Are you looking to start dropshipping on Etsy but don’t know where to start or even what to sell? Well, you might want to consider dropshipping jewelry on Etsy this 2024. With so many product niches to choose from, the jewelry market is standing out, especially on Etsy.

This article will explain Etsy and why we should consider dropshipping on the platform. Then, we dive deep into the benefits of jewelry dropshipping and learn how to dropship jewelry on Etsy with our step-by-step guide. Plus, learn about the best suppliers in the niche and find tips for jewelry dropshipping success.

Let’s start!

A Basic Guide to Dropshipping Jewelry on Etsy in 2024

Jewelry is a non-seasonal, evergreen niche with high profitability, and Etsy is a top eCommerce platform if we want to start selling.

The Etsy platform highlights products that are unique, hand-crafted, and designed with a human touch. It’s the go-to platform for anyone looking for personalized and one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Make sure to avoid selling products made of dangerous materials, liquids, medicines/supplements, tobacco, and firearms on your Etsy shop to avoid suspension and penalties.

Having a recognizable brand and charming aesthetics is a great way to attract customers to our store, especially on Etsy, where most customers are looking for unique and creative pieces.

We can use AI Rewrite tools to optimize our jewelry product listings for better searchability. Likewise, we can use automation tools like AutoDS to optimize our jewelry dropshipping Etsy business for maximum profit with minimal effort for dropshippers.

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What Is Etsy?

Before we go any further, let’s look into what Etsy is. Etsy is a popular global marketplace and eCommerce platform. Its niche centers around unique and hand-crafted products and boasts itself as a venue for creativity that thrives in human connection.

Etsy connects artists, creatives, and sellers to millions of buyers. If we want to target an audience looking for products with creativity and a human touch, Etsy is the perfect platform. With that in mind, let’s discuss exactly what products we can and cannot sell on Etsy.

What am I Allowed (And Not) To Sell On Etsy?

Products On Etsy You Can and Cannot Sell on Etsy

Now that we know what Etsy is, it’s time to look into what products we should sell. Before anything else, we must understand what we can and cannot sell on the platform. With that in mind, here are products we can and should dropship on Etsy:

  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Clothes
  • Home goods
  • Art and Entertainment
  • Party invitations, gifts, etc.

While knowing what to sell is important, it is equally important to know which products to avoid when dropshipping on Etsy. These are different product categories we should NOT consider when dropshipping on Etsy:

  • Dangerous materials
  • Liquids
  • Medicines, supplements
  • Tobacco
  • Firearms

Remember, Etsy promotes products that are unique, creative, and handmade. However, this doesn’t mean we can just sell whatever we want. There are still rules we need to follow. Etsy hopes to empower creativity just as much as safety and quality. Keep in mind which product categories can harm our Etsy dropshipping business and earn us a suspension.

Why Sell On Etsy?

There are several reasons why we should start dropshipping on Etsy. Here’s a list of just a few benefits of launching your very own Etsy dropshipping business:

  • Open marketplace
  • Free organic traffic
  • Minimal competition
  • Low upfront costs
  • Niche platform
  • Branding opportunities
  • Higher profit margins
  • Scalability
  • Integration with AutoDS

As an open marketplace, Etsy is an accessible platform for any aspiring drosphipper to start selling. Plus, the site offers free organic traffic we can utilize to maximize our sales conversion potential. Despite this, minimal competition on the platform still increases our chances of standing out to customers. 

In addition, Etsy is a niche platform focusing on unique and hand-crafted products. We have better branding opportunities because products are customizable. Likewise, it also gives us a chance to gain higher profit margins as consumers often spend more on personalized items.

To top it all off, dropshipping on Etsy becomes easier with automation tools that fast-track scalability. In fact, Etsy already integrates with the best all-in-one dropshipping automation platform today–AutoDS.

Why You Should Consider Start Dropshipping Jewelry On Etsy

why start jewelry dropshipping etsy

Now, we know why dropshipping on Etsy is profitable. The next step to getting started dropshipping on Etsy is to choose what kind of niche we want to focus on. With that said, here are specific reasons why we should consider dropshipping jewelry on Etsy:

  • Jewelry market is a non-seasonal niche
  • High-profit margins
  • Wide range of products 
  • Easy and cheap to ship

One of the best things about the jewelry market is that products are always in demand. It’s not dependent on seasons or trends to become profitable. People buy jewelry all throughout the year for all kinds of reasons. 

Plus, we can earn more with greater profit margins when selling jewelry. The more unique and customizable the product, the more we can charge. Remember: people are willing to spend more on personalized items.

