Valentine’s Day is near, and this season of love is a great time for us to shoot up our sales! Boost your profit early by making the most of the occasion and adding the top Valentine’s Day dropshipping products to your store.

Couples express their affection through romantic dinners, fancy dates, and, most of all, gifts. We come in as dropshippers by helping our customers find the right gifts for their significant other.

Moreover, Valentine’s Day sales are once again on the rise post-COVID, with last year’s sales going up to $25.9 billion. This is why, as dropshippers, Valentine’s Day is not something we want to miss out on.

In this article, get to know the top 20 Valentine’s Day products to sell to maximize your profits and stay ahead of your competition. By the end, you’ll have the best product ideas to implement in your stores and expand your dropshipping business.

Let’s jump right into our list of the top Valentine’s Day products in 2024!

Best 20 Valentine’s Day Dropshipping Products To Sell

Now that we understand the power that Valentine’s Day can have on our eCommerce stores let’s go over our list of 20 top Valentine’s Day dropshipping products that will turn this holiday into a successful one.

  1. Rose Flower Jewelry Box
  2. Couples Activity Kit
  3. Sparkle Heart Shape Earrings
  4. His & Hers Pajamas Sets
  5. Kittens Couple Mug
  6. Envelope Pendant Necklaces
  7. Valentine’s Day Lingerie
  8. Silicone Heart Shaped Cake Pan
  9. Valentine’s Decorations
  10. Couples Bracelets
  11. Valentine’s Day Care Package
  12. Explosion Gift Box
  13. Rose Flower Bear
  14. LED Artificial Flower
  15. Valentine’s Day Inflatables
  16. Valentine’s Day Wood Greeting Card
  17. Preserved Flowers
  18. Valentine’s Day Candles
  19. ‘I Love You To The Moon and Back’ Necklace
  20. Valentine’s Day Pillow Covers

1. Rose Flower Jewelry Box

jewelry box for valentine’s day dropshipping

First on our list of top Valentine’s Day dropshipping products, enhance your dropshipping store’s appeal this Valentine’s Day with the exquisite Rose Flower Jewelry Box. A fusion of elegance and functionality, this accessory not only provides a charming storage solution for precious trinkets but also doubles as a symbol of enduring love.

Product img
Rose Flower Jewelry Box
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 2-3 days

Its romantic design, coupled with practicality, makes it a must-have for customers seeking a thoughtful and visually pleasing gift for their significant others.

2. Couples Activity Kit

Second, elevate the romantic experience for your customers by offering a Couples Activity Kit, a profitable addition to your dropshipping store this Valentine’s Day. This curated set of shared experiences is designed to foster connection and intimacy between partners. 

From engaging games to heartfelt conversation starters, this kit adds a touch of novelty to date nights, making it an attractive choice for couples seeking meaningful and memorable ways to celebrate their love. Likewise, diverse activities allow us to offer a wider range of products under the category to attract a broader customer base. 

3. Sparkle Heart Shape Earrings

earrings for valentine’s day dropshipping

Third on our list, these Sparkle Heart Shape Earrings are the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day dropshipping lineup. These exquisite earrings combine a classic heart shape with a touch of sparkle, making them a versatile accessory for romantic occasions. 

Plus, the timeless design ensures broad customer appeal, making it a profitable choice for those seeking to express their affection through a tasteful and enduring gift.

4. His & Hers Pajamas Sets

Up next, we can cozy up to profitability this Valentine’s Day by offering His & Hers Pajamas Sets in our dropshipping store. Designed for comfort and style, these matching sets are a thoughtful gift and a symbol of togetherness.

Moreover, the trend of twinning outfits remains strong, making these pajama sets a sought-after choice for couples. Not to mention, they make for cute couple photos to post online.

5. Kittens Couple Mug

mugs for valentine’s day dropshipping

Fifth on our list of top Valentine’s Day products lets us add a dash of cuteness to your dropshipping store. The Kittens Couple Mug is a delightful and profitable option for Valentine’s Day gifting. 

Featuring charming 3D cat figures, these mugs evoke warmth and playfulness, making them an ideal choice for couples who appreciate a touch of whimsy in their daily routine. The endearing design and practicality make these mugs a popular and irresistible choice for cat-loving couples.

Plus, the product is available in different sizes to give customers options and lessen the chances of returns.

6. Envelope Pendant Necklaces

necklaces for valentine’s day dropshipping

Enrich your Valentine’s Day product lineup with the timeless appeal of Envelope Pendant Necklaces. These delicate and meaningful pieces offer a touch of romance and sophistication. The envelope design, reminiscent of love letters, adds a sentimental element, making them a profitable choice for customers seeking a heartfelt and stylish gift for their loved ones.

Offer this product in different finishes, such as gold, rose gold, and silver, to meet customer demands.

7. Valentine’s Day Lingerie

lingerie for valentine’s day dropshipping

Help customers ignite passion and allure with Valentine’s Day Lingerie, a must-have addition to your dropshipping store. This enticing collection is crafted to celebrate intimacy and enhance the romantic atmosphere. 

Moreover, the diverse styles, colors, and prices allow us to cater to different preferences, ensuring a broad customer base. As a popular and seasonal choice, offering lingerie for Valentine’s Day is a lucrative opportunity to meet the desires of couples looking to add a spark to their celebration of love.

8. Silicone Heart Shaped Cake Pan

cake pans for valentine’s day dropshipping

Eighth on our list of top Valentine’s Day dropshipping products with the Silicone Heart Shaped Cake Pan. It is a practical and profitable choice for your Valentine’s Day dropshipping store. If you’re into the idea of a general dropshipping store or a kitchen supplies store offering heart-shaped items like this one, this Valentine’s is an excellent choice. 

Baking enthusiasts and sweethearts alike will appreciate the versatility of this heart-shaped pan, perfect for creating romantic desserts. Moreover, we can also attract bakery or pastry shop owners looking for their own Valentine-themed tools. 

9. Valentine’s Decorations

decorations for valentine’s day dropshipping

Transform your dropshipping store into a one-stop Valentine’s Day destination with festive and profitable Valentine’s Decorations. From heart-themed banners to charming table centerpieces, these decorations set the mood for a romantic celebration.

Couples seeking to create a loving ambiance will find these decorations irresistible, making them a lucrative addition to your product lineup for the season of love.

10. Couples Bracelets

bracelets for valentine’s day dropshipping

The couple bracelets are the tenth on our list and a must-have for Valentine’s Day shopping. Strengthen the bond between your customers and their significant others by offering a variety of this product in your dropshipping store. 

These matching sets symbolize unity and connection, making them a meaningful and profitable product. With various designs and materials to choose from, these bracelets cater to different tastes, ensuring widespread customer appeal during the Valentine’s Day season.

11. Valentine’s Day Care Package

Next on our list of top Valentine’s Day products, we have the infamous Valentine’s Day Care Packages. This pack of delicious and sweet treats is perfect for the occasion. That said, we should consider offering multiple sizes and themes for the bundle packs to meet different customer needs regarding budget and variety.

12. Explosion Gift Box

gift boxes for valentine’s day dropshipping

Twelfth on our list is an item that has been trending for a while. The Explosion Gift Box offers a fun and novel take to photo albums, with a decorative object in the middle.

Opening the box has an ‘explosion‘ effect to express love romantically to your partner and show her/him your love and affection. It’s not the most common gift out there, making it a unique, surprising, and unforgettable gift for loved ones. 

13. Rose Flower Bear

flower bears for valentine’s day dropshipping

Our thirteenth-winning product is an ensemble of colorful flowers creatively styled and shaped into a teddy bear. The Rose Flower Bear is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to show love and affection for your loved one.

That is why we had to add this amazing Valentine’s Day gift to our top 20. Offer this item in various colors and sizes to give customers options and cater to their diverse needs. 

14. LED Artificial Flower

Fourteenth on our list, we recommend these beautiful decorative LED artificial flowers to consider when you start to add your Valentine’s Day dropshipping products. Try to make maximum earnings together by listing more than the quantity of one.

Since many buyers buy more than one unit of this decorative product, we want to make sure to get those extra sales and profits.

So pick up the chance and don’t let it slip away, and you won’t regret it later!

15. Valentine’s Day Inflatables

inflatables for valentine’s day dropshipping

Next, these cheerful Valentine’s Day Inflatables help us get into the holiday mood. They can be used as an indoor or outdoor decorative unit.

When people see these big inflatable dolls, they can’t help but fall in love with them.

The best part is they come with a high price tag, which means more profit. After all, it’s better to sell products costing $50 with 20% profit than selling $10 with 20% profit.

16. Valentine’s Day Wood Greeting Card

Anyone who is in love knows the importance of greeting cards. These wooden greeting cards add a beautiful twist to the greeting cards niche. They come in various forms, so be sure to take advantage of the great selection.

Beginner’s Tip: If you want to add a specific product niche, we suggest adding at least 20 product variations to collect enough data to analyze its performance. This way, you will easily find your bestseller and multiply your success by adding more products similar to your top-performing products.

17. Preserved Flowers

As mentioned above, preserved flowers are a great way to show love to your partner during Valentine’s Day and have an unforgettable evening.

These come in different styles, colors, and sizes, so offering variations is key to having a successful store.

18. Valentine’s Day Candles

candles for valentine’s day dropshipping

On to number eight, who doesn’t like candles in a lovely romantic dinner? They are essential in special celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

Therefore, this is a type of product that people usually buy more than one. Be sure to add a quantity of 2 or more to rake in more sales and more profit.

19. ‘I Love You To The Moon and Back’ Necklace

Next up, As we already know, Valentine’s Day is a special occasion where lovers buy each other romantic gifts.

And, what better way to show your love and affection than buying a hot-selling ‘I Love You To The Moon And Back‘ engraved necklace?

These unique necklaces are catching a huge trend, and now is the perfect time to have them in your stores.

20. Valentine’s Day Pillow Covers

Finally, we have elegant, soft, lovely pillow covers. This decorative add-on to pillows is a great way of adding a romantic Valentine’s Day vibe and having unforgettable holiday moments.

So, make sure to offer a wide variety so that the buyers can choose a suitable product for themselves instead of going to your competitors. And that can not be done when working with only one supplier.

Beginner’s Tip: If you want to get into a niche, remember to add at least 20 products to collect enough data to analyze its performance. This way, you will easily find your bestseller and multiply your success by adding more products similar to your top-performing products.

4 Tips To Have A Successful Valentine’s Day Sales

1. Automate Your Dropshipping Store

Now that we have a list of the top Valentine’s Day dropshipping products and reliable suppliers for our dropshipping store let’s kick it up a notch with dropshipping automation. We can leverage tools like AutoDS to streamline and automate essential business processes for better outputs with less effort. AutoDS helps us optimize dropshipping processes, including quick product imports, price and stock monitoring, automatic price optimization, seamless order fulfillment, and efficient inventory management.

Moreover, using automation tools is extra helpful when selling products during peak seasons such as Valentine’s Day. It allows us to manage more orders at once for more profit while reducing the risk of errors for better customer service.

For example, the Product Research Tool is a game-changer for Valentine’s Day dropshipping. This tool simplifies the critical step of product research, helping us identify top-selling items efficiently. The Winning Products Hub within the tool gives us access to a curated selection of high-potential Valentine’s Day dropshipping products with significant profit potential.

With these tools, we gain insights into our chosen Valentine’s Day product, including Facebook ad performance, competitor pricing, actual cost, target audience, and source links. This tool significantly reduces the time and effort required to find top Valentine’s Day dropshipping products, allowing us to focus on what matters most.

This is one of many valuable services available to us once we subscribe to AutoDS–the all-in-one solution for dropshippers like us.

2. Use Multiple Dropshipping Suppliers 

Using multiple suppliers is essential because you can find lower prices on the same product. Not only will you have different and more items than your competitors, but you will also stand out with a unique store.

In case you aren’t using multiple suppliers, right now is the perfect time to start using them. It’s not a problem to dropship with only one supplier, but why delimit your store? 

The ideal number of suppliers that we suggest dealing with is 2-3. Working with more than 3-4 can make you feel confused. And this can even make you lose your way from reaching your full potential.

With AutoDS, you can access a variety of global suppliers with more than 500,000,000 products. Therefore, switching between different suppliers is not a problem. When one doesn’t work well for you, simply switch to another supplier.

3. Conduct Creative Marketing Campaigns 

In the competitive landscape of Valentine’s Day sales, creativity is your secret weapon. Crafting engaging and innovative marketing campaigns sets your dropshipping store apart, capturing the attention and interest of potential customers. Leverage social media, email marketing, and influencer collaborations to create a buzz around your Valentine’s Day products. 

Utilize compelling visuals, storytelling, and interactive content to evoke emotions and resonate with your audience. A creative and well-executed marketing campaign attracts customers and establishes a memorable brand presence, fostering loyalty beyond the holiday season.

Hot tip? Use ChatGPT to create attractive Valentine’s Day campaigns faster and better. Depending on our needs, we can simply type in a prompt, and the app will create it for us. For example, if we want to create an email campaign, we can simply input a prompt, and it can generate a full email in a matter of seconds.

It helps to use tools such as ChatGPT to save time and reduce effort while maintaining the quality and standard of our campaigns. 

4. Use Different Sales Strategies

Nothing says “I love my customers” like irresistible discounts during the season of love. Offering exclusive Valentine’s Day discounts is a powerful incentive for shoppers, encouraging them to choose your dropshipping store over competitors. Plus, it provides a sense of urgency that helps them make purchase decisions faster. However, we can still extend the single-date holiday (14th of February) to a whole-month deal to maximize the month’s potential sales.

Thus, boost sales by considering limited-time promotions, “love bundle” deals, or couple discounts (e.g., 2-for-the-price-of-1 deals). The strategic use of discounts attracts new customers and encourages repeat business, contributing to the overall success of your Valentine’s Day sales campaign.

Top Dropshipping Suppliers To Source From In Valentine’s Day 

If we want to dropship this Valentine’s Day, we must have reliable dropshipping suppliers to source our products. Not only does this help us ensure quality, but it is also one way for us to offer dependable shipping to customers. With that said, here’s a list of our choices of dropshipping suppliers to source top Valentine’s Day dropshipping products:

AutoDS Warehouse And Private Suppliers

Starting off our list of top dropshipping suppliers this Valentine’s Day comes from our beloved all-in-one dropshipping automation platform, AutoDS. It further extends its services to provide users with exclusive winning products through the AutoDS Warehouse And Private Suppliers. Some of its key features include:

  • Exclusive Products 
  • Special Deals and Discounts
  • Personalized Branding

AutoDS provides access to exclusive products from private suppliers, giving our product lineup a distinct edge over competitors. Beyond that, it also offers special deals and discounts for us as active dropshippers on the platform.

Additionally, AutoDS goes the extra mile by enabling us to seamlessly add personalized logos to products and orders sourced from AutoDS suppliers. This feature significantly boosts our brand recognition and creates a memorable experience for our customers.

In summary, opting for AutoDS presents a comprehensive solution for enhancing our dropshipping business.


Up next, Walmart is the world’s largest retail chain we can rely on to supply our Valentine’s Day dropshipping needs. It has a huge catalog of products, especially on its online platform. Here are some pros to working with Walmart:

  • Huge catalog of products
  • Free next-day delivery
  • Price match policy

Given Walmart’s status as a retail giant, it provides dropshippers with access to a colossal catalog featuring 160 million products. This abundance ensures a continual supply of trending items for our dropshipping business.

For customers making last-minute purchases for Valentine’s, Walmart conveniently offers free next-day deliveries. Notably, orders exceeding $35 enjoy complimentary shipping.

Finally, Walmart’s commitment to competitive pricing is evident through its price-match policy. If we find the same products at a lower price on another platform, Walmart matches the price, ensuring our customers always enjoy the best rates.


Temu, a rising star in the online marketplace scene, has quickly become the preferred platform for dropshipping lingerie, offering a range of compelling advantages. Here are some key features that make it ideal for Valentine’s Day dropshipping:

  • Low prices
  • Lots of different discounts 
  • 90 days return policy (with 100% payment refund)

Notably, Temu distinguishes itself with budget-friendly prices specifically tailored for cost-conscious shoppers. Moreover, the platform offers many different discounts, adding to the allure for savvy shoppers seeking value in their Valentine’s Day purchases.

Plus, Temu’s customer-centric approach is evident in its generous 90-day return policy, ensuring a full refund and instilling confidence in buyers. This commitment to customer satisfaction sets Temu apart as a promising choice for dropshipping top Valentine’s Day products.


Next on our list is Amazon, one of the most renowned names in dropshipping. An eCommerce giant, Amazon is at the top regarding product selection and reliable dropshipping services. Here are its most stunning benefits for dropshipping this Valentine’s Day:

  • Massive Product Selection
  • Reliable Customer Service
  • Fast Shipping

Amazon offers a wide range of products from various categories, such as home decor, clothes, crafts, and more. Thus, we, as dropshippers, can offer more product options to a broader.

Furthermore, Amazon, as one of the largest eCommerce platforms, provides top-notch 24/7 customer service. We can ensure a positive and reliable customer shopping experience to build trust and loyalty.

Plus, Amazon’s shipping policy offers various delivery options, including Amazon Prime for expedited shipping with a 30-day window for returns.


Shein is undeniably one of the industry giants in the fashion side of eCommerce. It is a leading supplier specializing in affordable women’s clothing. This diversity of options positions Shein as an ideal source for reselling and dropshipping trending fashion items within our store. Here are more benefits of partnering with Shein for our Valentine’s Day dropshipping needs:

  • Extensive Product Selection
  • International Shipping
  • Competitive Pricing

Shein impresses with its expansive product range and inclusive plus-size options, allowing us to cater to various shoppers’ needs.

Plus, fast international shipping enables us to expand our customer base globally, enhancing our potential for higher profits.

Lastly, Shein’s dedication to affordability ensures our access to a wide range of fashion items at competitive prices, helping us uphold competitive prices that attract customers.

Beginner’s Tip: It’s best to work with multiple dropshipping suppliers, especially during peak seasons such as Valentine’s Day, to offer as many options to your customers.


Voila! We’re ready to make the most of the season of love! However, Valentine’s Day is just one of the many important dates we should remember to help grow, optimize, and profit this 2024. Take note of important eCommerce dates so you don’t miss out on revenue-making opportunities this year.

Furthermore, be sure to check out our product-finding YouTube playlist to stay up to date on all the hot-selling products in the hottest categories and take your dropshipping business to the next level!

We hope this article will help you reach significant profits in your dropshipping business with the top Valentine’s Day products to sell this year. Keep your mind open as you approach future dropshipping products in your product research phase.

Last but not least, Happy Valentine’s Day!