A successful landing page caters to every consumer’s needs and wants. Your product landing page, regardless of what you are selling, whether a software or clothing subscription, needs a lot of effort to establish as it is a lot harder to convince visitors to buy, especially when they can’t clearly understand your product. So, let us see these Shopify product landing page examples, what they look like, and how you can create one without much hardship.

Product Landing Page: Meaning, Use, And Importance

A product landing page is a page made specifically to promote a product and to attract visitors to convert to a product-related offer. It usually features conversion-centric elements, such as alluring headlines, clear images, social proof, and such, to get visitors to click the call-to-action or CTA button.

A product landing page is different from a product page. A product landing page is a standalone web page with the primary purpose of pushing the reader to take action and purchase your product or services or join your email list as a lead. Product landing pages can be used for boosting traffic from email, social media, and even referral sources.

Product landing pages keep the visitor’s full attention on the offer with a 1:1 conversion ratio. It is also helpful for the end users as product landing pages highlight the benefits and features of a product quickly. Aside from that, it allows companies or businesses to measure metrics directly tied to the product.

Meanwhile, product pages are just regular website pages. They have menus directing customers to other pages on the site, and there might be some content unrelated to the product you are promoting. The purpose of these pages is to inform and educate visitors on the product while giving them enough access to other data that will help them learn more about your brand.

10 Product Landing Page Examples That Convert

Here are the 10 best product landing page examples that showcase effective design, persuasive copy, and seamless user experience.

Master & Dynamic

master dynamic landing page example

Upon visiting the Master & Dynamic landing page, you will already notice how excellent the product page design is. You will first notice the full-width image of the product, letting you get up close and personal with what the brand is trying to offer. After that, there is also a very compelling headline about how the product can give you the most preferable experience.

In just a glance, you will already see high-quality images and benefit-driven product descriptions with several more suited product photos.

The page has a lot of dark spaces, which are among the brand’s color palettes. The overall color scheme allows the CTA buttons to instantly pop out of the screen, which enhances the overall user experience by helping target buyers make the best choice that fits their budget and needs.


holstee landing page example

Among other product landing page examples is the Holstee. As you click their product landing page, you will see several CTA links with phrases regarding what the product can give you. This immediately allows readers to choose whether to register for membership to receive updates about their products and offers and the chance to download their app.

Users also get a complete visual experience of the product with high-quality images with deeper explanations and an introduction to its uses. The entire landing page copy is easy to navigate, friendly, simple, and clearly explains how to take journals to the next level. The brand also used a lot of phrases that aimed to emotionally connect with the visitors.

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Kettle & Fire

kettle fire landing page example

When you click the Kettle & Fire page, you will already see a pop-out image inviting users to sign up in exchange for discounted products. This page undoubtedly displays images that perfectly show all the products they offer, something visitors will surely expect.

The wording and pictures are placed in a well-balanced manner. It has a clear description and benefits that help users get deeper into what the product can offer. The features in this landing page are great for top dropshipping stores as they accurately position all products or the advantage of both consumers and sellers.

Kettle & Fire has created their page into an excellent visual experience, helping readers experience what buyers already experienced even when they are just scrolling from the comfort of their houses. It also includes a testimonial section featuring the clients who share their takeaways about the products, which somehow brings another level of legitimacy regarding the use of the product.

Studio Neat

studio neat landing page example

Studio Neat presents a sleek mechanical pencil feature. When you visit their page, you will initially see the products they offer. It also has clear sections that let visitors seamlessly see their entire aim and purpose. Each section discusses several of the benefits and product uses. The way they incorporated multiple product photos allows users to get an idea of how the products actually work.

As you scroll, you will have the chance to see more of the brand. They incorporated multiple product photos, allowing users to understand how the products work.

The page closes with a CTA inviting users to learn more about the product. That approach is a great way to convince people to immediately hop in to avoid missing out.

Outdoor Voices

outdoor voices landing page example

Visitors will surely be on screen upon seeing the discounts the products offer when they go to Outdoor Voices. It features a CTA button that encourages visitors to shop for sale items, which is quite tempting. The page just has the right amount of images demonstrating how their clothing fits in different bodies and how it will look perfectly at them.

Not only that, but it also has an image slider that illustrates how one’s life can be by using the right brand. With a lot of information and different styles available, buyers can use all these to see more details about the category they prefer the best.

Luxy Hair

luxury hair landing page example

When we say a remarkable product landing page, Luxy Hair comes to mind. The product landing page displays different models with unique hairstyles, which somehow shows how the products can cater to various kinds of people. The page is presented in a very calming color scheme with tons of human photos. The brand seemingly knows who their targets are, which gives them all the advantages.

Before scrolling down, you will initially notice the CTA, which says “shop now,” which makes the page more inviting.

Moreover, the landing page copy is interesting, representing the brand’s fun marketing strategies. Shoppers can preview best-seller packs to see more of the brand’s offerings.


poopourri landing page example

The PooPourri product landing page draws your attention to its minimal and clean design with a bold headline and a CTA button to get readers to shop.

Meanwhile, if you still haven’t decided whether to commit, you can continue scrolling down the page to see more of its use and other benefits. PooPourri uses short and actionable phrases with easy-to-understand product descriptions. Their lifestyle product photos also give a very homey and welcoming vibe with multiple CTA.

Rocky Mountain Soap

rocky mountain soap landing page example

Rocky Mountain Soap shouts eye-pleasing Earth-tone colors, and its visual perfectly fits the product and brand’s personality. It welcomes readers with a large reminder to sign up to get updates about their products. Each page section has pictures and easy-to-read descriptions, attracting more interest from visitors.

It uses simple-to-understand headlines to help users think about using the product in real life. Plus, each CTA button directs users to another vibrant page with more products for the shoppers.

Johnny Cupcakes

johnny cupcakes landing page example

As Johnny Cupcakes visitors dive in more about the playful brand, labeling itself as “the world’s first t-shirt bakery” while emphasizing all its recent products as “freshly baked.” Users will effortlessly flow down the page out of curiosity. Each scroll has guides and descriptions of what they do. The landing page design is simple yet showcases intelligence in a way.

It also makes good use of product photography, showing off its clothing and fun designs. They also included logos from popular sites where they got featured and estimated the numbers of their clients. You can see other Shopify t-shirt stores for inspiration if you want to go in the apparel direction.


sixty nine landing page example

The Sixty-Nine store immediately put obvious and attention-grabbing product photos. The models are moving, seemingly showing users how the products on display look in real life. Upon clicking through to a specific product, the animation transforms into an interactive page. 

The shop’s clean page theme provides lots of white space, which makes every word easy to read. The entire website presents a unique way of giving shoppers a direct purchase route, which makes it a good clothing store example. If you need more references, here are other Shopify fashion themes for wider options.

Ways To Improve A Product Landing Page

Now that we have browsed these product landing page examples, let’s consider how to create your own.

Be Detailed When Introducing The Product

Creating product landing pages requires a lot of effort when putting details on screen. A mere product image might be hard to understand from others’ points of view, which is why descriptions are essential.

Make sure to include the selling point, which is why your customer may buy your product or service. Include all your competitive advantages and information that may set you apart from other competitors. Before introducing your product to your target customers, ensure to list all the relevant information. You have to clearly know why customers may want to buy your product. This can help your entire team determine what parts of the product to highlight and how they can display the product more effectively to your audience.

Understand Customer Needs and Concerns

Customer needs are the influential factors that force them to buy your product or service. To identify all the customer needs, it is important to know the specific reasons behind their decision-making.

So, you must be well aware of who your customers are. You have to define your target audience and segment them based on their preferences and buying traits. Through this, you will get a clear view of what your selling proposition is while also acquiring data about their needs. 

By meeting all customers’ needs, you can have relatively positive results along the way. Prior to your business or product promotions, it is better to conduct market research as it can greatly help you understand your potential customers.

The more you know about your customers, the better you can describe your brand positioning around their needs and help your business grow limitlessly.

Emphasize Clear Call to Action

Capturing and keeping the focus or attention of your audience can be really challenging, especially in today’s crowded digital platforms. With several strategies available, spotting the right approach can be difficult.

However, among those strategies that, when executed appropriately, can yield impressive outcomes; is the use of compelling CTAs. A well-crafted one-click CTA can streamline the process for visitors to take immediate action.

This can significantly strengthen your content marketing strategy, drive massive leads, increase conversions, and transform readers into devoted customers and brand advocates.

Include Videos or GIFs

A video is worth a thousand words, so it is ideal to include some on your product landing page. Execute key product features in a different level approach through the use of videos or GIFs. With that kind of value, it’s easy to understand why entrepreneurs use videos on their landing pages.

Videos not only ensure that your visitors spend more time on your landing page, but they also help them pay more attention than if the content was simply words on a page.

Put Reviews and Testimonials

The main purpose of a product landing page is to take visitors and transform them through your sales funnel. Reviews and testimonials are third-party information that may contribute to shoppers’ purchasing decisions.

Consumers tend not to trust brands as they trust other people more. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report, only one-third of consumers trust brands to do their best for their customers.

In fact, 88 percent of consumers said they trust word-of-mouth marketing more than any other type of promotional strategy.

Testimonials on landing pages can also help businesses increase relevance by mentioning specific hard points the customer is facing and driving conversions, as consumers who read testimonials are more likely to convert.

Never Leave Your Shelves Empty

Never let your products be empty, as this will let customers know that you are hands-on and always make updates on your page.

A sold-out product may lead to customers exiting your product landing page instead of scrolling around. However, it doesn’t mean you have to lose them for good. When one of your items is out of stock, you can try to prevent losing sales by providing shoppers the option to leave their contact information, such as phone number or email address. Notify them when the product is available again.

Limited edition products often use this tactic to get a hold of buyers. Meanwhile, when a certain size isn’t available, you can encourage customers to sign up and get a notification when their size is back in stock. According to the study carried out by the IHL Group, the value for lost revenue of businesses accounted for $634.1 billion during the year 2015. The number is mostly influenced by the inventory management system, like stockout problems in e-commerce. So, you better be careful not to miss out on sales due to out-of-stock scenarios.


That’s it! We explored the 10 best product landing page examples and learned what makes them convert visitors into customers.

A great product landing page design will indeed convert more visitors into customers. So you have to use a dedicated page layout to direct all the traffic from marketing campaigns.

Nowadays, working with a landing page design can be easier than before, and you just need to find the right formula. There are several attractive product landing page templates. Some Shopify website examples can be seen above. Look at some of the best product landing pages available for inspiration.

Keep in mind that product landing pages need a lot of things before being effective for visitors. Start by identifying what your product needs, then go on and be confident in launching your own product landing page.

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