Jewelry also comes in a wide range of products. We can sell necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, body jewelry, hair accessories, and more. Not only that, but we can also offer products of different qualities at different prices to suit more customers’ budgets.

On top of that, jewelry pieces are usually small, making them easier and cheaper to ship. We also won’t need many packing materials, allowing us to cut costs further.

Pros Of Dropshipping Jewelry 

  • Higher profit margins vs. other niches
  • Upselling & cross-selling potentials
  • No initial investment 
  • Non-seasonal niche
  • Wide product range

As mentioned, selling jewelry helps us earn more significant profit margins versus other product niches. Plus, there are more opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. For example, we can customize products with name carvings or sell jewelry sets for discounted prices.

Moreover, jewelry dropshipping is a non-seasonal niche with a wide range of products. Thus, we can sell a diverse range of jewelry items all year round. We can use how jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes–from traditional pieces to body jewelry and even hair accessories. 

To top it all off, since we’re using a dropshipping model to sell jewelry on Etsy, we need little to no investment to get started. We simply need to find the right supplier and streamline our process. Besides, this step is now easier with automation already available with AutoDS.

Cons Of Dropshipping Jewelry 

  • People still shop for jewelry at physical stores
  • Huge demand = High competition

One major obstacle when dropshipping jewelry online is that people might still prefer buying in-store. By doing so, they can better check the quality of the product, especially for more expensive items. So, we must work on being as transparent as possible. We can achieve this by providing accurate product information, presenting customer reviews, and communicating with buyers.

Another challenge with dropshipping jewelry on Etsy is the competition. Because of its high demand, there’s also intense competition in the market. That is why we need to differentiate ourselves to become our customer’s first choice.

Considering the cons of dropshipping jewelry on Etsy, it’s important to remember that we can still stand out. Specifically, product research is essential to starting an Etsy dropshipping business and an effective method for differentiating ourselves from competitors.

With product research, we can determine what our customers want and need. Plus, we can attract and retain more buyers by having in-demand products in our Etsy dropshipping store.

20 Hottest Jewelry Products To Add To Your Etsy Store

best products for jewelry dropshipping etsy

Moving on, it’s time to check out what products are currently trending and selling out. If we want our jewelry dropshipping Etsy store to succeed, we must have the right products on hand. That’s why it’s vital that we conduct product research. Otherwise, we won’t know if people are buying our products.

With that said, here are the top 20 hottest jewelry products to dropship on our Etsy store.

  1. Crystal Pendant Gemstone Necklace
  2. Boho Pearl Drop Dangle Earring
  3. Cubic Zirconia Classic Tennis Bracelet
  4. Gemstone Ring Hexagon Cut
  5. Birth Flower Necklace
  6. Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings Set
  7. Tiny Initial Heart Necklace Pendant
  8. Silver Stud Earrings Set
  9. Dainty Moon and Star Pendant Necklace
  10. Love Friendship Ring 18K Gold
  11. Dainty Pearl Necklace for Women
  12. Natural Gemstone Bracelet
  13. Hypoallergenic Earrings For Kids
  14. Gold Bangle Bracelet For Women
  15. Promise Ring For Men
  16. Infinity Hoop Nose Ring
  17. Gold Layered Necklace Set 3
  18. Sterling Silver Band Toe Ring
  19. Boho Flower Stud Earrings
  20. Pearl Headbands For Women

1. Crystal Pendant Gemstone Necklace

AutoDS Winning Products Hub Crystal Pendant Gemstone Necklace jewelry dropshipping etsy


Starting strong on our list of top trending jewelry dropshipping products is the Crystal Pendant Gemstone Necklace. This timeless piece is a classic and is sure to sell. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion, especially important milestones.

Product img
Crystal Pendant Gemstone Necklace
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 14-27 days

Evidently, we can find this product in AutoDS’ Winning Products Hub, showing just how in-demand the necklace is. Notably, the Hub offers additional data on best-selling items. 

AutoDS Winning Products Hub Analysis jewelry dropshipping etsy

As we can see, there are various tabs such as Product Info, Specifications, Policy, Reviews, and Product Analysis. For this example, the Product Analysis section shows the product’s potential profit and information regarding its target audience. It also offers insights regarding competing sellers and how they’re promoting the product.

2. Boho Pearl Drop Dangle Earring

Boho Pearl Drop Dangle Earring product for jewelry dropshipping etsy

The Boho Pearl Drop Dangle Earring is a trendy yet sophisticated item. It is a great statement piece for evening gowns and can elevate formal wear with a carefree elegance. Plus, it’s a product that’s easy to market and Sell.

3. Cubic Zirconia Classic Tennis Bracelet

Cubic Zirconia Classic Tennis Bracelet product for jewelry dropshipping etsy

The Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet is another must-have, especially for jewelry enthusiasts. With aesthetics such as ‘Clean Girl’ or ‘Quiet Luxury’ gaining popularity, we can easily market this product as a staple piece to complete the look. It’s dainty and sparkly but not too flashy, making it more wearable for younger audiences.

4. Gemstone Ring Hexagon Cut

product for jewelry dropshipping etsy

The Gemstone Ring is a dreamy accessory and a perfect souvenir to gift a loved one. It can come in various colors to symbolize different feelings, events, or intentions. Keeping this in mind, it also allows dropshippers like us to sell multiple designs to customers and cater to various demands and preferences. 

5. Birth Flower Necklace

Birth Flower Necklace product for jewelry dropshipping etsy

Like the gemstone ring, the Birth Flower Necklace comes in multiple colors and variations. As each pendant can represent different birth months or birth dates, it’s a go-to birthday gift.

Beginner’s Tip: We can sell jewelry items that match in tandem as a set to increase our average order value and sell more products with each checkout. For example, we can sell one birth flower necklace with one gemstone ring in a matching color together.

6. Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings Set

Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings Set product for jewelry dropshipping etsy

Next on our list of trending products for jewelry dropshipping on Etsy is the Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings Set. Gold hoops are one of the basics when it comes to jewelry. It’s a fail-safe item that’s currently trending on social media.

7. Tiny Initial Heart Necklace Pendant

Tiny Initial Heart Necklace Pendant product for jewelry dropshipping etsy

Up next is the Tiny Initial Heart Necklace Pendant. This dainty accessory is a suitable personalized gift for a loved one of any age. We can also market this product as friendship tokens and offer customizable sets.

8. Silver Stud Earrings Set

Silver Stud Earrings Set

Silver Stud Earrings are another top-selling item when dropshipping jewelry on Etsy. It’s basic yet versatile and comes in multiple sizes to suit customer needs. Plus, it’s easy to sell in bundles of different sizes for higher sales.

9. Dainty Moon and Star Pendant Necklace

Dainty Moon and Star Pendant Necklace

The Dainty Moon and Star Pendant Necklace are selling out for their ethereal yet wearable quality. It’s an elevated version of a simple accessory currently making its way up the trends. This eye-catching product will surely attract astrology enthusiasts and moon/space lovers.

10. Love Friendship Ring 18K Gold 

Love Friendship Ring 18K Gold

A Love Friendship Ring 18K Gold is a best-seller that allows us to sell products in bundles. As the name indicates, anyone purchasing the product likely intends to buy it for multiple people. Knowing this, we can sell the product in sets of two or more at a discounted price for more sales.

11. Dainty Pearl Necklace for Women

The Dainty Pearl Necklace for Women is another staple in every person’s closet. It’s a classic and timeless piece that can go from casual to classy. Plus, necklaces like these are often bought as gifts, expanding our target audience. We can market it as a special gift for loved ones while targeting parents, romantic partners, and more. 

12. Natural Gemstone Bracelet

Natural Gemstone Bracelet

Next on our list of trending products is the Natural Gemstone Bracelet. This item is selling out as a gift, a memento, or even a souvenir. Moreover, natural gemstones are known to have healing properties. This feature can be another selling point for the product we can use to entice customers.

13. Hypoallergenic Earrings For Kids

Hypoallergenic Earrings for Kids

If we’re targeting a younger audience, these Hypoallergenic Earrings For Kids are perfect to add to our Etsy store. It comes in many different shapes, sizes, designs, and prices. Plus, we can sell them in sets and bundles to maximize our sales.

14. Gold Bangle Bracelet For Women

The Gold Bangle Bracelet For Women offers a classy touch to any woman’s look. This piece looks best in layers, so it’s yet another product we can sell in multiples. 

15. Promise Ring For Men

The Promise Ring For Men gives a masculine take on the classic accessory. This piece commemorates a sign of commitment between men or any gender, preferring a more masculine aesthetic. 

16. Infinity Hoop Nose Ring

Infinity Hoop Nose Ring

Up next is the Infinity Hoop Nose Ring. As the most popular choice for people with any type of nose piercing, it’s sure to sell. From the most basic hoop to more embellished pieces, we can even sell this item in various designs and prices. 

17. Gold Layered Necklace Set 3

Gold Layered Necklace Set 3

The Gold Layered Necklace Set perfectly balances basic and sophisticated. The classic single chain is elevated in this layered set to add an air of luxury to any outfit. We can market this product by styling it with different outfits for different occasions to showcase its versatility.

18. Sterling Silver Band Toe Ring

Sterling Silver Band Toe Ring

Another item on our list is the Sterling Silver Band Toe Ring. While it may seem unconventional, this accessory is popular among jewelry lovers. Interest in body jewelry is rising, and toe rings are just one of them. Having this product in our Etsy store will make us a one-stop shop for jewelry buyers.

19. Boho Flower Stud Earrings

Boho Flower Stud Earrings

These Boho Flower Stud Earrings add a fun pop of color to any look. We can sell varieties of this product in different sizes, colors, and designs to cater to diverse buyer preferences. Remember, giving buyers more options increases our chances of making a sale.

Hot Tip: We can bundle these flower stud earrings with birth flower necklaces for a discounted price. This helps increase our average order value and maximize our sales and profit.

20. Pearl Headbands For Women

Pearl Headbands For Women

Last but not least, these Pearl Headbands For Women are great for making daily looks more fancy and classy. We can sell this item in bundles or with different pearl accessories for a matching set.

How to Start Dropshipping Jewelry On Etsy

 Open Etsy shop dropshipping jewelry on Etsy

Now that we know what to sell for our jewelry dropshipping Etsy store, we can now start creating our shop on Etsy. You can refer to our full guide on how to start dropshipping on Etsy. Meanwhile, let’s go into detail on how to dropship jewelry on Etsy.

 Follow these steps to start dropshipping jewelry on Etsy:

  • Create An Etsy Seller Account
  • Create Your Brand
  • Find Jewelry Products For Your Etsy Store
  • Select A Jewelry Dropshipping Supplier
  • Import Jewelry Products Fast And Easy 
  • Promote Your Etsy Dropshipping Store
  • Fulfill Your Jewelry Dropshipping Orders
  • Provide The Best Customer Support

Let’s first break down each step.

Create An Etsy Seller Account

 Create Etsy Seller Account

Before we can begin dropshipping jewelry on Etsy, we must first create an Etsy Seller Account. To get started, go over to Etsy’s website and click ‘Register.’ Then, input a name, e-mail address, and password. After that, we simply click ‘Get Started,’ and will be directed to Etsy’s homepage.

At the bottom of the page, click ‘Open your Etsy shop’ and proceed by clicking ‘Let’s do this.’ Then, click ‘Start your shop,’ and we’re ready to set up our Etsy dropshipping store.

Start your shop dropshipping jewelry on Etsy

We need to choose our store’s language, country, and currency for our store preferences. Then, click ‘Save and continue.’  Once that’s done, we can name our store and establish our brand.

Etsy Shop Preferences

Create Your Brand

The next step to setting up our Etsy dropshipping store is crafting our brand. An essential part of creating a brand is, of course, creating our brand/store name. We need to think about how to attract our audience, especially if we’re entering the jewelry market.

Etsy Name your shop

Pro Tip: If we are going to dropship minimalistic jewelry, our brand should also communicate that. For example, if we decide to have more high-end products or focus on a punk niche, our design must also align with that.

After we’ve created our store name, it’s finally time to create a product listing. Here, we have to upload images or videos of our product. Plus, we need to provide the product title, description, category, and other relevant information.

Etsy Create a listing

Besides the product information, we must also enter shipping arrangements and return/exchange policies. However, there are ready-to-use templates on Etsy we can easily apply to our store. Otherwise, we can also come up with our store policies. 

After that, we must also set our payment options, billing details, and shop security. Then, we might have to go through a verification process. 

Verification Process

Once we’ve added our initial product to the list, we must undergo the verification process. This process involves providing personal details, like our name, residence, date of birth, etc. In addition, Etsy will request our payment and bank information, which we’ll use for receiving payments and processing payouts.

To finalize our application, we must also submit an official government-issued ID. Only then will Etsy carry out the verification process. Sometimes, the verification process only takes one day following the submission.

Find Jewelry Products For Your Etsy Store

After creating our Etsy seller account and crafting a brand for our jewelry dropshipping Etsy store, it’s time to find jewelry products we can add to our shop. As mentioned, product research is vital for the success of our Etsy jewelry dropshipping store.

With that said, here are some effective product research methods we can employ:

The most simple yet effective product research method is conducting manual searches. Specifically, looking at best sellers on Etsy gives us an idea of what products are selling out. Likewise, going through our supplier’s best-selling products under the jewelry category does the same.

Moreover, the AutoDS’ TikTok Ad Spy Tool shows us the trending products on TikTok. With this tool, we can filter by engagement, likes, views, etc. Meanwhile, the AutoDS Winning Products Hub provides valuable data and analysis of our competitor’s ads. Additionally, we can read through blog articles with curated lists of top-selling items, such as AutoDS’ Product-Finding Blogs.

Furthermore, we can access Google Trends to identify seasonal product demands. Similarly, we can use Google Lens to backtrack potential suppliers for top-selling products and find other relevant product information.

Select A Jewelry Dropshipping Supplier

Now that we know what products to add to our jewelry dropshipping Etsy storefront, we must select a jewelry dropshipping supplier. With a dropshipping model, finding a supplier can make or break our business. That’s why we must carefully choose our supplier using specific criteria. Keep reading, as we’ll share this in detail in the next portion of this article.

Import Jewelry Products Fast And Easy 

Once we have our suppliers, we can import jewelry products to our Etsy store. It may seem like a hassle to import products from one store to another. However, with AutoDS dropshipping automation solutions, we can import jewelry products quickly and easily.

Promote Your Etsy Dropshipping Store

To summarize, we now have our Etsy seller account, we have a brand, we know what products to sell and where to find them, and we’ve automated our product-importing process. The next step towards success is promoting and marketing our Etsy jewelry dropshipping store.

There are different ways we can promote our jewelry dropshipping Etsy storefront. First, we can use paid ads on platforms like Facebook to put ourselves in front of our target audience. This strategy increases the chances of conversions and puts our name out there.

On the other hand, we can opt to promote our Etsy store for free by creating content. Platforms like TikTok make promoting products more accessible, especially for small business owners. Observe how ads in the jewelry niche and create your own content to attract views and buyers. 

Beginner’s Tip: Remember to always attach a link to your jewelry dropshipping Etsy store in any promotional content so it’s easier for customers to find products from your shop and buy products directly from your store.

Fulfill Your Jewelry Dropshipping Orders

An efficient order fulfillment process is a big part of the customer experience and plays a major role in our Etsy dropshipping success. There are two main methods of order fulfillment: Manual and Automatic.

Manually fulfilling orders entails visiting the supplier’s website and purchasing the product with our customer’s delivery address. However, a downside to this method is the increased risk of errors and potential delays once orders start pouring in. 

However, with the automatic order fulfillment method, we can use tools to streamline and automate our process. For example, Fulfilled By AutoDS uses automation to manage, accept, and process customer orders completely. This automation tool effectively saves us hundreds of hours so we can relax and focus on growing our business.

Provide The Best Customer Support

Lastly, we must provide excellent customer service and support to our buyers. Customer satisfaction greatly impacts the success of our jewelry dropshipping Etsy business for many reasons. 

Firstly, providing great customer service leads to higher customer ratings and more positive reviews. The higher our ratings, the more interested buyers will trust our store and make a purchase. 

Second, our customer service can be a big differentiator against our competitors. Aside from our branding, pricing, and products, we can stand out through excellent customer support. 

Lastly, how we service our customers leaves a lasting impression. Therefore, ensuring they are satisfied increases their chances of returning to us for their next jewelry purchase. Moreover, having loyal, returning customers helps increase our longevity in the market.

What To Look For From A Jewelry Dropshipping Supplier?

Having reliable dropshipping suppliers is a critical part of the success of our Etsy dropshipping store. In this section, it’s time to discuss what to look for from a jewelry dropshipping supplier. With that said, here’s a list of key factors a reliable jewelry dropshipping supplier should have:

  • Reliable shipping Return policy
  • Order quantities
  • Pricing 
  • Location 
  • Wide product range / Variety of Styles 
  • Customer reviews

Reliable shipping is essential when working under a dropshipping model. Find suppliers that work with major shipping carriers. By doing so, we can trust that products get delivered on time and in condition. Moreover, having suppliers closer to our target audience also allows faster shipping times

A supplier with a lenient return policy works in our and our customers’ favor, giving us a fallback in case products arrive with damages. It also shows that they’re confident in the quality of the products they are supplying. In line with this, we also want to look for positive customer reviews to ensure the products are in good condition. 

Likewise, having no minimum order quantity (MOQ) is a great benefit, especially for dropshippers like us. Our customers are likely not looking to buy products in bulk, so no MOQs make it possible to dropship single products at a time upon customer’s orders.

Next, we also want a supplier who offers low wholesale prices for their products. By doing so, we can get greater profit margins while offering competitive products. Bonus if they offer a wide range of jewelry products. A supplier with a wide product range and various jewelry styles allows us to have a more extensive product listing for our customers.

6 Best Jewelry Suppliers To Dropship On Etsy 

Now that we know what to look for in a supplier, we’re here to share the top 5 best jewelry dropshipping suppliers for our Etsy store.

  • AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers
  • Temu
  • AliExpress
  • Banggood
  • Amazon
  • eBay

Let’s quickly dive into each one:

AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers

As a dropshipping automation platform, AutoDS also supplies products to its users through the AutoDS Warehouse. With that said, here’s a list of its key features and why it’s a great supplier for our jewelry dropshipping Etsy store:

  • Exclusive products
  • Private Suppliers
  • Print on Demand
  • Faster shipping
  • Personalized branding 
  • Special deals and discounts
  • Quick and easy product import 

On the AutoDS platform, we can access the warehouse by filtering the Supplier option under ‘AutoDS Suppliers.’ Once we’ve filtered out our products, we can access exclusive products from private suppliers. Plus, the platform offers special deals for AutoDS dropshippers. These discounts can help us earn greater profit margins and provide better prices for our customers.

AutoDS Suppliers Products

Moreover, we can add personalized logos for products and orders from select AutoDS suppliers. Thus, we can ship out products with our brand on the packaging, making us more recognizable to Etsy customers. 

The AutoDS Warehouse is based in China and offers thousands of top-selling products continually sourced for our convenience. On top of that, this supplier also allows for faster shipping

Remember, we can only access AutoDS Warehouse and its private suppliers once we have an AutoDS account. However, for a low starting price of only $9.90 per month, we get the AutoDS warehouse and have access to all the basic automation features on the platform. 

With automation tools like AutoDS, we can automatically import products to our jewelry dropshipping Etsy store. Plus, we can manage order fulfillment, price/stock monitoring, and inventory management all in one platform. With this tool, jewelry dropshipping on Etsy is much easier to manage and scale.


temu etsy jewelry supplier

When looking for trendy but affordable jewelry to sell on Etsy, Temu should be one of the first places to check. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a new Chinese marketplace that made waves in eCommerce and established itself as a major player.


  • Low pricing
  • Fast international shipping
  • Price adjustment policy
  • Outstanding returns policy

Temu offers a vast range of products from different categories at low prices. Moreover, it has a price adjustment policy – you get the price difference if the list price of the purchased item drops within 30 days of the purchase.

For orders above $10, Temu provides free international shipping, which is relatively fast, between 6-20 days. On average, their shipments arrive to US customers in between 7-14 days. Furthermore, the platform has an exceptional return policy – free returns within 90 days of purchase.


  • Varied quality
  • Packaging issues
  • Doesn’t integrate with AutoDS

On the other hand, Temu is not perfect. There are reports of customers receiving a mix of products, with some different from the website version or of lower quality than expected. There are also reports of subpar packaging that resulted in damaged items. Moreover, it doesn’t support dropshipping automation by AutoDS, which is a considerable drawback.


Next on our list of trusty jewelry dropshipping suppliers is AliExpress. As one of the top online retail marketplaces, AliExpress connects jewelry dropshippers with millions of products from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. 


  • 100 million+ product catalog
  • Low-cost products
  • Global warehouses enable faster shipping
  • AliExpress Dropship Center

As AliExpress is renowned worldwide as one of the largest online retail platforms, they have a massive range of products. In fact, it currently holds over 100 million products on its platform. We can expect to find various jewelry products we can source for our jewelry dropshipping Etsy store.

Since it connects us directly with Chinese suppliers, we can find products at their most affordable prices. As a result, we can have competitive pricing while still maintaining a profit.

Moreover, AliExpress offers fast global shipping with multiple warehouses in major regions outside China, such as the US, UK, and Europe.  Furthermore, AliExpress offers dropshipping-oriented services. For example, we can conveniently conduct product research using the AliExpress Dropshipping Center.

Finally, we can filter products by price range, number of times sold, reviews, and more Thus, we will always know which products are selling well. Overall, AliExpress is a great supplier option for our jewelry dropshipping Etsy store.


  • Long shipping times from China
  • Language barriers

While AliExpress has a set of advantages, there are a couple of drawbacks as well. First, shipping times are relatively long when products have to ship from abroad. Specifically, it takes 15-45 days for AliExpress to import products originating from China. However, domestic suppliers can ship products within 2-5 days.

Language barriers with some Chinese suppliers who don’t have a high level of English can impact how we find products on the platform.  However, only a few suppliers have such difficulty, as most already work with international clients.


Next on our list of Etsy jewelry dropshipping suppliers is Banggood. Another dropshipping platform based in China, Banggood offers over 1 million products from 100,000 reliable suppliers.


  • Wide range of products from jewelry sub-niches
  • Affordable prices
  • Worldwide warehouses with fast shipping
  • Cashback, promotions & exclusive deals

First of all, Banggood has a wide range of products in various categories, including clothing, gadgets, furniture, home products, health and beauty, and much more. Correspondingly, they will have a diverse set of options for our jewelry dropshipping Etsy store. Plus, Banggood offers competitively priced jewelry products so that we can earn higher profits.

The platform also boasts fast worldwide shipping with multiple warehouses in major regions like China, the US, the UK, France, Spain, and Australia. Therefore, we can ship products to our customers quickly.

Bangood is also a dropshipping-friendly supplier, offering wholesale programs and special deals. These special offers include cashback, promotions, and exclusive deals. We can promote our products with these great deals and discounts to attract more customers to our Etsy shop.


  • High return costs 
  • Limited payment option for dropshipping program
  • Certain products don’t have any warranty

The return costs are very high when transacting with a Chinese warehouse. So, if we or our customers return products, we must cover shipping them back to China. Banggood also has a limited payment option for its dropshipping program. While the standard buying option supports various payment methods, we can only use PayPal for its dropshipping program.

Lastly, certain products don’t have any warranty, so we need to keep an eye out, primarily when dropshipping electronics. Communicating this to our customers is important to remain transparent and manage expectations. 


Amazon is one of the most popular names in retail and eCommerce. It is also a giant supplier of products from almost every category imaginable. 


  • Massive selection of products
  • Quick shipping
  • Amazon Best Seller section
  • Great customer service

As expected, Amazon has a massive selection of products from every niche–including jewelry. By sourcing products from them, we can offer the same variety in our jewelry dropshipping Etsy shop

Amazon is also famous for its fast shipping times. In fact, we can ensure faster shipping to our customers when we opt-in for Amazon Prime. This subscription service gives us access to various Amazon benefits, including same-day and two-day deliveries. 

In addition to the massive product variety, Amazon has a ‘Best Seller’ section where we can quickly see best-selling products on the platform, updated on the hour. We can conveniently find top products and add them to our Etsy store.

Besides that, Amazon’s 24/7 customer service is top quality. If there’s an issue with our orders or returns, we can contact them anytime via phone or email.


  • More Competition 
  • Constant price fluctuations
  • Account locks

While there are many pros to using Amazon, there is a high level of competition on the platform. Many dropshippers also source products from Amazon, which increases the risk of running out of stock.

Pro Tip: Use multiple suppliers to have a backup ready when inventory or supply chain issues occur. Having more suppliers also helps us offer more products.

Next, because Amazon sellers are the ones pricing products, they can constantly fluctuate. But worry not! We can remain current with the price or the availability of products on our supplier’s side with AutoDS’ price and stock monitoring tool

Lastly, Amazon locks accounts that order frequently to different addresses. Good thing we already have a workaround. We can simply use Amazon as a product-finding platform and then source those same products from another free dropshipping supplier. We can also create multiple Amazon accounts to minimize the risk of account locks.


Last on our list of trusty jewelry dropshipping Etsy suppliers is eBay. As one of the eCommerce pioneers, eBay has over 150 million users. Here are some of its pros:


  • Massive selection of products
  • Quick global shipping
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Buyer/Seller protection
  • Spy on the competition

eBay has an astonishing 1.5 billion listings on its platform. With such a diverse range of products, we can surely find unique jewelry products for our Etsy store. Plus, eBay can quickly reach global customers with multiple warehouses in major countries like the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, and many more.

eBay also has amazing customer service. And, with so many sellers, we can source products at competitive prices. We can maximize this opportunity to further scale our Etsy jewelry dropshipping business.

Moreover,  eBay’s buyer/seller protection program ensures that both buyers and sellers are safe on the platform. The buyer/seller protection includes money-back guarantees, conflict resolution, payment protection, and scam prevention. We can endorse these services on our Etsy shop to encourage buyer confidence in products from our store.


  • Inconsistent shipping and return policies
  • Large competition for product research

Since eBay allows sellers to set their shop policies, it often has inconsistent shipping and return policies. So, be sure to read through the business policies diligently.

Additionally, with over 1.5 billion listings, choosing which products to sell can be hard. However, we can use the AutoDS product research tool easily and quickly to find high-potential products guaranteed to sell well in our store.

5 Tips For Selling Jewelry On Etsy 

So, we know which jewelry products to dropship and where to source them from. We have everything we need to get started. All that’s left is to start selling.

In this section, we share top tips for selling jewelry on Etsy to increase our chances of success. Be guided by these tried and tested pieces of advice to get ahead. Let’s dive in!

1. Focus on internal store optimization

Internal store optimization is a step we often overlook, yet it’s critically important to dropshipping success. Using the right keywords and tags makes finding our products and Etsy store easier. Visibility is key, especially if we’re just starting, so optimize your product listing to generate more traffic on your page. 

2. Have consistent thumbnails 

Having consistency helps us establish our brand more effectively to our customers. We can have consistent backgrounds that show off our brand colors to avoid a product page that’s too hectic and overwhelming. Plus, it helps customers quickly identify which product is yours when they simply search on Etsy.

3. Keep titles and descriptions original

Originality is another factor that greatly impacts our branding. While using common keywords helps us become more searchable, we can’t just copy and paste product titles from our competitors. With that in mind, keep your titles original but maintain a consistent structure for your product titles for better recognizability. If you need help, AutoDS has an AI Rewrite Tool to optimize your product listing.

4. Contact frequent customers and ask for reviews to increase credibility

If you already have frequent customers, contact them to leave reviews on products they’ve purchased. By communicating with customers and being proactive in getting their feedback, they will have a more positive perception of your service and are more likely to give higher ratings. Plus, having more reviews also increases our credibility on the platform.

5. Market your store, be present on social media, show your products, be part of trends 

Lastly, if we want to succeed in dropshipping jewelry on Etsy, we must market our store effectively. How? Being present on social media is first and foremost. We can stay current on trends and promote our products for free by utilizing social media to our advantage. Keep in mind that Etsy also has a marketing system we can use to market our products, including offsite ads, PPC (pay-per-click) ads, discount offerings, etc.

How To Scale Your Jewelry Dropshipping Business

Now that we have the foundational knowledge on how to dropship jewelry on Etsy, we’re ready to launch and start our jewelry dropshipping business. Conveniently, we can now easily scale our business using dropshipping automation tools on Etsy.

AutoDS is the all-in-one platform for jewelry dropshippers on Etsy. Moreover, it’s the most effective and efficient way to automate our business for optimal results. With that in mind, here are AutoDS features we can employ to streamline our jewelry dropshipping business:

  • AutoDS Product Research Marketplace
  • Price Optimization
  • Automatic Orders
  • Fulfilled By AutoDS
  • Automatic Tracking Number Updates
  • Product Importer
  • Price/Stock Monitoring
  • Inventory Management

We can discover, source, research, and import winning products from private and retail dropshipping suppliers using AutoDS Product Research Marketplace. Moreover, the Price Optimization feature automatically raises prices for best-selling products and marks down on products that don’t sell.

Similarly, Price/Stock Monitoring keeps track of price changes and automatically marks products that are out of stock. Meanwhile, the Inventory Management feature offers a complete overview of all of our store products in one dashboard.

The Automatic Orders feature automatically processes and updates orders and tracking information from suppliers. Likewise, Fulfilled By AutoDS automates the fulfillment process, ensuring timely processing and shipping of orders.

On the other hand, the Product Importer is a convenient tool that can automatically import products to dropshipping stores. The Automatic Tracking Number Update feature also helps reduce errors with 100% accurate auto-tracking updates.

There are more features to unlock once we start making the most of what AutoDS has to offer. From seamlessly managing the intricate parts of our business to giving us a one-look dashboard overview of our progress, AutoDS has everything we need to start dropshipping successfully and scale immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Dropship Jewelry On Etsy?

Yes! You definitely can dropship jewelry on Etsy. Just be mindful of Etsy’s dropshipping policies and do not sell prohibited products to avoid suspension and penalties.

How to dropship on Etsy without getting banned?

To avoid a ban on Etsy, make sure you select “handmade” when listing your product. If you’re using AutoDS, the software automatically lists products as “handmade,” so you don’t have to worry about making this change for each product you add to your store. 

Is jewelry a profitable niche for dropshipping?

Jewelry is surely a profitable niche for dropshipping. Not only is jewelry non-seasonal, but it also comes in a seemingly endless variety of shapes, sizes, uses, colors, designs, etc. Plus, we can upsell and cross-sell products for maximum sales and charge more for custom pieces for more profit. It’s a win-win-win!


Congratulations! We now have everything we need to start dropshipping jewelry on Etsy! From creating an Etsy seller account to scaling our jewelry dropshipping business on Etsy, we have the tools to jumpstart our online business successfully.

But it doesn’t end here! To continually grow and scale our jewelry dropshipping business on Etsy, we must continue educating ourselves and learning more about our niche. With that said, here are our top recommendations to help you succeed with jewelry dropshipping on Etsy: