Undoubtedly, many entrepreneurs want to venture into dropshipping. However, before we can start a dropshipping business, we must learn about the most in-demand products in the market. With that said, luxury dropshipping is one of the most popular and highly profitable ventures to explore.

On that note, getting hold of trending items requires us to work with reliable sources. Remember that when selling luxury products, we have to work with legitimate suppliers to ensure the quality of the items we offer.

Hence, we’ll explore the features of the top luxury dropshipping suppliers. Apart from that, we’ll also discover how to find and work with these excellent suppliers. Now, sit back and relax as we start our supplier-searching adventure.

Am I Allowed To Dropship Luxury Products?

Definitely! We are allowed to dropship luxury products. However, there are factors we should consider, like the legality and nature of luxury items.

For the legal aspects, we first need to gain the trust of high-end brands. As such, we must secure the authorization of certain brands before we can resell their products. Likewise, we can also reach out to the brands themselves to directly lay out our intent to resell.

As a word of caution, reselling branded luxury items without authorization can lead to legal sanctions and financial penalties. For instance, our business can get suspended if we sell branded products illegally.

Besides the legal basis, we must also define what counts as a luxury product. Essentially, luxury products are high-ticket items, and we don’t have to jump through hoops to sell them.

With a wide variety of luxury products, all we need to do is find best-selling luxury products that don’t go against Intellectual Property rights. In doing so, our luxury dropshipping business can operate legally and hassle-free.

13 Top Luxury Dropshipping Suppliers

Before we can begin dropshipping luxury products, it’s crucial to find top platforms to source these items. But, what makes a platform suitable for our luxury dropshipping business? Here are attributes to check out when choosing a luxury dropshipping supplier:

  • Top-quality luxury items
  • Efficient return/refund policy
  • Clear payment policy 
  • Domestic warehouses
  • Tracking updates & reliable shipping couriers 
  • Effective communication
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Excellent customer service

Now that we have the features of a reliable dropshipping supplier, it’s time to uncover the top platforms we should work with. So, let’s jump into action with our top 12 luxury dropshipping suppliers:

Let’s get the ball rolling and select the best suppliers for our eCommerce venture.

1. Wayfair

To kick off our luxury dropshipping suppliers’ list, we have Wayfair. As an American company specializing in the furniture and home niche, we can find a vast selection of luxury items on this platform. Besides a diverse pool of luxury products, Wayfair provides the following advantages for our dropshipping business:

  • Domestic warehouses
  • Fast shipping times
  • MYWAY membership program
  • Integrates with AutoDS

Notably, we can source luxury items from Wayfair’s domestic warehouses. With the presence of these distribution centers, shipping to local regions is fast and convenient. For US customers, free two-day shipping comes with orders from $49 and above.

Another unique feature of Wayfair is its MYWAY membership program, which extends free shipping and same-day shipping to eligible products online. On top of everything, Wayfair integrates with AutoDS, allowing us to easily automate our business processes with AutoDS’ dropshipping software. Remember that efficient processes can lead to optimized profits.

2. Etsy

Another great source of luxury products is Etsy. Although the platform is popularly known for handmade items, we can also get luxurious vintage pieces like jewelry pieces and dinnerware. Aside from top-quality hand-crafted luxury finds, Etsy offers the following key benefits:

  • High-profit margins
  • Flexible shipping arrangements
  • Social and environmental advocacies
  • Integrates with AutoDS

To begin, Etsy allows us to gain high-profit margins by offering one-of-a-kind luxury products online. Since these items are valuable and unique, customers are willing to spend more on these products. Additionally, we can enjoy flexible shipping arrangements when sourcing from Etsy, which delivers packages in about 1-3 days.

Also worth noting is Etsy’s social and environmental advocacies, which utilize emission-free processes and environmental-loving materials. As such, we can market this sustainable advocacy to our target market to increase our sales conversions. Just like Wayfair, Etsy also integrates with AutoDS, a software that helps us maximize our sales.

3. Overstock

A renowned American supplier, Overstock is an online platform that showcases home and furniture product categories. These categories include best-selling luxury items, such as curtains, bedding, towels, and men’s watches. To add to its attributes, Overstock extends the following features for us, dropshippers:

  • Swift shipping times
  • Price match guarantee
  • Club O Program
  • Supports dropshipping automation

Interestingly, Overstock ships customer orders in the US as fast as one to three days. In addition, the platform offers a price match guarantee. Through this program, Overstock will match the lower price of the same product we find in another source.

Furthermore, Overstock’s Club O Program entitles us to free shipping and a cashback of up to 5% on every purchase. Lastly, Overstock joins the selection of AutoDS-supported suppliers. Thus, we can enjoy dropshipping automation for our eCommerce business.

4. AliExpress

Our fourth luxury dropshipping supplier is AliExpress. On its website, we can find luxury bags, accessories, shoes, and much more. But, always be on the lookout for counterfeit items, as we don’t want to offer low-quality products to our customers. Now, let’s explore what other features AliExpress has to offer our luxury dropshipping business:

  • Flexible pricing
  • Worldwide warehouses
  • AliExpress Dropship Center
  • Integrates with AutoDS

Known for its affordable costs, we can source luxury items at flexible prices from AliExpress. In this way, we can set higher profit margins for our products. Meanwhile, AliExpress has several warehouses worldwide that can serve customer demands faster.

Another excellent factor to consider is the AliExpress Dropship Center, where we can find trending luxury products in the market. We can also utilize metrics for more precise search results, such as price ranges, sales volumes, customer ratings, warehouses, etc. Moreover, AliExpress integrates with AutoDS, saving us significant time and effort while running our online business.

5. Costway

Popularly known as a top retailer in the US and Europe, Costway belongs to our top suppliers’ list. As a dropshipping supplier, we can find luxury items, such as drawers, blankets, cabinet sets, and office chairs on Costway’s website. Working with Costway is easy and convenient due to the following reasons:

  • Dropshipping program
  • White label luxury products
  • Dropshipping agreement
  • Dropshipping automation integration

Above all, Costway has a dropshipping program that offers wholesale pricing, a three-month product warranty, and two-day shipping to dropshippers. Moreover, this supplier provides an array of white-label luxury products. In this way, we can establish our name in the luxury dropshipping scene.

On top of that, Costway has a dropshipping agreement that allows dropshippers to offer branded products in their selling channels. Remarkably, Costway is another dropshipping supplier that connects with AutoDS. So, we won’t worry about order fulfillment anymore, as AutoDS can easily fulfill orders coming from Costway.

6. Amazon

Undeniably, Amazon is a top-notch luxury dropshipping supplier that we should work with. As one of the biggest online dropshipping platforms, we can find an endless selection of luxury items, including men’s watches, women’s bags, jewelry pieces, home furniture, and more.As a sought-after supplier, Amazon presents these main benefits to our dropshipping venture:

  • High-quality luxury items
  • Swift shipping options
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Integrates with AutoDS

Remarkably, Amazon offers high-quality luxury items for our dropshipping business. To add to the perks, Amazon has swift shipping options. In fact, its Amazon Prime program delivers customer orders in as fast as one to two days.

In addition, Amazon dedicates itself to offering exceptional customer service. Its support lines are open 24/7 to cater to customer concerns and queries. Ultimately, the integration with AutoDS makes dropshipping from Amazon more straightforward, as AutoDS will handle all our business processes.

7. Banggood

Next up, Banggood is a China-based supplier offering millions of products online. As such, we can find luxury watches, jewelry pieces, home decor, bathroom utilities, phone cases, and more. So, here are more reasons to select Banggood as our next luxury dropshipping supplier:

  • Affordable prices
  • Global warehouses
  • Exclusive perks and deals
  • AutoDS-supported platform

In general, products on Banggood are affordable. Therefore, we can earn huge profits by selling products at flexible prices. Next, Banggood’s global warehouses enable faster shipping to domestic customers, enabling us to expand our market reach faster.

As a dropshipping-friendly platform, Banggood extends exclusive perks and deals to online sellers. Some of these benefits include discounts, cashback, and promotions. Similar to other suppliers on the list, Banggood integrates with AutoDS, allowing dropshipping from Banggood just a few clicks away.

8. Walmart

Known as the world’s biggest chain of retail stores, Walmart is an excellent source of luxury dropshipping products. On this supplier’s website, we can search for a comprehensive selection of luxury finds like bedding, rugs, mattresses, towels, and more. Now, here are this supplier’s other features we need to check out:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Price match guarantee
  • Free next-day delivery
  • Integrates with AutoDS

Primarily, Walmart maintains competitive pricing, so we can find luxury products at fair prices on this supplier’s website. Hence, we can earn huge profit margins by setting competitive prices in our selling channels. When it comes to costs, this supplier extends a price match guarantee to its clients, ensuring fair market competition in terms of product pricing.

On the other hand, the platform offers a next-day delivery option. In addition, orders $35 and above are eligible for free shipping. As another platform that integrates with AutoDS, Walmart enjoys automated processes for dropshipping. 

9. CJDropshipping

Established by dropshippers themselves, CJDropshipping is an excellent luxury dropshipping supplier. From luxury cushions to elegant dresses, we can source an endless array of high-end products from this supplier. What’s more, CJDropshipping provides the following perks to our eCommerce business:

  • Product sourcing solution
  • Print-on-demand services
  • White label branding
  • Supports dropshipping automation

With its product sourcing solution, CJDropshipping helps us find luxury products that we want to sell. Thus, this feature allows us to create a unique product listing, ensuring our stores stay at the top of the competition. Another great reason to work with CJDropshipping is its print-on-demand services, offering customized luxury products.

Moreover, CJDropshipping extends white label branding that customizes our packaging by adding our store logos. Doing so helps our business establish our brand and credibility, helping us expand to greater heights. Lastly, this luxury dropshipping supplier integrates with AutoDS, a software that handles the automated importing of our products. 

10. eBay

Undoubtedly, eBay is one of the leading players in the dropshipping scene. Interestingly, we can source a wide range of luxury items, such as watches, paintings, handbags, and so on. Besides a wide selection of luxury items, eBay has more to offer for our dropshipping stores:

  • Fast worldwide shipping
  • Buyer/seller protection program
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Integrates with AutoDS

With its warehouses scattered all over the globe, eBay extends fast worldwide shipping. Therefore, reaching diverse customers is easy with the presence of these warehouses. Additionally, eBay has a protection program that puts both sellers and buyers at top priority.

Moreover, eBay’s outstanding customer support is worth mentioning. Remember that the quality of service we get from our supplier is the same one that we extend to our customers. On a final note, this luxury dropshipping supplier integrates with AutoDS, which leads to sourcing luxury items from eBay only a few clicks away. 

11. BrandsGateway

Our next luxury products supplier is BrandsGateway. On this supplier’s website, we’ll find a wide array of luxury items, ranging from apparel to accessories. Here are more reasons to work with BrandsGateway as your next luxury dropshipping supplier:

  • High-profit margin
  • Excellent shipping options
  • SEO and social media templates

Dropshipping from BrandsGateway allows us to set high-profit margins for our products. In fact, we can achieve as much as a 250% profit margin by sourcing items from BrandsGateway. Besides that, orders are dispatched as fast as 24 hours and delivered within three to seven days anywhere around the globe.

Moreover, this supplier assists dropshippers in establishing their business by providing SEO (search engine optimization) and social media templates. These templates guide sellers on how to showcase products professionally online. At the same time, we can access SEO guides to help us optimize our dropshipping business.

12. BrandsDistribution

With over a decade of being a wholesale supplier, BrandsDistribution is a top luxury brand online platform. Notably, we can find numerous designer brands and over-the-top fashion trends like designer bags, shoes, wallets, and much more. Next, we’ll explore other advantages of working with BrandsDistribution:

  • Blind dropshipping service
  • Practical shipping arrangements
  • Flexible payment methods

Perhaps, one of the best reasons to work with BrandsDistribution is its blind dropshipping service. With this feature, we can use our logos and brand names in customer packages. In this way, our brands become more visible in the market, helping us gain customers’ trust.

Another reason to choose this platform is its practical shipping arrangements that deliver orders within two to seven days. Furthermore, BrandsDistribution offers flexible payment methods. This supplier accepts credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and instant payments like MyBank. With these features, we can optimize our luxury dropshipping store operations.

13. Styliafoe

Last but not least, Styliafoe is a luxury wholesaler specializing in designer clothing and accessories. We can dropship high-end items like bags, shoes, apparel, and more from popular brands worldwide. Interestingly, Styliafoe offers the following perks for our luxury dropshipping business:

  • Fast worldwide delivery
  • Buyer protection plan
  • Secured refund policy

Most importantly, Styliafoe’s fast worldwide delivery allows us to extend to the global market, which is beneficial to our dropshipping business. In addition, this supplier has a buyer protection plan with free registration. This feature helps clients ensure they get the best quality products from us.

Finally, the platform has a secured refund policy that’s fair for both sellers and buyers. When customers aren’t satisfied with their purchases, they can file for a refund, subject to the company’s guidelines. Thus, Styliafoe offers great advantages for our luxury dropshipping business.

That’s it! We now have 13 luxury dropshipping suppliers where we can source high-quality and in-demand products for our online stores. Most of these suppliers are supported by the AutoDS dropshipping platform, which means we can enjoy an easier and faster product-sourcing process.

But wait, how do we find top luxury products to dropship? Let’s see in the next section as we uncover the answer.

How To Find The Best Luxury Dropshipping Products

The next question lies: how to find the best luxury dropshipping products? Well, we can discover top luxury product ideas by conducting product research.

Essentially, product research enables us to find in-demand luxury products according to the needs and preferences of our target audiences. Besides that, product finding allows us to filter best-selling luxury products that can help us attain massive sales.

In particular, there are several ways to find luxury dropshipping items. Among these methods, we’ve picked the most efficient ones for our dropshipping stores:

  • AutoDS Winning Products Hub
  • Google Trends
  • Search supplier best seller sections
  • Spy on the competition

We can discover a wide range of winning products on the AutoDS Winning Products Hub, designed specifically for dropshipping. This comprehensive platform offers an array of features, including valuable product insights and competitor analysis. Gain access to essential information such as original cost, retail price, and profit potential for each item.

In addition, the Hub empowers users with the ability to analyze the competition by evaluating current sellers and Facebook ads. By leveraging these insights, you can effectively identify your target audience and implement best practices for optimizing your business. The automated product research method offered by the Hub saves you precious hours that would otherwise be spent searching for high-profit potential products.

With Google Trends, we can gain insights into the popularity of certain keywords, such as luxury products. With the help of graphs and figures, we’ll discover how much interest a certain market has in a specific topic. This information can help us identify trending products according to customer web searches.

Another way to find the best luxury dropshipping products is by searching on suppliers’ websites. All we need to do is see the selling metrics of our target products, such as sales volume and customer reviews.

By knowing these details, we can filter which luxury products are worth adding to our dropshipping stores. For example, we can explore Amazon’s Movers and Shakers section to know about the latest trends on this supplier’s website.

Next, we can analyze our competitors to discover the products that work for them. In this way, we can adapt their product ideas and improve our techniques to optimize our sales. For example, Koala Inspector is a spy tool for Shopify stores that helps us uncover the number of sales, marketing strategies, and other competitors’ metrics.

AutoDS Product Research Tool

Aside from the above-mentioned methods, we have another efficient way to find the best luxury products for our dropshipping stores. Ultimately, the AutoDS Product Research Tool is the easiest and most convenient way of finding trending luxury items in the market.

The AutoDS Product Research Tool allows us to apply filters when searching for trending items. Some filters we can use include warehouses, price ranges, ratings, categories, and more. With these search filters, we can easily find the best-suited luxury products from AutoDS’ supported suppliers.

Plus, the platform shows us supplier prices and prevailing retail costs of products. Therefore, we can easily compute and assign high-profit margins from these details.

On top of that, this product-finding tool also allows us to import luxury products in just one click. With its built-in importer, we can enjoy efficient product imports to our selling channel.

Now, we won’t have to worry about the tedious process of importing items from our suppliers to our selling channels. With AutoDS, we can enjoy both product research and imports in one tool.

How To Avoid Working With Fake Luxury Dropshipping Suppliers

Alright! Before we start our luxury dropshipping business, we need to remember that we must avoid fake suppliers. These suppliers usually offer replica brands that won’t do any good to our business reputation. Remember that the last thing we want to do when branding our business as luxury is to sell fake or counterfeit branded items.

When searching for a luxury dropshipping supplier, we may stumble upon fake ones.  These fake companies can put our business transactions at risk.

For instance, our credit card details can be stolen and used in questionable transactions without our knowledge. Besides that, we become unsure whether or not customers receive their packages, especially without tracking updates.

Another issue with fake suppliers is the substandard quality of products they sell. Since they’re not legally authorized to distribute branded items, they tend to offer fake ones. Also, the quality of their items becomes questionable without quality assurance.

That’s why we must be keen on scrutinizing the platforms we’re working with. But how do we do this? Well, there are many ways to verify legitimate suppliers.

Primarily, we should search their social media accounts or websites. Ultimately, these pages can give us insights into their activities and contact information.

On their stores or pages, we need to check out customer ratings to help us gain information on customer shopping experiences. Then, we can try connecting with them and see if they respond.

Moreover, we can purchase sample luxury products from them to see if what they’re advertising are real items. By doing so, we can also test their shipping times and customer service.

All in all, our suppliers are our business partners. Hence, we must work with top-notch platforms to maintain our business’s credibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know Which Luxury Brands I Can Dropship? 

As trademarks protect most luxury brands, you must secure authorization from brand owners before you can dropship their products. To know which brands you are allowed and not allowed to dropship, you can check the VeRO database.

Who Is The Best Luxury Dropshipping Supplier?

The best luxury dropshipping supplier is the one that can provide high-quality items and exceptional services. Some of the best suppliers for our luxury dropshipping business include Wayfair, Etsy, Overstock, AliExpress, and Costway.

What Are The Best Luxury Products For Dropshipping? 

Luxury products are not limited to branded items. Thus, we can dropship luxury bags, shoes, candles, bedding, rugs, wall art, and other trending items. These luxury products are among the best-selling ones in the market that can help us attain massive profits.


Wonderful! With the selection of top-caliber luxury dropshipping suppliers, we’ll surely make our way towards business success. However, we must analyze every supplier we’re working with to keep our business credible and professional.

As always, we must continue scaling our dropshipping venture by exploring more product ideas and working with multiple suppliers. Then, we can analyze the sales conversions of our products and source more best-selling ones from superb platforms.

Aside from the suppliers on our list, there are other diverse choices of sources we can work with. As such, here are more top dropshipping suppliers for our online ventures: