1. What Are The VERO Products?

VERO products are the products that are copyrighted by their owners, and you can not sell these products on eBay without having a direct agreement from the owners.

2. Why You Shouldn’t List VERO Products?

If you list VERO The brand owners can reach out to eBay, then eBay will remove your listings that violate the brand owners.

3. How to Identify VERO Products?

eBay has a VERO program system, and they list the brands that you can not sell on eBay. Brands need to have a direct reselling agreement from the brand itself to sell them.

The issue is that eBay’s VERO list does not have all the brands that you can not sell on eBay.

For example, if you are dropshipping from Walmart and you list a product that belongs to XYZ company, and this company is not on eBay’s VERO list.

The XYZ company can still contact eBay and ask them to take down the listing, which eBay will do.

Most of the time, you only get a VERO warning from eBay, indicating which products got removed. Along with which brand reported them.

But if you keep listing VERO products without having Authorization from the people behind the brand, you can either get suspended for 3, 7, 14 then for 30 days.

If you keep listing VERO products, you could get suspended forever from selling on eBay. Especially if the company reported to eBay that you are selling a counterfeit item.

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4. AutoDS VERO List

Because we as AutoDS team know how serious VERO variations are, we started building the AutoDS VERO list.

The AutoDS VERO list includes not only items from participants’ brands on eBay’s VERO program but also brands that are copyrighted by their owners. Products that require specific authorization for listing them on eBay.

This list is being updated regularly from reports of our users on the chat support and VERO violation messages that they receive.

AutoDS system analyzes all of the messages of all the linked stores to AutoDS, which are over 7000 stores.

Then we automatically take the brand or keywords from the VERO violation messages, and we add them to the AutoDS VERO list.

Most of the tools, including the AutoDS in the past, you could discover a VERO product only during the uploading process.

But, a few months ago, we added a new feature called the Vero Filter that changed the whole game.

To use it, you can go to the Active Listings page and click on the Filter option.

You can search for all the Vero items, Vero in Title, Vero in Brand/ Manufacturer, or Vero in Description.

We have all these options because sometimes the brand itself is not VERO.

Maybe the title or the description contains a generic word that considered as VERO on eBay.

Therefore it’s better for you as a dropshipper to filter the products and check what you want to remove.

This system decreases the amount of blocked eBay accounts, the suspended eBay accounts by a lot of the percent.

We believe that AutoDS internal VERO detection system is one of the most robust systems in the dropshipping industry. It gets updated regularly.


We hope that this article helped you, we encourage you to go at least once a week and filter products based on the Vero Filter, because the list keeps growing to include new VERO brands.