Are there Aliexpress alternatives for dropshipping? The giant Chinese marketplace has become the default choice of dropshippers looking for a supplier. Sellers cannot resist the low prices that allow them to sell products with high margins.

However, with rising competition on dropshipping from AliExpress, it wouldn’t be wise to put all your eggs in one basket. The good news is that many sellers are finding excellent outcomes with other suppliers too.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 11 suppliers to use as alternatives for AliExpress. In the end, you’ll have a list of great suppliers to help boost your dropshipping success. 

Why Do We Need Alternative Suppliers To AliExpress?

For some, it is surprising to hear that there is a need for AliExpress dropshipping alternatives. After all, AliExpress offers an ocean of products to choose from at ultra-low prices. You’ll struggle to find the same deals on European or American supplier websites.

Nevertheless, once your eCommerce store starts raking in multiple orders per day, you’ll face new challenges that can potentially put your seller ratings, orders, and profits at risk.

For starters, the majority of AliExpress products ship from China. As a result, shipping can take a long time.

Furthermore, AliExpress shipping times take even longer during Chinese holidays, and it is difficult to reach anyone for support. You may find yourself helplessly trying to reassure disappointed customers with no solutions to offer.

Finally, AliExpress returns are far from ideal. Not every item qualifies, and those that do require multiple steps in a lengthy process. First, buyers must send an image to justify the return. If approved, the cost of the return falls on the customers, leaving them unhappy and negatively affecting your store’s reputation.

The Top 11 Alternative Suppliers To Aliexpress

Luckily, we don’t have to restrict ourselves to AliExpress for dropshipping. Today’s booming eCommerce market offers dropshippers an array of suppliers that more than make up for the downsides of AliExpress.

So without further delay, let’s familiarize ourselves with the top 11 AliExpress alternative suppliers for dropshipping.

The AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers

AutoDS Warehouse and Private Suppliers AliExpress Alternative

AutoDS offers a convenient and optimized alternative to AliExpress through its AutoDS warehouse in China. By utilizing this warehouse, orders are processed and fulfilled by AutoDS, ensuring fast shipping for customers. On the AutoDS platform’s marketplace, dropshippers have the option to choose from “AutoDS suppliers,” which include items from both the warehouse and private suppliers. Moreover, dropshippers can personalize their shipments by adding their store logo, enhancing their brand presence.

One of the key advantages of AutoDS is the availability of exclusive private suppliers on its marketplace platform. These suppliers offer unique products that may not be accessible through other suppliers, giving dropshippers a competitive edge. Furthermore, private suppliers often provide discounts, allowing dropshippers to maximize their profits and scale their businesses effectively.

In summary, AutoDS stands out as a favorable alternative to AliExpress by leveraging its own warehouse in China and streamlining the shipping process. With access to a wide range of products from both the warehouse and private suppliers, dropshippers can enhance their brand identity and benefit from exclusive offerings and discounts.


walmart aliexpress alternative

 Walmart is a US-based supplier. What started as a hypermarket chain is now a popular destination for American households seeking low prices on products from various categories.

Today, dropshippers can find the same Walmart in-store benefits on an ever-growing online marketplace. It offers the same quality products and competitive prices, often with free two-day delivery.

AliExpress may be a cheaper source of products, but most buyers don’t mind paying more if they get their products faster. As a supplier offering better shipping costs, higher product quality, and ninety-day returns, Walmart is a perfect alternative for AliExpress.

For best results, follow our step-by-step Walmart to eBay and Walmart to Shopify dropshipping guides.

Home Depot

home depot dropshipping

There is hardly an American who hasn’t heard of Home Depot, a retailer specializing in the home improvement niche. Stepping into this store, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products sitting on towering shelves and stretching over long aisles.

Thankfully, you can find the same abundance of home products on Home Depot’s online store, making it an ideal dropshipping source. Because products ship from US warehouses, you can offer fast delivery. Additionally, Home Depot’s free delivery policy allows you to extend the same to customers.

AliExpress may offer home products too. However, it comes nowhere near Home Depot’s superior product quality and shipping speeds.

Start dropshipping Home Depot items from your eBay or Shopify stores today!


wayfair home products dropshipping

If we’re already on the topic of home products, let’s not forget about Wayfair. This supplier offers an array of furniture, decor items, kitchen products, and just about anything needed to equip your customers’ homes.

As a domestic supplier, Wayfair offers low prices on furniture and ships significantly faster than AliExpress. Additionally, AliExpress typically charges hefty fees on furniture delivery, while Wayfair provides free shipping on any order above $35.

Earn big by dropshipping high ticket items from Wayfair straight to your eBay store.

CJ Dropshipping

cjdropshipping aliexpress alternative

Using domestic suppliers as alternatives for AliExpress provides several benefits. Nevertheless, it can result in higher price tags and lower profit margins for our businesses.

That’s where CJ Dropshipping comes into the picture. As a supplier created for dropshippers by dropshippers, it uses a global network of domestic warehouses to offer AliExpress prices at domestic shipping speeds.

There is no shortage of products on CJ Dropshipping. You’ll find all of the popular dropshipping product categories that other suppliers have. Furthermore, CJ Dropshipping stands out from the pack by offering print-on-demand products allowing you to sell individualized products with less competition.

Maximize your profits with a complete overview on CJ to Shopify and CJ to eBay Dropshipping.


banggood dropshipping

Banggood is another supplier built with dropshippers in mind. It offers us a selection of over 250000 solid products to sell and special benefits that make dropshipping less stressful.

As soon as you open the dropship center, you’ll have access to all sorts of goodies. Among these, a list of personalized recommendations for your store and the ability to download product images without watermarks. Additionally, Bangood provides us with a dropship agreement that formalizes the partnership and creates another layer of protection.

While Bangood has fewer products than AliExpress, it far surpasses AliExpress in logistics. Bangood runs a tight shipping operation from a network of ten warehouses, so you no longer have to stress out about lost or delayed products.

Read our Banggood to eBay or Banggood to Shopify dropshipping guides for an easy way to get started.


Chinabrands is both a dropshipping platform and supplier dedicated to your success. Its well-oiled machine takes care of every step of the buying process, from order fulfillment to packaging shipping and returns.

Unlike AliExpress, where the seller dictates standards, Chinabrands offers consistent quality and speed on its vast selection of products. After customers make a purchase, Chinabrands packages the products without any branding. Then, it ships the order within 24 hours from any of its warehouses around the globe.

Finally, thanks to the integration with AutoDS, every Chinabrands subscriber is eligible for a dropshipping agreement and can fully automate their orders.

Read our Chinabrands to eBay and Chinabrands to Shopify overviews so you can automate your store and start earning profits fast.


costway ecommerce dropshipping

Costway is a major online retailer that is also a dropshipping-friendly supplier. The company stands out for offering 8000 self-branded products that you can sell in your store without competing with other sellers.

You’ll get a dropshipping agreement and fast shipping speeds from US warehouses. What’s more, Costway offers ninety-day warranties! All of this means that you can sell good quality items with confidence that your supplier has got your back.

AliExpress may have cheaper products, but it does not provide the unique benefits of Costway.

Let AutoDS give you a head start with easy-to-follow instructions on Costway to eBay and Costway to Shopify dropshipping.   


Alibaba wholesale dropshipping supplier

Alibaba is a Chinese multinational technology company that owns AliExpress. Its wholesale service branch, also called Alibaba, is a platform where sellers can purchase from wholesalers in bulk and negotiate prices.

Therefore, Alibaba is an excellent Aliexpress alternative for advanced dropshipping businesses.  Once you have good evidence a product can sell, you can go to Alibaba, purchase the item in bulk and increase your profit margins.

Conversely, as a retail marketplace, AliExpress does not typically offer bulk or wholesale pricing.

Take your business to the next level by following our guides on dropshipping from Alibaba to eBay or Alibaba to Shopify.


wish dropshipping

Next on this list of AliExpress alternatives for dropshipping is Wish. Unlike traditional eCommerce platforms, it offers buyers a fun, personalized, and interactive shopping experience.

Instead of a category layout, Wish shows you products based on demographics and encourages users to take advantage of promotions and coupons. For us dropshippers, Wish’s personalized shopping system translates into a neat product research tool to help find products tailored to our audiences.

While AliExpress offers product research tools, none are as personalized as on Wish. 


amazon dropshipping supplier

Since shipping and returns are difficult with Chinese products, why not stay local with the fastest domestic supplier in the US?

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the United States, offering millions of products from multiple categories. With warehouses and fulfillment centers across the country, you can consistently count on fast shipping and free & fast returns on millions of products. What’s more, a Prime membership awards you 1-2 day shipping on eligible items.

Unlike AliExpress, your customers get their products quickly and with few delays. While you can expect some delays in the holiday season, you’ll have access to customer service at all times for answers.

To take advantage of this supplier’s benefits, check out our guides on dropshipping from Amazon to eBay and Amazon to Shopify.

Work With Multiple Suppliers

autods multiple suppliers

The truth is that you don’t have to seek AliExpress alternatives for dropshipping. Instead, you can work with multiple suppliers, including AliExpress. And there are many advantages to this approach.

For one, you’ll be able to offer a diverse set of products at a wider price range. As a result, you’ll attract customers of different budgets and interests to your store.

Additionally, you can always use alternative suppliers as a backup whenever a product runs out of stock on your primary supplier. Similarly, if one supplier starts to present issues, your other suppliers can pick up the slack. 

Final Thoughts 

Why limit yourself to AliExpress dropshipping when there are so many alternatives? You now have a list of super-effective suppliers that in combination can take your business to new heights.

True, it may sound overwhelming to work with multiple suppliers, but that’s precisely why you should consider automating your business with AutoDS. Our all-in-one dropshipping platform lets you import products and process orders from twenty-five suppliers in one place.

Once you source products from several suppliers and automate your business, you’ll gain a leg up on your competitors and have a safety net to fall on if any issues come up.

Learn more about our supported suppliers so you can get the most out of each: