In this article, we will show you how to browse “eBay Explore” and how to find trending products and also how to decide if you can compete on those products and make sales.

Identify The Trend

First of all, we go to which is a page where eBay shares its trending products and gives dates of when the product started trending and also a general idea of why it is trending.

From here, you see if the product is still trending, depending on the graphs that eBay provides.

Trending products on ebay

For this explanation, let us choose the first product on this page, which started trending on Feb 14, 2020.

trending products on ebay

On the trending product page, we can find the story behind its trend, the number of searches made using its keywords. Also, the prices that this product sold for during the trend.

Since this product is a movie, you should know that we can not sell it on eBay. What we can do is sell products that are related to this movie. These products can be T-shirts, Posters, or anything related to the film.

Validating The Assumptions 

After you analyze the product and decide that it has potential, you can do one more test. This test will help you understand the trend and also identify if the product is under high demand or not.

For the sake of this tutorial, we will go to Amazon Movers & Shakers, where trending amazon products are listed.

how to find trending products

Then we search for our trending product inside its relevant category, in this case, its movies.  

find trending products on amazon

As you can see, this product is trending also on Amazon. It grew in sales by 668% and moved from the rank of 292 to 38. These are good signs that make us want to list this product. But remember what we mentioned before, we can not sell movies; what we can do is search for related products.

We go back to eBay search and type the title of the trending product.

ebay trending products and keywords

This way, we can see which types of products are selling in which categories, and we also get keyword suggestions that we can use to find the products on the source, in this case, Amazon.

Let’s take this movie’s poster, for example, and search for it on Amazon.

find trending products using amazon

As you can see here, these are products that are related to the movie. And we can list them on eBay. If you compare their prices to the prices that eBay suggested on its trending product page, you will notice that the prices on Amazon are lower. This means that we can make decent profits by selling them.

You can use this method not only to find trending products but also to identify the trends. And be able to associate them with a range of other products and categories. By using the trend’s keywords on any related product, you will have bigger chances that your listing will appear to more buyers and eventually get more sales.


It is important for dropshippers to know several product-finding techniques. That is why we shared different methods on the blog, such as The Reverse Market Research Method, The Big Numbers Rule Method, and others. We hope that this method of today will help you find trending products that will sell.

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