying price of the store and the revenue we are expecting from it. For illustration, let’s take $2500-$10000 as our target buying price for dropshipping stores with an “average monthly revenue” of $0-$500.

Now that we have chosen the specific search filters, all available businesses that match the criteria will show up on the page. Choose a suitable dropshipping store to see more information about that particular store. 

Analyzing Store Information

We can find out various details about the stores such as the traffic and performance. Performance includes average revenue, average sales, and average profit per month. Also, operating expenses are transparent on this page. The performance data and traffic data come directly from Shopify; thus, the seller cannot edit them.

Additionally, you can contact the seller directly from the platform to get more information on their store for sale. If the store fits your needs, you can make an offer. All the transactions have bank encryption that secures the payment, and the transaction only goes through if the users pass verification checks.

Once the purchase is complete, the migration team at Exchange transfers the ownership of the business to the new buyer. Both the buyer and seller get a notification via email when the transfer is complete. 

Finally, Exchange also provides post-purchase support, which is available 24/7 to help new buyers with their store settings.


flippa buy and sell Shopify stores

Flippa is an online trading platform connecting buyers and sellers to buy and sell digital assets and businesses. Unlike Exchange, Flippa doesn’t limit to e-commerce or Shopify stores.

Many different forms of online business are available on the Flippa platform. Some examples are mobile apps, websites, and Saas companies. According to Flippa, business and domain listings amount to over 5000 per day. 

The search filter in Flippa is more customizable than Exchange. Comparatively, it offers additional flexibility while searching. We can combine search options to find suitable business stores. Additionally, we can “Watch” our target store to keep track of changes before purchasing.

Additionally, Flippa also provides the following services: 

  • Due Diligence
  • Legal
  • Flippa private
  • Flippa finder 
  • Broker
  • Financing

Flippa Legal helps buyers and sellers to transfer the asset correctly and avoid disputes in the future. If you worry about the process of transferring the business from the seller to you, put your fears aside. The legal team consists of real lawyers to ensure a safe and secure business transaction for both parties. 

Similarly, Flippa offers a consultative service for potential buyers to evaluate a business before purchase.

These additional services come with a cost, but it helps you buy the business with more certainty. And, we can all use assurances that everything will work smoothly when purchasing a business.

How Much Shopify Dropshipping Stores For Sale Cost?

for how much do shopify stores sell

The valuation of Shopify stores depends upon various factors. For example, some Shopify stores are small in size having few products whereas others have plenty of proven products and a large customer base. According to their sizes, Shopify dropshipping stores for sale can range anywhere from $50 up to $1 million.

How To Properly Manage Our Dropshipping Stores?

Once we find and buy a Shopify dropshipping store for sale, we should regularly fulfill orders. Daily operations like tracking inventory prices and stock levels at every step are a must. 

Likewise, our customers also seek a quality customer experience. Fulfilling these functions accurately will help your dropshipping store take off quickly.

We can do everything manually or hire an employee to take care of our daily tasks. However, once we add automation, there are no limits to how high we can scale and profit.

Automate Your New Shopify Store With AutoDS

automate your new shopify store with autods

Buying Shopify dropshipping stores for sale is not the only way to kickstart your business. There is also dropshipping automation.

Why spend time completing menial tasks when you can automate most of your store? The secret to sustaining the newly acquired business is through AutoDS’ all-in-one automation tools. AutoDS takes care of most of the work for you, allowing you to transform your investment into a source of passive income. The crucial point is to automate the business and let it generate steady profit continuously.

Additionally, AutoDs will allow us to automate the business process instead of spending several hours a day managing it. Once we get familiar with the process, we can launch and automate multiple stores at the same time to scale our business and achieve higher profits.

 Here are some of the services AutoDS provides to help you save time and scale your business:

  • Quick and Easy Product Importing
  • Price and Stock Monitoring
  • Automatic Order Fulfillment
  • Customer Service
  • Over 25 Supported Suppliers

Quick and Easy Product Importing

product importing

For one, you can import as many items as you want among millions of products from our supported suppliers.

AutoDS’s Products importer feature saves a lot of time with its one-click importer by importing single or multiple products at once. It also allows importing products at a future specified date and time.

Instead of manually copying product details line by line, AutoDS imports the products with title, images specifications, price, shipping details, etc with the click of a button. Furthermore, With the help of grabber extension from AutoDS Helper, it is easier to import tens of thousands of products automatically with few clicks.

Price and Stock Monitoring

price and stock monitoring

AutoDS’s Price and Stock Monitoring service checks and updates price and stock according to changes on our active listings constantly. What if the stock is going to run out soon or the supplier changes its selling price? 

If our supplier changes the price or stock status for one of our products, AutoDS will update the price or stock accordingly in our stores.

Automatic Order Fulfillment

automatic order fulfillment

Automatic Order Fulfillment saves a lot of time and speeds up the order processing by automatically fulfilling multiple orders and processing returns. 

Manually visiting the supplier‘s website and filling in the necessary information takes up a lot of time, especially when you have 10+ orders per day.

Furthermore, filling in customer information and placing an order, again and again, is a tiring process. Not to mention, we can also make mistakes and ship products to the wrong address.

 That’s where AutoDS’ Automatic Order fulfillment service comes in handy. Not only will it fulfill our orders as soon as they come in (even while you sleep), but the system will also update tracking numbers automatically. So our buyers will always be able to locate their packages and will receive them at blazing fast speeds.

Another benefit it provides us is the processing of product returns with ease. If a buyer wishes to cancel an order, we can get a return label in just one click without reaching out to our supplier.

Over 25 Supported Suppliers

AutoDs Supported Suppliers

Working with multiple suppliers has its own perks like price leverage, availability, and variety of products. That is why building relationships with multiple suppliers can be highly beneficial.

AutoDS assists in importing products and price/stock monitoring from +25 supported suppliers. Plus, with new suppliers and regions coming out, you’ll always have a reach to tens of millions of products to sell—all with full automation.

In Conclusion

With proper planning, the business you buy can and will be a success. However, buying one of Shopify dropshipping stores for sale is only the first step towards attaining the goal of having a profitable venture. 

Being strategic and swift to resolve any obstacle plays a crucial role in achieving our goal. Accordingly,  business automation is critical to growing and expanding. Automating the business with AutoDS completes the entire process to achieve profitability and success from dropshipping.

Once you have your store up and running, keep in mind there are additional ways to increase revenue and profit margins. If you want to learn how, check out these related articles: