For any beginner in Georgia looking to start their eCommerce business with a low-risk and low-investment model, dropshipping is our holy grail. With that said, to start dropshipping, we need reliable suppliers that ship directly to our Georgian market. It’s important to find trustworthy dropshipping suppliers in Georgia, to ensure fast shipping times.

Dropshipping suppliers Georgia, are one of the main reasons we can see true dropshipping success. The Georgia dropshipping suppliers allow us to ship items from our store to our Georgia customers quickly and efficiently.

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at the best dropshipping suppliers in Georgia and what makes them a good choice. We’ll also see how to find reliable suppliers. Let’s get started!

How To Find Georgia Dropshipping Suppliers

To find reliable Georgia dropshipping suppliers, we need to vet our candidates properly. On that note, there are a couple of ways to go about finding the best dropshipping suppliers in Georgia:

  • Manual online research
  • Google Lens

Manual Online Research

When looking for Georgia dropshipping suppliers, we can search for relevant keywords that can give us the results we need. For example, relevant keywords are connected to specific products or niches like: ‘home decor,’ ‘silicone phone case,’ etc. Moreover, we can also research by using key terms based on the location: Georgia dropshipping suppliers. That way, we are able to get results from suppliers that can fulfill our orders locally and quickly.

Once we find some reliable Georgia dropshipping suppliers, we need to contact them and negotiate with the ones that fit our niche. On top of that, we can always set the Google location filter to a specific region to find the Georgia suppliers that fit our needs and location. As such, we can ensure a top-tier shopping experience by providing fast delivery times to our customers.

Google Lens

Google Lens is an image recognition technology that helps us find relevant product information. To elaborate, it examines products when we scan or upload a product’s image. After a thorough analysis, it comes up with similar products and information based on their relevance. In general, this technology allows us to perform competitor product research

For example, we can use Google Lens when we see a competing dropshipper selling a product we want to sell. We will utilize Google Lens to scan their product images and find the products listed on suppliers’ websites. That way, we can find both the product and a supplier to source it from.

Search for product image with Google Lens

To begin the process, we can head to our competitors’ websites to scan their products. Then, when we find a product we also want to source, we right-click and press “Search Image With Google.”

Google Lens search results

Then, the results from the Google Lens search will appear. This will include results from suppliers with the particular item. It’s as simple as that. As a result, we can easily find suppliers and source products quickly and with ease.

Top 10 Dropshipping Suppliers From Georgia

We must ensure that our Georgia dropshipping suppliers are a good fit for our business. It’s essential to choose a supplier whose business policies and product range align with our needs. After all, they are the ones responsible for sourcing and shipping products to our customers.

Supplier Key FeaturesNiche
VitalabsPrivate labels
Product quality
Great customer support 
Minimum order quantity (MOQ)
Supplements and nutritional products
Dropship Beauty Branding
Notification updates 
Product importing
Hair extensions
Beauty products 
Quality & style 
Floor matts
Mi Hair DistributionMOQ
Wide product range
Color chart
Hair extensions
Arome Ridge Coffee Roasters Sustainable sources beans 
Fresh and customized
Wide range of products
Dropship BundlesCustom branding 
Extensive & unique product catalog 
Dropship service 
Hair extensions
Gold N' DiamondsDropship Program 
Wholesale jewelry supplier
Good quality 
World’s biggest shield & sword collection
Swords & armor
Official Sea Moss Celebrity hype 
Wholesale options
Private Label ExtensionsProduct variety 
1-hour delivery in select cities 
Bundle offers
Hair extensions

With that said, let’s take a look at the top 10 dropshipping suppliers from Georgia:


Vitalabs dropshipping supplier Georgia

Vitalabs is a time-tested supplier that can help us build our business along with our brand as well. This Georgia dropshipping has been a top-tier supplements and nutritional products supplier for over 40 years. Whether we are looking to transition to a more reliable, larger partner or if we are just starting, Vitalabs is a great choice of supplier. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at Vitalab’s key features: 

  • Private labels
  • Product quality
  • Great customer support 
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

Uniquely, Vitalabs offers a private label option, allowing us to brand our products and increase our brand recognition. They offer everything we need to create and effectively market our nutritional supplement business under our own label. Plus, Vitalabs focuses on producing top-quality products and superior brands for their customers. 

So, we can rest assured that our products will have great quality which will attract more customers. And, with Vitalabs’ excellent customer service, we can rely on their help with anything in their souring, branding, or production process. In fact, they offer a few ways to reach them: phone numbers, emails, or tickets. They do, however, have a minimum order quantity of 144 bottles, which gets us off from paying an upfront fee. 

Dropship Beauty

Dropship Beauty Georgia supplier

Dropship Beauty allows us to dropship beauty products, cosmetics, and hair extensions. They have a US warehouse and are a great dropshipping supplier for Georgia. So, we can work with this supplier to source beauty products based on the solid product images and descriptions they offer.

Some of Dropship Beauty’s most interesting features include:

  • Branding
  • Notification updates 
  • Product importing 

Importantly, Dropship Beauty allows us to brand our packaging, which increases our recognition and visibility. This allows us to offer the best first impression for our customers. Plus, the supplier will send us notifications to alert us of any new products, pricing, and features. 

Dropship Beauty can help import hundreds of products to our dropshipping store, so we don’t have to do it manually. Additionally, it fulfills our orders quickly with fast shipping times


Matterly dropshipping supplier Georgia

Interestingly, Matterly tackles the Georgia floor matt niche, which is a more unique

niche. If we want to go into the floor matt niche, Matterly allows us to stray away from cheaply made and boring brown rectangles. In fact, it prides itself on replacing our shoddy and uninspiring floor mats with stylish and functional ones.

Unique features:

  • Eco-friendly 
  • Quality & style 
  • Personalization 

Most uniquely, this Georgia dropshipping supplier of floor mats dedicates itself to their environmental commitment. Matterly uses recycled materials in their matt production and commits itsels to providing carbon-neutral shipping. Plus, they use a portion of their revenue to carbon removal companies to remove however much carbon their shipments release. 

Matterly also greatly focuses on quality and style, producing bold and eye-catching floor mats. Additionally, their quality is top-notch, offering mats that don’t shed or get worn down easily. They also offer personalized and monogrammed mats. This can be a great selling point for potential customers. 

Mi Hair Distribution

Mi Hair Distribution Georgia supplier

Mi Hair Distribution is a niche Georgia dropshipping supplier that sells hair extensions. Notably, they are a wholesale supplier with the following key features: 

  • MOQ
  • Wide product range
  • Color chart 

Mi Hair Distribution, like most wholesalers, has a minimum order quantity. However, their MOQ doesn’t rely on how many items we order but on how much the total cost comes down to. So, their MOQ is $100 plus shipping. But, it won’t be a problem to reach that MOQ since they have an incredibly wide product range. 

Apart from their extensive collection of hair extensions, they also offer hair products and accessories. And, to help our customers out in their shopping, this Georgia supplier offers a color chart. That way, our customers can purchase exactly what they need. 

Aroma Ridge Coffee Roasters

Arome Ridge Coffee Roaster supplier

Next up, another great Georgia niche dropshipping supplier is Aroma Ridge Coffee Roasters. This mom-and-pop business has been around for four generations and is still going strong.

Key features: 

  • Sustainable sources beans 
  • Fresh and customized
  • Wide range of products 

Aroma Ridge is all about the quality we can taste, offering a wide range of sustainably sourced coffee beans. The beans are hand-picked, including single-origin coffee, organic coffee, gourmet coffee, and more. Each order is roasted and flavored to order, ensuring every bag of coffee is delivered to our customer’s door fresh and personalized to their palette.

Plus, they offer a wide range of products: flavored coffee, tea, monin, seasonings, and rum cakes. In fact, they even offer gifts. With this type of wide product range, we can still focus on the niche while offering a good selection of products.

Beginner’s Tip: Offer bundles of multiple complimentary products to increase your average order value.  For example, flavored coffee and monin can be a good bundle.

Dropship Bundles

Dropship Bundles dropshipping suppliers georgia

Dropship Bundles is another Georgia dropshipping supplier for hair extensions. While their main focus is on hair extensions, they also cater to other beauty needs. 

With that said, let’s see some of Dropship Bundles’ unique features: 

  • Custom branding 
  • Extensive & unique product catalog 
  • Dropship service 

Importantly, this Georgia dropshipping supplier offers custom branding, allowing us to brand our shipping packages. This allows us to grow our brand recognition and beat the competition. Plus, with an extensive extension catalog including lots of variety, we can cater to various customers. We can also source faux lashes, makeup, and more. 

Uniquely, Dropship Bundles specifically focused on sourcing to dropshippers. Their support for dropshippers makes it easier for us to source safely from them. 

Gold N’ Diamonds

Gold N' Diamonds dropshipping supplier Georgia

Now, another Georgia supplier with a dropshipping program is Gold N’ Diamonds. Notably, the jewelry niche is always a best-seller and will remain an evergreen niche in dropshipping for a long time. So, finding a reliable dropshipping supplier in Georgia is paramount. 

With that in mind, let’s see what makes Gold N’ Diamonds a solid choice:

  • Dropship Program 
  • Wholesale jewelry supplier
  • Variety 

Gold N’ Diamonds focuses on helping dropshipping businesses grow annual revenue and profits with quality fine diamond jewelry. However, we do need to make an account and get approved. Once we get approved, they make the dropshipping process easy. 

Plus, they are a wholesale jewelry supplier, allowing us to source at better prices and mark them up in our store. That way we can maximize our profits. Gold N’ Diamonds offers a lot of variety in diamond jewelry. For example, they sell engagement rings, cufflinks, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and much more.

Beginner’s Tip: Offer discounts around major holiday where jewelry would make a great gift to increase your sales. Offer discounts for International Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day & Christmas.


Swordsaxe dropshipping supplier Georgia

Now we have a more unique supplier, Swordsaxe. With Swordsaxe, we can source swords, shields, axes, armor and other medieval paraphernalia.

Key features:

  • Unique 
  • Good quality 
  • World’s biggest shield & sword collection 

Swordsaxe is one of the most unique dropshipping suppliers in Georgia. This is because it sells more unusual and unique items like swords, armors and shields. However, the products they sell are good quality. So, we can target them towards true enthusiasts willing to drop a pretty penny. 

Plus, Swordsaxe’s shield and swords collection is the biggest in the world. This allows us to offer a wide range of products and profit from the fact that we can sell these items as high-ticket items. 

Official Sea Moss

Official Sea Moss dropshipping suppliers georgia

Now, we have a Georgia dropshipping supplier for sea moss, Official Sea Moss. This superfood supplier offers a variety of sea moss iterations, allowing us to offer our customers choices. In fact, we can sell it as a powder, a gel, raw, capsule, etc. 

However, there are some key features that will convince us to dropship this product:

  • Celebrity hype 
  • Wholesale options
  • Bundles 

First and foremost, there is a lot of celebrity hype around sea moss because of its extensive health benefits. Since celebrities have a lot of influence over the overall demand for any product, the demand for sea moss has truly skyrocketed. We can leverage this in order to push out our products and see a lot of sales come in. 

Plus, Official Sea Moss offers bundles, making it easier for us to increase our average order value. And, with their wholesale option, we can source for lower prices. 

Private Label Extensions

Private Label Extensions dropshipping suppliers georgia

Our last dropshipping supplier from Georgia is Private Label Extension. Obviously, this is another hair extension supplier that offers quality hair products. 

Key features: 

  • Product variety 
  • 1-hour delivery in select cities 
  • Bundle offers 

Interestingly, apart from hair extensions and wigs, Private Label Extension sells numerous other products as well. For example, they sell hot tools for hair, accessories, cosmetics, lashes and more. So, if we source from this supplier, we can offer a variety of products. 

They also offer 1-hour delivery in some of the cities where they have stores: Atlanta, Detroit, and Charlotte. This allows us to improve the customer’s shopping experience. And they also offer bundle deals, which, as we know, increase our average order value. 

+ More US Reliable Dropshipping Suppliers 

However, apart from the Georgia dropshipping suppliers listed above, we can utilize some reliable US suppliers. Notably, many US suppliers are supported by AutoDS. We can automate our sourcing process. 

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the US’ best suppliers: 

  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Walmart 
  • +25 US Suppliers 


Etsy US dropshipping supplier

Etsy is an American marketplace and home to a variety of one-of-a-kind items made by independent artists, crafters, and collectors. Using Etsy, we can source custom-made, vintage, and handmade décor, accessories, art, clothing, and much more.


eBay US dropshipping supplier

Next on our list is eBay. In truth, it’s one of the best suppliers to source from because it’s so diverse and well-supplied. Plus, they can deliver our customers’ orders faster with their express shipping options.


Amazon US dropshipping supplier

Now, moving on to Amazon. Amazon is one of the eCommerce leaders on a global scale. Plus, it has a huge product selection, with millions of products covering every category. Because of this, they are one of the most attractive suppliers to source from.


Walmart US dropshipping supplier

Walmart is primarily used to source products for the American consumer. It has delightful perks, like a wide range of diverse products and next-day delivery. It also gives the option to send our product in gift packaging. 

But, these are not the only US dropshipping suppliers we can source from. There are numerous suppliers that we can choose to work with from the US. This gives us a broader choice of suppliers to find the one that best fits our needs. With a list of over 25 solid US suppliers, we have our pick. 

Start & Scale Your Georgia Dropshipping Store

AutoDS dropshipping automation tool

One of the best aspects of dropshipping is that we can automate our tasks with tools like AutoDS! As such, dropshipping automation allows us to automate the entire dropshipping process. AutoDS also helps us find and connect with trustworthy suppliers. So, we save a bunch of time and effort while reducing errors. By automating our dropshipping processes, we can optimize our business and boost profits. 

With this in mind, the best all-in-one automation tool to use is AutoDS. AutoDS has a myriad of tools that allow us to scale and grow our dropshipping business:

  • Advanced Winning Products Hub
  • Easy Product Imports
  • Price/Stock Monitoring
  • Complete Order Fulfillment
  • Price Optimization

…and more!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is dropshipping available in Georgia?

Of course! In fact, there are numerous dropshipping suppliers based in Georgia that are perfect for the Georgia market. 

How do I find Georgia dropshipping suppliers?

Research. You can do manual research using relevant keywords to find Georgia dropshipping suppliers. Or, you can use a tool like Google Lens to find the suppliers of the products you’re interested in selling.

Which are the best niches to dropship with Georgia suppliers? 

Notably, Georgia is booming in the hair extensions niche, so a few of the Georgia suppliers on the list are for hair extensions. But, a few other profitable niches to dropship in Georgia are supplements and beauty products. 


And there we go! We have all the knowledge about the top 10 dropshipping suppliers in Georgia.

With these local suppliers, we are ready to dropship anywhere in the United States. Additionally, we can impress our Georgia customers with fast shipping times and quality products. As a result, it will give us a significant edge over our dropshipping competitors.

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