Learning from leaders is priceless in the ever-changing world of online business, where creativity and flexibility are essential. Recently, in an engaging podcast chat, AC Hampton, the respected Founder and CEO of Supreme E-com, sat down for a lively discussion with Lior Pozin, the forward-thinking CEO and founder of AutoDS. As prominent figures in the e-commerce arena, they dug into the intricacies of dropshipping, the shifting landscape of digital retail, and practical strategies for business triumph.

Today, our goal is to distill the essence of their conversation, providing valuable insights and practical tips for thriving in the dynamic world of online commerce. Let’s journey together as we delve into the fusion of passion, determination, and innovation unveiled in AC Hampton’s and Lior Pozin’s dialogue.

Key Takeaways

AC Hampton, Founder and CEO of Supreme E-com, and Lior Pozin, CEO of AutoDS, delved into the intricacies of dropshipping and the evolving e-commerce landscape.

Lior shared AutoDS’s journey from a personal solution to a leading dropshipping platform, emphasizing adaptability and customer-centricity.

AC highlighted the importance of surrounding oneself with the right people and prioritizing personal growth amidst entrepreneurship.

Both emphasized adaptability in navigating the dynamic dropshipping landscape, with evolving features to meet user needs, such as multichannel selling and print-on-demand services.

AC and Lior discussed the future of dropshipping, emphasizing trends like multichannel selling and AI integration, and the importance of personal development, learning, and fostering a supportive network for success in e-commerce.

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Who Is AC Hampton?

AC Hampton

AC Hampton is a prominent figure in the e-commerce realm, renowned as the Founder and CEO of Supreme E-com. With a wealth of experience and expertise, AC Hampton established himself as a leading authority in e-commerce marketing and mentorship. He offers comprehensive guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals, helping them achieve sustainable growth.

A mix of hands-on training, strategic insight, and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape marks Hampton’s approach. He empowers individuals to build and scale successful e-commerce ventures, fostering a community of ambitious entrepreneurs dedicated to their goals.

As a prominent YouTuber and CEO of Supreme E-com, AC Hampton is a respected figure in the e-commerce realm and a sought-after speaker and thought leader. He frequently shares his expertise through podcasts, webinars, and other platforms. His commitment to excellence and passion for empowering others has cemented his reputation as a trusted advisor and mentor in the world of dropshipping.

Who Is Lior Pozin And What Is AutoDS?

Lior Pozin

Lior Pozin is a visionary entrepreneur known for being the CEO and founder of AutoDS. With a keen understanding of the e-commerce market, Pozin plays a pivotal role in revolutionizing the dropshipping industry.

AutoDS is a cutting-edge platform offering innovative solutions to streamline dropshipping operations and maximize business profitability. Through automation, analytics, and optimization tools, AutoDS simplifies the dropshipping process, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on scaling their businesses rather than getting bogged down in manual tasks.

Pozin’s vision for AutoDS lies in empowering entrepreneurs with key tools and resources to succeed in e-commerce. By harnessing the power of technology, AutoDS enables businesses to operate more efficiently, reduce overhead costs, and achieve success in their dropshipping ventures. Lior’s dedication to value-driven solutions positioned AutoDS as an industry leader, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital marketplace.

The Beginning Of Dropshipping

In the first segment of this conversation, AC Hampton asks Lior about the origins of AutoDS. Lior shares the heartfelt backstory of AutoDS, revealing that it all started as a solution to simplify his dropshipping ventures. Lior recounts, “AutoDS was established as a software for myself (…) I had to create software that would just sell for me automatically to make some extra income.”

Lior’s narrative unveils a tale of curiosity and entrepreneurship, where challenges transformed into opportunities for innovation. His candid storytelling invites listeners into dropshipping, where every obstacle is a chance to pioneer new solutions.

Boosted by AC Hampton’s genuine curiosity, Lior delves into his serendipitous discovery of dropshipping while seeking to purchase a Chinese cellphone online. Reflecting on his journey, Lior muses, “I didn’t even know that that’s the name of what I’m doing, that it’s called dropshipping… I got my first sale within like four hours for $40 in profit. So that’s how I started with dropshipping.” Through his tale, Lior underscores the power of initiative and ingenuity in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce.

How AutoDS Became The Number One Shopify App

It is a fact that AutoDS has evolved a lot since it first began. As Lior mentions, it initially started as dropshipping software for eBay before expanding to include dropshipping on Shopify.

Here, the story of adaptation and innovation becomes clear. AutoDS evolved in response to its users’ needs. From expanding the range of suppliers to introducing hand-picked products, AutoDS is continuously evolving to meet the dynamic demands of the market.

