Shopify originated in Canada, so it’s no surprise that it’s an optimal place for dropshippers to start their Canadian business. Undoubtedly, Canada has a diverse eCommerce industry that offers a promising venue for dropshipping.

Meanwhile, selecting a reliable selling channel is essential to the success of an eCommerce venture. When dropshipping in Canada, Shopify is a perfect platform for our online business. Many dropshippers have seen success with Shopify, and we can too! 

Key Takeaways

Target Canadian niche markets: Identify and understand the preferences and trends of Canadian consumers to tailor your product selection and marketing strategies effectively.

Legal and regulatory compliance: Ensure you register your business, obtain necessary licenses and permits, and understand tax obligations specific to Canada to operate legally and avoid penalties.

Optimize logistics and shipping: Utilize Canadian suppliers whenever possible to reduce shipping times and costs. Familiarize yourself with customs regulations and duties to avoid delays and unexpected expenses.

Provide exceptional customer service: Build trust and loyalty by offering responsive and efficient customer support. Consider offering bilingual support to cater to both English and French-speaking customers.

Implement effective marketing strategies: Utilize social media platforms, influencers, email marketing, and paid advertising to reach Canadian consumers. Create localized content and leverage Canadian holidays and events for targeted campaigns.

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To discover the wonders of Shopify dropshipping in Canada, we’ll start with the best suppliers to work with. Plus, we’ll learn the complete process of establishing our Shopify dropshipping business in Canada. Now, let’s buckle up and begin our profit-making adventure.

Is Shopify Dropshipping Worth It In Canada?

Shopify Dropshipping Worth It In Canada

Yes, Shopify dropshipping in Canada is worth it. In fact, Canada’s eCommerce industry was valued at 53.77 billion USD in 2021. Come 2025; the market is expected to grow up to over 90 billion USD.

Aside from this, the dropshipping business model is a low-risk but high-reward venture. For instance, we don’t have to maintain physical inventories and pay warehousing fees. Also, dropshipping allows us to serve the Canadian market in the comfort of our homes.

Subsequently, Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. Hence, we’ll have a vast potential audience for our Shopify dropshipping business. As a result, we can maximize our profits when selling to the Canadian market.

How Does Shopify Dropshipping Work In Canada?

Next, we’ll explore the Shopify dropshipping model in Canada. Essentially, the process starts when a customer buys an item from our store. Then, the supplier ships the order directly to the buyer, and we gain a profit from the sale.

However, we must integrate with a top-caliber selling channel like Shopify to achieve this. Notably, Shopify allows us to optimize our business through its full customization features and endless product listings. Although Shopify has no organic traffic, we can incorporate proven marketing techniques to maximize our audience reach in Canada.

Moreover, anyone can dropship in Canada even when we live elsewhere. But, we must take note of the tax obligations and business registration rules in Canada.

Canada Tax Obligations

For tax obligations, the Canadian government has set tax guidelines when dropshipping in the region. In particular, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) are two important taxes we need to understand.

Subsequently, the GST is a value-added tax that charges about 5% of the taxable goods. On the other hand, the HST is a consumption tax of up to 13%, specific to certain Canadian provinces. 

Business Registration For Dropshippers In Canada

Meanwhile, registering a business in Canada depends on whether or not we live in the country. For dropshippers who are also Canadian residents, we need to register our business with the government.

Factors To Consider When Registering A Dropshipping Business In Canada

Remember that different provinces in Canada implement their own rules for establishing and registering a business. For instance, there are several types of business we can establish, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and cooperative. Bear in mind that each business type has its own guidelines to follow.

On another note, non-Canadian residents must seek guidance from accountants to understand the registration needs. If we fall under this category, we can either register our Shopify dropshipping business in Canada or in the country we reside in. Nevertheless, professional advice is necessary for us to fully grasp the requirements of registering our online business.

18 Best Shopify Dropshipping Suppliers In Canada

Choosing the right suppliers for dropshipping is crucial as it helps build customers’ trust and boosts profits. Reliable suppliers offer superior customer service, faster shipping, and global warehouses, ensuring a positive shopping experience and a successful Shopify dropshipping business in Canada. Thus, here are the best dropshipping suppliers for our Shopify business in Canada:

Next, let’s explore the key features of these suppliers that will help our online venture grow.

1. CJDropshipping

To begin, CJDropshipping is a top-notch Shopify dropshipping supplier that houses a warehouse in Canada. With a huge range of products to dropship from this supplier, we’ll surely find the next chart-topping items to sell.

Key Features

  • Sourcing solutions
  • Print-on-demand services
  • Private labeling features

Primarily, CJDropshipping helps us find products with its sourcing solutions. Then, within 24 hours, CJDropshipping finds the items and provides us with the product cost.

Moreover, the supplier’s print-on-demand services provide custom-made goods to dropship. Besides that, its private labeling features let us incorporate our store’s logo into product packaging. With these features, we can establish our business brand in the market and become distinct from the competition.

2. Amazon

Next, Amazon is a multinational company that manages several warehouses in Canada. As one of the biggest platforms in eCommerce, we’ll find endless product ideas to add to our Shopify dropshipping store.

Key Features

  • Top-quality products
  • Quick shipping times
  • Exceptional customer service

Remarkably, Amazon offers top-quality items from diverse product categories. Plus, its domestic warehouses allow quick shipping times to Canadian customers.

In addition, Amazon’s exceptional customer service allows us to gain customer loyalty for our business. For instance, this supplier addresses tracking, shipping, returns, and other essential issues promptly. In this way, we can extend the same quality of support to our customers.

3. AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers

AutoDS warehouse dropshipping supplier

AutoDS offers an exceptional solution for Shopify dropshipping businesses, providing access to a top-notch warehouse and a network of private suppliers.

Key Features

  • Fulfilled By AutoDS
  • Branding Solutions
  • Extensive Network Of Private Suppliers
  • Personalized Shipment Options

AutoDS boasts an optimized warehouse infrastructure, ensuring efficient order fulfillment and seamless shipping processes for Shopify dropshippers. Plus, the platform connects dropshippers with a diverse marketplace of private suppliers. These suppliers offer unique products and exclusive discounts, giving businesses a competitive edge and the opportunity to maximize profits in the Shopify dropshipping industry.

AutoDS allows dropshippers to customize their shipments by adding their store logo, reinforcing their brand identity, and enhancing customer loyalty. With personalized shipment options, businesses can strengthen their presence in the dropshipping marketplace and provide a unique and memorable customer experience.

4. eBay

As a versatile Shopify dropshipping supplier, eBay also serves domestic orders in Canada. With its substantial product catalog, we can surely attract significant sales in the Canadian market.

Key Features

  • Flexible delivery arrangements
  • Customer-focused platform
  • Buyer and seller protection program

One of the main reasons to choose eBay is its flexible delivery arrangements. By sourcing from local warehouses in Canada, we can fulfill customer demands efficiently.

Furthermore, eBay is a customer-focused platform that caters to client concerns as soon as possible. Meanwhile, its buyer and seller protection program ensures that both parties are protected from scams online. Plus, the program extends money-back guarantees and conflict resolutions that favor both sellers and buyers.

5. Walmart

Another excellent Shopify dropshipping supplier in Canada is Walmart. As one of the biggest US retailers, we can enjoy great products and services from Walmart.

Key Features

  • Wide array of products
  • Practical delivery options
  • Price match policy

With over 30 million products available, we can source a wide array of products for our Canadian customers. Aside from that, it offers practical delivery options, such as same-day delivery within Canada.

Interestingly, Walmart has a price match policy. With this feature, the supplier matches the price of the same item we find on other platforms at a cheaper cost. Hence, this policy ensures that we’re only getting the most competitive prices in the market.

6. Etsy

Our next eCommerce supplier in Canada is Etsy. From this supplier, we can source vintage and hand-crafted goods for our Shopify dropshipping business in Canada.

Key Features

  • High value for craftsmanship
  • High-profit margin
  • Fast shipping times

Essentially, Etsy offers unique and handmade products with high value for craftsmanship. With one-of-a-kind product lines, we can target specific markets, like those who are into personalized goods.

Since items we source from Etsy are special and distinct, we can set high-profit margins for these products. Due to their rarity, buyers will be willing to spend more on these great finds. Finally, customers will also enjoy the fast shipping times on Etsy, delivering products as fast as two to three days.

7. Costco

Our next supplier is Costco, a company that is famous for its exclusive membership club. Additionally, this supplier has several warehouses in Canada that fulfill domestic demands efficiently.

Key Features

  • Competitive prices
  • Quick order fulfillment
  • Superb customer support

As a wholesale supplier, we can score products at competitive prices from Costco. Additionally, its local warehouses help fulfill customer orders quickly. In fact, Costco can deliver orders within Canada in about three to five days.

On top of that, Costco has superb customer support. This supplier manages tracking, cancellation, returns, and refunds professionally. In fact, it extends a 90-day return period to customers, which is one of the best return policies in the market.

8. Wayfair

Undeniably, Wayfair is one of the best Shopify dropshipping suppliers in Canada. Since the company was established by dropshippers, we can ensure that we’ll get the best values for our business.

Key Features

  • High-quality home items
  • Practical shipping arrangements
  • MYWAY Program

Focusing on the home niche, Wayfair provides high-quality items, such as furniture, decors, appliances, and more. Plus, its practical shipping arrangements offer free shipping for eligible items. Meanwhile, we can extend fast two-day shipping to customers in Canada.

Moreover, Wayfair has the MYWAY Program that offers worthwhile membership deals to customers. With this program, we can access exclusive items and upgrade delivery options for our Shopify dropshipping stores.

9. Overstock

Joining our top Canadian supplier list is Overstock. This home niche company serves the Canadian market through its domestic warehouses.

Key Features

  • Price match guarantee
  • Excellent customer service
  • Club O Program

With Overstock’s price match guarantee, we can ensure to get the most reasonable product prices. Hence, allowing us to set competitive prices for our dropshipping items. In addition, the company’s excellent customer service offers chat support to cater to customer concerns efficiently.

Moreover, Overstock provides the Club O Program that gives us access to exclusive deals online. For instance, we can enjoy 5% cashback and free shipping on all orders.

10. Lowe’s

Another popular home improvement supplier is Lowe’s. This supplier operates several domestic distribution centers in Canada, enabling fast shipping for our customers.

Key Features

  • Lowe’s business credit card
  • Loyalty program
  • Product protection plan

Getting hold of Lowe’s business credit card gives cardholders access to many perks. For instance, clients can enjoy daily 5% discounts, invoicing services, cardholder events, and more.

Apart from that, Lowe’s has a loyalty program that offers personalized product suggestions, expense trackers, purchase histories, and more. Plus, its product protection plan extends beyond manufacturers’ warranties for defective or deteriorated items. Thus, we can extend these features to our customers.

11. Home Depot

With about 180 warehouses all over Canada, Home Depot is undeniably a top supplier choice for dropshipping. As a home niche supplier, we can source over two million home-related items from Home Depot.

Key Features

  • Fast delivery options
  • Tax exemption program
  • Price match policy

Due to several warehouses in the country, Home Depot offers fast delivery options to Canadian customers. Specifically, this supplier has a two-day shipping service for most products online. Plus, free shipping is available, subject to a minimum purchase.

In addition, Home Depot’s tax exemption program enables buyers to purchase goods without paying sales tax on eligible products. Meanwhile, its price match policy gives a partial refund if we can find an exact item elsewhere at a lower price. So, sourcing products from Home Depot will give our Shopify dropshipping stores in Canada a competitive edge over other dropshippers.

Our next set of suppliers are wholesale or dropshipping-friendly platforms that aren’t supported by AutoDS. Therefore, we can’t enjoy business automation while working with these platforms. Nevertheless, they offer worthwhile benefits for our Shopify dropshipping Canada business.   

12. Bargains Group

As a homegrown company, Bargains Group offers excellent services to our Shopify dropshipping business in Canada. Plus, this general niche supplier lets us access endless product choices online.

Key Features

  • Wholesale perks
  • White label program
  • Private label services

Since Bargains Group is a wholesaler, we can enjoy wholesale perks from sourcing items from this supplier. For instance, there are promotional items we can dropship from this supplier. As a result, we can get these products at lower prices and set higher profit margins when selling them.

Moreover, Bargains Group has a white label program and private label services. With these features, we can offer custom-made products, incorporate our logos, and establish our brand name in the market. By doing so, we can create a distinctive reputation, and more Canadian customers will know about our business.

13. NexDay Supply

Just like the previous supplier, NexDay Supply is a general store. Housing several local warehouses, we can definitely source trending finds for our Shopify dropshipping stores in Canada.

Key Features

  • Wide array of product categories
  • Affordable rates
  • Flexible shipping times

Notably, we can dropship endless items from a wide array of product categories on NexDay Supply. To mention some, this supplier offers home improvements, skin care, safety needs, kitchen supplies, and more.

Furthermore, NexDay Supply’s affordable rates benefit dropshippers. As such, sourcing items at cheaper prices allows us to set higher profit margins. Additionally, this supplier extends flexible shipping times that deliver customer orders to Canadian provinces quickly.

14. GFurn

Next up, we have a Canadian-based company that highlights home improvement products. As a dropshipping-supported supplier, GFurn allows us to integrate our online stores with its platform.

Key Features

  • Custom-made products
  • No minimum order requirement
  • Warranties and money-back guarantee

One of the main features of GFurn is providing custom-made products that cater to the specific preferences of Canadian customers. Some of its products include Scandinavian or modern furniture pieces.

On top of that, GFurn has no minimum order requirements. Besides that, it offers one-year warranties and a seven-day money-back guarantee. With these features, we’re confident that our customers will receive the best quality products and services.

15. Grosche

If you want to source the best kinds of cups and holders, Grosche is the perfect supplier for your business. With a tagline, “Every cup fills another,” this supplier will help us fill our Shopify dropshipping stores in Canada with massive sales.

Key Features

  • Product customization options
  • Wholesale program
  • Warranty features

Whether, for a morning coffee or afternoon tea, a good cup will fill our customers’ souls. So, Grosche’s product customization options allow us to offer unique and personalized mugs, cups, holders, and other related items.

Additionally, Grosche has a wholesale program that will help us score great deals for our dropshipping business. Also, its warranty features provide a one-year period for products with manufacturers’ defects. So, these great services can help us gain customer satisfaction in our business.

16. DreamHug

Another niche supplier is DreamHug, a company that offers comfortable and creative blankets and covers. With its cozy product line, we’ll surely attract Canadian customers to our Shopify dropshipping stores.

Key Features

  • Unique product catalog
  • Reliable shipping arrangements
  • Order tracking features

Interestingly, DreamHug offers a unique product catalog. Aside from conventional weighted, king, queen, and wearable blankets, we can source therapy blankets that ease anxiety as well.

Besides that, this supplier’s reliable shipping arrangements provide free and fast shipping to most Canadian provinces. Finally, its order tracking features provide tracking numbers via email so that we can monitor the whereabouts of customer orders.

17. Kimmy Shop

Primarily, Kimmy Shop is a Canadian store for toys and other kids-related goods. As a dropshipping-supported supplier, we can enjoy dropshipping perks for our Shopify store in Canada.

Key Features

  • Huge department of products
  • Speedy shipping times
  • Dedicated wholesale program

With a focus on toys and kids’ items, we can source endless dropshipping ideas. For example, this supplier offers toys, bags, apparel, home needs, and birthday supplies for children.

In addition, Kimmy Shop ships customer orders in as fast as one to two days in Canada. Aside from that, the supplier has a dedicated wholesale program. With this program, we can enjoy discounted rates for bulk orders. 

18. Escape Swimwear

To end our top suppliers’ list, we have Escape Swimwear. This Canada-based brand focuses on women’s swimwear fashion.

Key Features

  • Free domestic shipping
  • Dropshipping services
  • Guided workshops and blueprints

As a Canadian supplier, Escape Swimwear offers free domestic shipping for most products. Plus, this company extends worthwhile dropshipping services. In fact, Escape Swimwear helps sellers with starting their online businesses.

With that said, this supplier provides guided workshops and blueprints for free. As such, we can create our own designs, and the supplier will fulfill orders for us.

Now that we have a curated suppliers list, it’s time to turn our dropshipping dreams into reality. So, next, we’ll discover how to start our Shopify dropshipping business in Canada.

How To Start A Shopify Dropshipping Business In Canada

Are you ready to start your online venture in Canada and gain huge profits? We sure are! So, here are the seven steps toward establishing a successful Shopify dropshipping business in Canada:

  1. Find Your Niche – Canada Product Research
  2. Set Up Your Shopify Dropshipping Canada Store
  3. Choose Your Dropshipping Supplier
  4. Import Products To Your Shopify Store
  5. Market Your Canada Shopify Store
  6. Fulfill Your Customer Orders
  7. Provide Excellent Customer Support

Let’s get the ball rolling.

1. Find Your Niche – Canada Product Research

Before creating our Shopify dropshipping store, we need to find our niche by conducting product research. Doing so will ensure that we offer the latest trends based on our target audience. Here are effective product research methods to find best-sellers:

Search Canada Supplier Websites

Notably, searching our suppliers’ websites will give us access to trending products in Canada. For example, Walmart Canada has a ‘Trending Items’ section on its website. With the help of this list, we’ll discover what Canadian buyers are looking for and buying on online platforms.

Koala Inspector To Spy On Competition

Next up, Koala Inspector is a reliable tool that enables us to spy on other Shopify competitors. Through this tool, we’ll uncover how much success other Shopify sellers are attaining. Moreover, the tool shows us product specifications, such as sales volumes, marketing techniques, and other details that will give us insights into the best products to sell.

Tip: Use multiple spy tools to track what Shopify competitors are doing to ensure you beat the competition.

AutoDS Winning Products Hub

AutoDS winning products hub

Discover a wide range of winning products on the AutoDS Winning Products Hub, designed specifically for dropshipping. This comprehensive platform offers an array of features, including valuable product insights and competitor analysis. Gain access to essential information such as original cost, retail price, and profit potential for each item.

In addition, the Hub empowers users with the ability to analyze the competition by evaluating current sellers and Facebook ads. By leveraging these insights, you can effectively identify your target audience and implement best practices for optimizing your business. The automated product research method offered by the Hub saves you precious hours that would otherwise be spent searching for high-profit potential products.

Google Trends

Undeniably, Google Trends can give us helpful insights into the trends within Canada. By searching relevant keywords, we can discover the most-searched products of Canadian customers. As a result, we can establish product catalogs that are top choices in the market.

So, what’s next after getting hold of trending product ideas? Well, we need to filter and choose the best products for Shopify dropshipping stores in Canada. With the help of AutoDS’ Product Research Spreadsheet, we can compile and evaluate which of the choices are perfect for our business.

Remember that Shopify offers a 14-day trial, so ensure that you have conducted product research before signing up. In that way, you can maximize the trial period by importing winning products.

2. Set Up Your Shopify Dropshipping Canada Store

Our next step is to set up our Shopify dropshipping store in Canada. Without further ado, here are the eleven steps to establishing our online stores:

2.1. Create A Shopify Account
2.2. Choose Your Business Name 
2.3. Connect Your Store Domain
2.4. Design A Logo For Your Shopify Store 
2.5. Select A Shopify Store Template 
2.6. Optimize Your Product Listings 
2.7. Create A Professional Homepage 
2.8. Set Up Store Policies & Legal Pages
2.9. Customize The Shopify Navigation Menu
2.10. Select Store Currency & Payment Provider 
2.11. Configure Checkout Settings & Shipping Zones

Now, it’s time to explore each step.

Beginner’s Tip: You can start selling right away with one of the Shopify Dropshipping Stores For Sale. Learn how to kickstart your business with a ready dropshipping store.

2.1. Create A Shopify Account

To set up our dropshipping business in Canada, we need to create a Shopify account. When creating a Shopify account, we must provide our email address, create a password, and set a temporary business name. After such, we can begin exploring Shopify features and optimize our websites.

2.2. Choose Your Business Name

After successfully signing up, we can choose the business name of our Shopify dropshipping store in Canada. Remember that our business name defines our branding in the market. So, when choosing a name, ensure that it’s unique and distinct from the competition.

If you can’t think of an effective business name, the Business Name Generator is a tool that provides suggestions for our stores. Here, we can generate attractive business names for our Shopify business.

2.3. Connect Your Store Domain

Once we have a unique business name, we can then connect our store domain. To clarify, a domain name is a website address that directs viewers to our Shopify dropshipping stores.

To secure an available domain befitting our business, we can head over to GoDaddy and generate one. However, domain hosting on Shopify costs $10 to $20. Nonetheless, we can invest in a good domain name that will help our business branding in the long run.

2.4. Design A Logo For Your Shopify Store 

Our next move is to design a logo representing our Shopify dropshipping store in Canada. Remember that a unique logo will help us establish a professional name in the dropshipping industry. To help us with enticing logos, we can generate free ideas on Hatchful

2.5. Select A Shopify Store Template

Aside from the logo, our Shopify store template must also offer a good visual shopping experience to customers. Thus, we need to set up an enticing environment with the help of over 100 themes on Shopify. Also, we can purchase templates from other platforms that provide over-the-top Shopify website designs.

2.6. Optimize Your Product Listings

Then, we need to optimize our product listings. By optimizing our product listings, our items will rank higher in customer web searches. Thus, our stores and products become more visible and accessible to customers.

To do this, we need to set search engine optimized (SEO) titles, descriptions, images, tags, and more. In this way, our product listings become more relevant and professional-looking.

2.7. Create A Professional Homepage

Remember that besides our product listings, we also need to optimize our homepage. On our homepage, we can display our business names, logos, links, and more. By creating a professional homepage, we’re creating a friendly ambiance as customers access our websites.

2.8. Set Up Store Policies & Legal Pages

Next, we must set up our store policies and legal pages. As these policies serve as guidelines on how our business works, it’s necessary to have them on our websites. To help us save time and effort, AutoDS provides us with free templates for our Shopify dropshipping stores in Canada:

With the help of these templates, we can set up our store policies efficiently.

2.9. Customize The Shopify Navigation Menu

Next up, customizing the Shopify navigation menu is crucial when establishing our online stores. Remember that customers are more satisfied if they can freely explore our websites without any hassle. As such, setting up the navigation links will provide easy access to different sections of our stores.

2.10. Select Store Currency & Payment Provider

Moving on, we need to select the store currency and payment provider in our Shopify dropshipping store in Canada. For the store currency, we can set the Canadian dollar as our default option. On the other hand, we can set up several payment choices, like credit cards, wire transfers, PayPal, and other convenient payment methods.

2.11. Configure Checkout Settings & Shipping Zones

Finally, configuring the checkout settings and shipping zones is an important aspect of our Shopify business. The checkout section is where customers provide their shipping details and payment methods. So, we have to ensure that these sections have all the necessary information we need to serve customer orders conveniently.

Yay! After setting up our Shopify stores, let’s proceed to the next steps of establishing our business in Canada.

3. Choose Your Dropshipping Supplier

After creating a Shopify store in Canada, we now need to choose our Canada dropshipping suppliers. Remember that our suppliers provide the products and services that we extend to our customers. Hence, we must work with sourcing platforms that provide the following features:

  • Large product catalog & high-quality items 
  • Practical return, shipping, and payment policies 
  • Domestic warehouses & fast shipping times 
  • Affordable prices 
  • Positive reviews 
  • Excellent customer service

When our suppliers have these features, we’re confident of the quality of items and services we’re getting from them. On top of all these factors, working with multiple suppliers will help us optimize our Shopify dropshipping business in Canada.

By working with multiple platforms, we can ensure fair competition among suppliers. Plus, it gives us access to a diverse selection of products to dropship at reasonable market prices. Therefore, we can enjoy enormous profits and hassle-free sourcing options when working with several suppliers.

4. Import Products To Your Shopify Store

Now that we’ve identified our suppliers, we can start importing products to our Shopify dropshipping stores in Canada. Essentially, we can either manually or automatically list products in our Shopify stores.

For the manual importing method, we need to go to the supplier’s website and copy the product details. Then, we have to paste these data into our Shopify stores. Not only does this generate input errors, but it’s also a laborious task, especially if we wish to import several products.

In this case, the automatic importing method saves us from manual work. With the help of importing software, transferring products from the supplier’s website to our Shopify stores is easy and fast. As a result, we can add endless products to our stores with minimal time and effort.

With that said, AutoDS has four straightforward automatic importing methods for our Shopify stores:

  • One-Click Importer
  • Single Product Uploader
  • Adding Multiple Product IDs/URLs
  • Bulk Importer

Among these techniques, let’s demonstrate how the single product uploader works.

Singe Product Uploader

Notably, the single product uploader allows us to import a product in just a few seconds. Now, let’s demonstrate how the single product uploader works.

To start, we’ll find a trending product on our supplier’s website. Then, we’ll copy the item’s product URL or ID.

Afterward, we’ll open the AutoDS platform and click ‘Add Products’ on the right sidebar. Next, choose the ‘Single Product’ option, and a dialog box will appear. 

In the dialog box, paste the product URL/ID. When done, click the ‘Edit Now (Quick)’ button. As we can see, we also have the ‘Publish To Store’ option, but it’s best to optimize the item before publishing it to our Shopify store.

After clicking the ‘Edit Now (Quick),’ a dialog box will appear on the top section of the page. When this happens, it signifies that AutoDS is transferring the product details from the supplier’s website. Once the import process is complete, the item will be available as a draft.

At this point, we can begin optimizing the product by setting an SEO-optimized title, description, tags, images, and other related data. Remember that SEO-optimized products become more relevant in customer web searches. Thus, optimizing our items helps us rank higher in search results, leading to more traffic for our Shopify stores.

To continue, click the ‘Save’ button to update the product information. When everything is set, click the ‘Save and Import’ button to publish the item on our Shopify dropshipping store.

Now, the item moves to the ‘Products’ section of the AutoDS platform. And finally, our product is live in our Shopify dropshipping store in Canada. By then, our customers can start purchasing it.

5. Market Your Canada Shopify Store

Since Shopify has no organic traffic, we need to market our online store to the Canadian market. To help us maximize our audience reach, here are proven ways to advertise our Shopify dropshipping business in Canada:

  • PPC ads
  • Email marketing
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Content marketing

Essentially, pay-per-click ads are placed on different online platforms. Then, these ads appear depending on customers’ click histories and search preferences. As an example of PPC ads, Facebook ads are effective methods to market our Shopify stores because of the platform’s huge user base.

Next up, email marketing enables us to reach customers by establishing an email database. Through the collected emails, we can send newsletters or discount campaigns to customers. In this way, they can visit our stores and take advantage of these exclusive promotions. 

Another way to attract customers is by utilizing influencer marketing. This technique involves working with popular personalities on various social media platforms to review our products. Due to their influence, their followers listen to their testimonies and try the products they recommend.

Last but not least, content marketing lets us create free content that will showcase our dropshipping products and services. For one, we can create blogs that contain articles with relevant content about our business. For Shopify, we can utilize its built-in blog tool that will guide us in creating worthwhile content for marketing our business.

6. Fulfill Your Customer Orders

One of the top reasons why we should work with AutoDS-supported suppliers is the platform’s automated order fulfillment process. Let’s find out why automating the order fulfillment process saves lots of time compared with the manual method.

When manually fulfilling orders, we need to buy the customer order from the supplier’s website. Then, we’ll provide the customer shipping details and pay for the purchase.

While this process might sound simple, imagine getting tons of orders daily. We need to go through this repetitive task until we fulfill all pending orders. And, there’s no time to waste when fulfilling orders since customer satisfaction is on the line.

Therefore, to ensure smooth and efficient order fulfillment, we can utilize automation tools to do this process on our behalf. With this method, we can sit back as an automated order fulfillment tool takes care of every step for us.

With that said, AutoDS offers two convenient ways of serving customer demands easily and quickly:

  • Automatic Orders
  • Fulfilled By AutoDS

For Automatic Orders, the platform uses our buyer accounts when purchasing the items from our suppliers. For example, it uses our credit cards, debit cards, or other accounts that we’ve set up. Moreover, this automated order fulfillment method provides real-time tracking updates on the AutoDS dashboard.

On the other hand, Fulfilled by AutoDS is a 100% automatic order fulfillment method. This tool utilizes our auto-order credits, enabling us to purchase as many products as we want from our suppliers. In addition, this tool provides a one-click return button that automatically processes customer returns.

Ultimately, the use of automated fulfillment methods saves us time and effort. All we need is to relax while huge passive income comes our way.

7. Provide Excellent Customer Support

Remarkably, marketing isn’t the only way to stand out among the tight market competition. Another factor that’s integral to the success of our Shopify dropshipping business in Canada is offering excellent customer service.

As such, outstanding customer support provides a welcoming environment for customers. With that said, customers become confident when doing business with us, knowing that they can rely on the quality of business we provide. Plus, a great shopping experience leads to high customer satisfaction.

To attain this, we should address concerns quickly, offer practical return/refund policies, provide FAQ pages, open live chats, and more. With these methods, we can ensure a professional and customer-focused Shopify business.

All in all, our customers play an essential role in our dropshipping success. Without them, our eCommerce venture can’t survive for too long. By offering them the best products and services, we can enjoy significant sales that will help us expand our business.

Top 5 Shopify Apps For Dropshipping In Canada

To continue, there are several Shopify apps that we can integrate with our online stores. Some of these apps help us with marketing, product reviews, product imports, rewards programs, professional images, and more. With that said, let’s explore the top five Shopify apps for dropshipping in Canada:

In the following sections, we’ll explore what each app has to offer our Shopify dropshipping stores.


Undoubtedly, AutoDS is among the best dropshipping apps in the market. This all-in-one dropshipping tool covers product research, product imports, inventory management, price optimization, order fulfillment, and more. Now, we won’t worry about automating our dropshipping business because AutoDS can cover every aspect for us.


As a Shopify marketing app, Klaviyo highlights email and SMS marketing. Aside from that, this tool uncovers why customers click and buy products, helping us understand their preferences. With this free Shopify app, we can customize email promotions, get updates on price drops, monitor cart abandonment, and so much more. 


With Upsell, we can activate upselling suggestions and automate email/SMS marketing. Besides that, we can set reminders for abandoned carts and design pop-ups for promotions. On top of everything, it’s a free Shopify tool that helps us build our social proof in the Canadian market.


Meanwhile, Rivo showcases rewards and loyalty programs for our Shopify dropshipping business in Canada. Using this tool, we can encourage repeat purchases by offering rewards and a loyalty program. Moreover, we can start increasing our traffic through referrals with Rivo’s 7-day free trial.


Finally, Loox is a Shopify app that covers product reviews and photos. With the help of this tool, we can collect photo/video reviews, incorporate enticing widgets, and improve store traffic through referrals. Interestingly, Loox offers a 14-day free trial, and subsequent plans start at $9.99/month.

Scale Your Success In Canada With Dropshipping Automation

After going through all the processes, what’s left is to scale our business success in Canada through dropshipping automation. Once again, AutoDS is an all-in-one dropshipping tool that offers top-notch features. Earlier, we saw some tools, but the list of reliable automated dropshipping features continues:

  • Price/stock monitoring
  • Automatic price optimization
  • Easy inventory management
  • Advanced image editor 
  • Automatic tracking updates
  • …and much more!

Notably, AutoDS integrates with Shopify, so we can enjoy all these features at once. Then, we can diversify our Canadian market reach by exploring other selling channels that AutoDS also supports. By doing so, we can expand our eCommerce business and multiply our profits in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Start A Shopify Dropshipping Business In Canada?

Yes, it’s safe to start a Shopify dropshipping business in Canada. As long as you adhere to the Canadian government’s rules on eCommerce, you can run your online business smoothly.

Is Dropshipping Profitable In Canada? 

Dropshipping in Canada is definitely profitable. As a matter of fact, we can expect an eCommerce market value of over 90 billion USD by 2025. With this figure, we can ensure that dropshipping has a thriving future ahead.

How Do I Start A Shopify Dropshipping Canada Business?

When starting a Shopify dropshipping business in Canada, we need to begin by conducting market research. Then, we must establish our Shopify store, work with reliable suppliers, and so on. Further down the line, we can scale our business by using dropshipping tools like AutoDS.

Who Is The Best Shopify Canada Dropshipping Supplier?

With a vast selection of dropshipping suppliers in the market, we’ve curated the best ones for our Shopify business in Canada. As such, the top supplier choices include CJDropshipping, eBay, Walmart, and more.


Awesome! Our Shopify dropshipping success in Canada is underway. Surely, with the right strategies and top-caliber platforms, we’ll obtain skyrocketing sales soon.

So, begin automating your dropshipping business and scale big with huge profits. Plus, remember to stay up-to-date with trends in the Canadian market and attract more purchases on your Shopify stores.

Before we bid farewell, ensure to explore more on dropshipping in Canada and how Shopify works. Thus, here are helpful guides to ensure you stay ahead of the competition: