Learning from successful Shopify dropshipping store examples helps inspire every growing dropshipper.

After all, building an online store from scratch is nothing short of challenging.

We know that we won’t get anywhere by simply copying and pasting our competitors’ winning products, as they will continue to have a winning edge over us. 

Nonetheless, one of the best methods to learn about the business model we are pursuing is to see what our competitors are doing. Especially our successful competitors.

Inspiration goes a long way, and learning from successful practices takes us to the next level.

That’s why this article will show us the best Shopify dropshipping stores so we can learn from those who are doing it right. Thus, we can implement similar practices in our business to scale our profits.

What Is Shopify Dropshipping?

Shopify is a user-friendly selling platform that allows us to set up an online store, sell our products, and receive payment.

Anyone can create a store without technical knowledge or coding skills.

Dropshipping is a fulfillment method where we can sell products without holding them in stock. Instead, we process the orders from the third-party seller directly to the customer.

In other words, we only pay for the products after getting paid, which means dropshipping comes with no upfront investments.

Dropshipping is a profitable business model that’s been working for years, and it’s not going anywhere. All in all, Shopify Dropshipping is one of the most lucrative eCommerce business models.

9 Best Shopify Dropshipping Stores: Full Analysis

  1. Warmly Decor
  2. Notebook Therapy
  3. Venetto Design
  4. Twinkling Tree
  5. Meowingtons
  6. Optimalax
  7. Petboutique.co
  8. Mivimall
  9. Squisheen

Now, let’s learn about these Shopify stores in more detail.

1. Warmly Decor

To kick off our list, we have Warmly Decor, one of the best dropshipping stores selling home decor products. As such, their product range includes accessories from the lighting, bathroom, and furniture niche. Looking at the product range, their most expensive products cost $9000, whereas the lowest cost $9.

In essence, Warmly Decor’s branding and theme are designed to promote high-end home decor items. Therefore, with a custom Shopify theme, Warmly Decor provides an elegant feel to its customers.

Additionally, their website displays a small-sized popup for marketing what other customers are buying from their website. This helps customers learn about trending products and persuades viewers to purchase the products.

Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?

The first app, Push Owl Notifications, helps retain customers who previously visited the store. Interestingly, it doesn’t require customers’ email and phone numbers.

Additionally, Currency Convertor helps customers to calculate the product’s price in their local currency. Another Shopify tool they use is TrustedSite. To clarify, this app provides trust badges that help customers discover the reliability of dropshipping stores while shopping online.

2. Notebook Therapy

Notebook Therapy is a niche Shopify store example focusing on selling journals and writing accessories.

The website has a clean and professional look and feel. No flashing lights and colors. Nothing to get us out of the ‘calm, therapeutic’ feel.

Notebook Therapy is doing everything right when it comes to creating a successful eCommerce store. They even have a blog that is continuously updating.

They’re also not missing out on holidays, offering special discounts and promotions when they occur.

Plus, their product pages look clean and to the point, just as they should for this niche.

Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?

Some of the apps that this website uses the most include:

One of the Shopify apps Notebook Therapy uses is Smart Search & Instant Search, which enables easy and effective search functions on our dropshipping website. As a result, it helps improve customers’ user experience on our site.

Additionally, Notebook Therapy also uses In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell. To clarify, upselling and cross-selling increase our Average Order Value (AOV) by recommending additional products to our customers.

3. Venetto Design

If we are dropshipping products from the home decor niche, Venetto Design is one of the best Shopify dropshipping stores to learn from. This dropshipping store sells bedding sets, cutlery, dinnerware, rugs, and lighting. Moreover, they focus only on providing luxury products to customers.

Since their products are high-end, most of the products they sell are high-ticket items. To clarify, high-ticket items are products that have selling prices higher than $100. With that in mind, once we gather some experience, we can switch to high-ticket dropshipping to achieve a higher profit margin on each sale.

Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?

For automation, Venetto Design uses Candy Rack, an upsell app that enables upselling & cross-selling products to customers on our product pages. Also, they are using Vitals, an app that helps stores manage product reviews, visitor replays, and currency conversion.

Plus, Venetto Design uses Klaviyo, a dropshipping app that automates email marketing and messaging. To elaborate, email marketing allows sellers to collect customers’ emails to use them for promotion.

4. Twinkling Tree

Next up, we have Twinkling Tree. This dropshipping supplier has a curated collection of stunning decoration items for bedrooms and living rooms. Their product range includes beautiful lamps of various designs.

When we enter their store, we can see a popup that offers a 10% discount on sign-ups which is an Email marketing strategy. With this technique, sellers can collect customers’ emails and use them to promote new products.

Additionally, the website also allows order tracking, allowing customers to know their orders’ status without having to contact us. On top of that, Twinklingtress also promotes products with a Green marketing strategy. On their product page, we can see slogans like “Buy a Lamp. Plant a Tree”.

In general, green marketing is a marketing strategy where sellers pledge to contribute to the environment after customers buy their products. On the one hand, it increases customers’ loyalty toward our brand. On the other hand, it increases our overall profitability.

Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?

As upselling increases our profits, Cart Upsell solely focuses on providing different upselling offers to increase our Average Order Value (AOV). Also, they use Loox Product Reviews, a dropshipping app that allows us to manage customer reviews. With this tool, we can also get more customer referrals and higher traffic flow on our site.

Finally, Twinkling Tree also uses Zigpoll Customer Surveys, which enables dropshippers to learn about customers’ shopping experiences on their site through customer surveys. With these insights, we can optimize our sales and marketing strategies to become one of the best Shopify dropshipping stores.

5. Meowingtons

Meowingtons is one of the top dropshipping stores offering products from the cat niche category. This is what you get when you mix an engaging layout with humor, along with popular cat products.

With that said, there are endless pet-related accessories and products for us humans, too. Check out the website for some examples.

Did we mention that creative humor is healthy, too?

Think of creative ways to write everything in your words.

Even sentences like “Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram” can get a fun twist and attract more buyers.

Another note worth mentioning is how they use gif animations on their product pages. In some cases, animated gifs communicate better than images. That’s because gifs are concise videos that can be included to show the features of the products.

To elaborate, Gif animations serve the purpose of showing the product in action. Videos showcase product features better than pictures do.

 Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?

Here are a few examples of the apps this website uses to increase conversion rates:

Stamped.io Product Reviews is an app that imports product reviews from your supplier to your product page. This gives your products the social proof that they need to start selling.

The TrustedSite Certification app places ‘Trusted Site’ and ‘Mcafee Secure’ trust badges on your website to get viewers to shop with confidence.

6. Optimalax

Let’s continue the list with another excellent Shopify dropshipping store called Optimalax. This Shopify dropshipping store offers various body care products that help promote wellness. In terms of the user interface, they have a simplistic website design and smooth navigation. Upon searching, we found out they are using a popular Shopify theme named “Debut.”

Additionally, they offer order tracking through their website. Plus, while they have many products, their two best-selling products are Thermax Hat and Thermax Pad.

 Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?

Here are a few examples of the apps this website uses to increase conversion rates:

In a nutshell, Gem Pages helps dropshipper build their website’s landing page, the home page, and product pages. Optimizing these pages helps us boost our conversion rate. Besides these apps, they also use Pinterest and Facebook integration apps to promote their products through these social media channels.

7. Petboutique.co

Pet Boutique is a pet-niche dropshipping store focusing on a small number of best-sellers. Their layout is clean in a pinkish-white setting.

Additionally, one thing worth mentioning on their product page is the volume discount pricing. In a nutshell, Volume discount pricing increases our AOV (average order value) by giving our buyers a discount when buying two or more of the same product.

In other words, ‘Buy X get Y’ type pricing – and this is very effective when it comes to eCommerce. Buyers love buying more than one product, especially if it means they can snatch a deal along the way.

Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?

Sales Notification | Sales Pop builds customer trust and urgency by letting our store’s visitors know what our customers are ordering and adding to their carts.

In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell offers friendly cross-sell and upsell techniques in the customer’s cart to increase the AOV, eventually increasing our overall profit.

Sticky Add To Cart & Buy Bar increases conversions by ensuring our ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Add to Cart’ buttons are constantly visible on our product pages, no matter how much we scroll.

8. Mivimall

Mivimall is a general Shopify dropshipping store specializing in the home, gadgets, and electronics niches.

Their best-sellers are on their front page, with nice animations showing how the products work without entering each listing. To clarify, short animations help us understand the product’s functionality. So, many buyers find it helpful, increasing the product’s value.

Another note worth mentioning is their informative product pages. With information such as volume pricing, variations, holiday discounts, and descriptive product information, including video animations, they are giving as much information as possible.

Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?

ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell allows us to create a ‘Thank You’ landing page when buyers purchase, as well as order tracking, aside from cross-selling and upselling features.

Omnisend Email Marketing is one of the most popular email marketing tools out there. It simplifies bringing traffic to our website using both email & SMS automation.

9. Squisheen

Last but not least, we have Squisheen, one of the top dropshipping stores on Shopify. This dropshipping website is a niche Shopify store that sells pillows, plushies, and stuffed toys. Immediately upon entering the website, we are offered discounts in exchange for emails. As such, it is an excellent way to collect customers’ emails.

Additionally, they are promoting their products with a discount code. To clarify, customers can use discount codes on the checkout page to get product discounts. Plus, they provide free shipping over $59 and $10 off on orders above $50.

As for their website theme, they are using Shopify’s Boost. Furthermore, Squisheen displays all its customer reviews on its page. Overall, they have a 4.9/5 star rating from over 800 reviews. This shows that customers love their products.

Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?

Best Currency Convertor is a Shopify app that lets customers convert the product’s prices to their local currency. Besides that, Squisheen is marketing its product with Pay Per Click Ads on significant platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Scale To New Heights With Dropshipping Automation

To run high-quality dropshipping stores like the ones we read about above, we’ll need an automation tool to scale our business to the big numbers.

There is a limit to how much we can succeed without automation. We only have 24 hours in a day, and we don’t have time to chase after our suppliers for price/stock changes.

Not only that but importing our products one by one consumes too much time. And we didn’t even get to order/tracking automation, virtual assistants, product finding, and more.

With tools like AutoDS, all of those issues become a walk in the park, and we can allow our business to grow and flourish.

Everything that we need is all in one place, automated, so we can invest our time in tasks that matter the most for our personal and professional growth.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Nine inspiring and successful Shopify dropshipping store examples where we can all learn something new.

Remember to keep your eyes on the competition, especially your successful competitors. See what they’re doing that works for them, and implement those practices in your unique way.

Last but not least, don’t stop learning. It comes together with success.

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