Lior’s approach intensifies the importance of listening to customers and staying close to their evolving needs. This is a principle that has propelled AutoDS to the forefront of the dropshipping industry.

Of course, at this point, the feature talk is on: Lior and AC Hampton discuss the possibility of making custom products with the AutoDS Print On Demand feature or the ability to find products to sell on AutoDS Marketplace and the easiness of automatically handling orders through Fulfilled by AutoDS.

After this, AC Hampton finally asks Lior the central question: How did they do it?

Lior Pozin AutoDS Quote

Lior says AutoDS became successful by making customers happy while improving AutoDS offerings.

Undoubtedly, this conversation underscores the importance of customer-centricity and adaptability in achieving sustained success in the competitive e-commerce business. Lior’s insights shed light on the strategic decisions and organizational culture that have propelled AutoDS to the forefront of the industry, inspiring entrepreneurs to embrace innovation and responsiveness.

How AutoDS Wiped Out Competition

As we would expect, the time came to discuss competitors. Why does AutoDS always seem to come out on top?

Well, Lior explains that AutoDS faces different competitors depending on the market. For example, CJ Dropshipping for suppliers and tools like Minea for product research. However, AutoDS stands out by offering a comprehensive ecosystem similar to Apple’s, where everything is connected. This, he says, gives AutoDS a significant advantage.

The conversation then touches upon AutoDS’s expansive features, from AutoDS Hand-Picked Products to print-on-demand services. AC Hampton reminisces about the dominance of Oberlo in the past and asks an exciting question: Was AutoDS prepared for Oberlo’s eventual closure in 2020?

Here, Lior shares that they observed many companies come and go over the years but noticed that AutoDS consistently grew in popularity. To answer the question, Lior explains that when Oberlo closed, Shopify migrated users to another company, DSOs. However, AutoDS was relatively unaffected as they offered much more than just dropshipping from AliExpress to Shopify.

The conversation concludes with confidence in AutoDS’s ability to thrive despite challenges, citing past successes and maintaining leadership in the Shopify dropshipping market.

The Future Of Dropshipping

The evolution of dropshipping is a topic we need to include in any vital conversation on dropshipping. What does the future hold for this dynamic industry? With the global dropshipping market projected to surge at a CAGR of 23.4% from 2023 to 2030, reaching a staggering USD 1,253.79 billion by 2027, it’s clear that dropshipping faces a significant expansion. With this in mind, AC Hampton and Lior Pozin delve into the future of dropshipping, offering insights into where the industry goes and what it takes to succeed in this ever-changing landscape.

This whole conversation focuses on acknowledging the remarkable journey of dropshipping and its enduring relevance in the world of e-commerce. They highlight the enduring appeal of the business model as long as online purchasing remains prevalent. Also, the ongoing evolution of dropshipping, where each year brings new advancements and opportunities for growth, is another key.

The concept of multi-channel selling and the importance of brand building in dropshipping is central to Lior’s vision. He underscores dropshippers’ need to prioritize quality and customer care, emphasizing AutoDS’s role in facilitating brand creation and enhancing user experience. AC Hampton echoes these sentiments, highlighting the criticality of providing value and delivering exceptional service to customers in a competitive market.

As any experienced dropshipper, AC Hampton has plenty of personal anecdotes about the challenges he faced in dropshipping. However, he underscores the importance of consistency, effort, and attention to detail in achieving sustained success in dropshipping. Together, AC Hampton and Lior shed light on the essential elements of dropshipping success and offer valuable insights into navigating the industry’s evolving landscape.

How To Get Faster Shipping With Dropshipping

In dropshipping, maintaining exceptional customer experience is paramount. Lior Pozin sheds light on the strategies employed by AutoDS to compete effectively against industry giants like CJ Dropshipping and Amazon while ensuring a top-tier customer experience. He underscores the meticulous vetting process undergone by suppliers connecting to AutoDS, ensuring that each brings unique value to the platform, whether through custom branding, fast shipping, or superior product quality.

A pivotal aspect of AutoDS’s approach is its sourcing operations, encompassing a dedicated team overseeing product quality and shipping optimization. With its warehouse in China, AutoDS can streamline the supply chain, offering faster shipping times than traditional AliExpress methods. Additionally, AutoDS provides access to domestic suppliers in the U.S., facilitating two to five business days shipping for select products and enhancing the overall customer experience.

This commitment to providing value-added services resonates with dropshippers transitioning from novice to brand owners. Many AutoDS customers start as beginners, using the platform to find their first products and gradually evolving into brand owners through initiatives like custom branding and white labeling. The platform’s ability to facilitate this transition without requiring upfront inventory purchases underscores its efficacy as an all-in-one solution for dropshippers at every journey stage.

Why Supreme Ecom And AutoDS Work Together

The collaboration between Supreme Ecom and AutoDS is rooted in a shared commitment to quality and student success. AC Hampton highlights the importance of providing personalized mentorship and tools tailored to each student’s needs, a philosophy mirrored by AutoDS’s dedication to offering value-added services and continuous improvement.

Lior Pozin emphasizes the professionalism and genuine care AC Hampton demonstrated towards his students, a quality that resonated with AutoDS’s ethos of prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Both companies’ focus on quality over quantity aligns perfectly with each other, fostering a collaborative partnership built on mutual respect and shared values. This collaboration ensures that students receive not only the necessary tools but also the guidance and support required to succeed in the competitive dropshipping universe.

Adaptability Within Entrepreneurship

Adaptability within entrepreneurship is crucial, as highlighted by Lior Pozin’s insights into AutoDS’s evolution. He emphasizes the importance of flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs, citing examples of competitors who failed to adapt and subsequently exited the market.

Lior’s approach involves constant self-analysis and a willingness to learn from mistakes, traits he instills within the AutoDS team. AC Hampton underscores the value of perseverance and learning from failures, emphasizing that mistakes are opportunities for growth. In the ever-changing world of dropshipping, adaptability is key, requiring entrepreneurs to adjust strategies and embrace new approaches to remain competitive.

“Adaptability is one of the most important things for an entrepreneur… You have to make mistakes. We cannot always be right. Otherwise, we can’t improve.” – Lior Pozin.

Multichannel Dropshipping For Dropshipping Success

In dropshipping, the concept of multichannel selling has emerged as a pivotal strategy for success, as discussed by Lior Pozin and AC Hampton. Lior emphasizes that embracing omnichannel marketing, where businesses diversify their presence across various platforms, is essential for long-term growth. He highlights that a significant portion of AutoDS’s clientele already engages in multichannel selling, with around 10% of users operating on platforms beyond Shopify alone.

Lior also mentions that AutoDS changed its system a few years back to work well with multichannel dropshipping. Now, users can effortlessly connect multiple stores to AutoDS, allowing them to simultaneously expand their reach across platforms such as eBay, Etsy, and Shopify.

AC Hampton concurs, expressing complete agreement with the importance of multichannel selling. Both speakers foresee a future where e-commerce will transcend single-platform dominance, with sellers leveraging various channels to maximize return on investment (ROI). In this evolving scenario, multichannel dropshipping offers businesses unparalleled flexibility and growth opportunities.

How AutoDS Continues To Improve For Dropshippers

In talking about how AutoDS keeps improving for dropshippers, AC Hampton shared a story about his brand, Cush Cloud. He said it’s essential to listen to what customers say. He changed his approach after reading comments on his competitors’ ads. This shows the importance of improving based on what customers want.

Lior Pozin talked about how AutoDS gathers feedback to make improvements. There are three ways to do this. First, look at review sites like Trustpilot to understand what customers think—second, use exit surveys to find out why customers leave. Finally, directly ask users for feedback, like how their first product import went. These methods helped AutoDS keep improving.

Pozin also said AutoDS is working to be accessible worldwide. They listen to users in different countries, like Brazil, to ensure everyone can use the platform. They’re also adding features, like filters for products with Facebook ads, based on users’ requests. This shows how AutoDS is always evolving to meet the needs of dropshippers everywhere.

AC Hampton quote dropshipping

Dropshipping Product Research With AutoDS

In the pursuit of success in dropshipping, identifying winning products is crucial. AC Hampton dives into the importance of product research and competitor analysis. He highlights AutoDS’s commitment to aiding dropshippers in finding lucrative products efficiently. AC also emphasizes how AutoDS’s suite of tools facilitates understanding various marketing angles across platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Talking about AutoDS’s relentless pursuit of excellence, Lior Pozin elaborates on the platform’s tireless efforts to bolster its product research capabilities. He highlights how AutoDS is actively working to refine its tools by listening to what users need and what the market wants.

Lior delves into the methodology behind AutoDS’s product identification process, highlighting the platform’s daily scanning of over 100,000 products from diverse platforms like TikTok, Shopify, and AliExpress. This exhaustive approach ensures to equip users with comprehensive data, including sales trends, audience demographics, and competitor analysis.

In the same fashion, AC emphasizes the all-encompassing nature of AutoDS’s product research tools, noting that the platform offers users all the essential information about a product. He mentions the value of AutoDS’s marketplace, boasting over 50 million products sorted by demand, thereby enabling users to leverage seasonal trends and popular items. To this, Lior highlights that AutoDS’s marketplace undergoes constant updates to align with current market dynamics and seasonal demands.

Ultimately, AutoDS’s strong commitment to data-driven decision-making underscores its pivotal role in helping users make informed choices and achieve optimal success.

Easiest Way To Start Dropshipping

“The easiest way to jump into any industry is where there are low barriers to entry (…) when there’s not a season or trend that has started yet.” – AC Hampton.

Starting dropshipping can feel overwhelming, but AC Hampton and Lior Pozin discuss how to make it easier for beginners. They emphasize the importance of choosing the right time to enter the market, highlighting periods with low barriers to entry, such as when there are no specific trends or seasons underway.

AC suggests focusing on upcoming events like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. By leveraging these days, beginners can start their dropshipping journey on the right foot.

Beginner’s Tip: Also use tools like Google Trends to identify potential product opportunities: check how they’re performing over time and analyze if they’ll likely stay trendy.

AC and Lior also discuss how AutoDS simplifies the process of identifying profitable products. Lior explains that AutoDS integrates Google Trends data to track trends and product demand across different countries. This feature allows beginners to make data-driven decisions about what products to promote and when removing guesswork and increasing the chances of success. By aligning with trends and understanding consumer preferences, beginners can navigate the dropshipping landscape more effectively.

The Future Of Dropshipping With AutoDS

In discussing the future of AutoDS in 2024, Lior Pozin sheds light on the platform’s strategic focus on enhancing product sourcing, print-on-demand capabilities, and product-finding features. He emphasizes AutoDS’s commitment to becoming the premier product-finding software across various channels, including TikTok and Facebook, by leveraging user feedback and market demand. By prioritizing improvements in sourcing and print-on-demand services, AutoDS aims to provide users with faster quotes and expanded product options.

AC Hampton underscores the significance of artificial intelligence (AI) in modern dropshipping practices. He highlights AutoDS’s integration of AI technology to optimize product descriptions, titles, and images, thereby enhancing the uniqueness and appeal of listed products. With AI-powered tools, dropshippers can efficiently analyze competitor data and generate compelling product descriptions with minimal effort. Lior Pozin further emphasizes the role of AI in understanding market trends and identifying winning products, leveraging data-driven algorithms to score and prioritize products based on factors like demand, competition, and shipping times.

Why You Have To Take The Risk + Grow Within It

“Your business is only going to get so far if you don’t put in the effort towards yourself.” – AC Hampton.

In the discussion about the future of dropshipping with AutoDS, Lior Pozin reflects on the unexpected growth of the platform. Initially developed for personal use, AutoDS’s rapid expansion surprised Lior. He recounts the challenges in scaling the platform, including early morning server maintenance sessions and the subsequent overhaul required to support increasing user numbers. Despite initial doubts, Lior’s dedication and adaptability propelled AutoDS to its current status, with aspirations of an IPO on the horizon.

AC Hampton dives deep into starting a business, chatting with Lior about the highs and lows along the way. At this point, Lior admits he didn’t think AutoDS would grow so big initially and talks about the tough times in managing its growth. He says learning and meditation helped him deal with the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. This persistence and setting up solid hiring and software development processes helped AutoDS stay strong through it all.

They also discuss the importance of being around the right people and taking time for personal growth. AC and Lior agree that meeting new people and finding mentors are key to improving both life and business. They say finding time to improve yourself is crucial, even when you’re busy running a business. The shared belief in learning and growing shows how important those points are for success–both in personal and business life.


Gleaning insights from industry leaders like AC Hampton and Lior Pozin is essential for any aspiring dropshipper and even for experienced ones. In this friendly podcast conversation, these experts delved into the intricacies of dropshipping and the pathways to entrepreneurial triumph. From Lior’s narrative of AutoDS’s inception to AC’s journey with Supreme E-com, they offered invaluable lessons on navigating the e-commerce landscape.

Their dialogue transcended mere business talk, offering candid anecdotes and actionable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. The emphasis on adaptability and continuous learning was central to their discussion, underscoring the importance of personal growth alongside professional success.

Whether you’re embarking on your entrepreneurial journey or seeking to refine your strategies, the insights shared by AC and Lior serve as a compass in the vast expanse of online commerce. By heeding their guidance, remaining receptive to new knowledge, and cultivating a network of mentors is key. Here are a few articles to help you stay inspired: