Are you a store owner looking to get great deals and discounts for your dropshipping business? Look no further! AliExpress is one of the most popular eCommerce websites in the world that offers a wide range of products that are also low-cost. Along with it, they offer AliExpress Flash Deals (or Super Deals) and discounts on many products, thus helping dropshippers save more.

In essence, these super deals can help us find unique offers that can elevate profits significantly. This is why we need to know how to optimize our product hunt on AliExpress.  

Therefore, this article will explain how we can take advantage of the AliExpress SuperDeals.

What Are AliExpress SuperDeals?

Benefits of AliExpress Super Deals Dropshipping

Previously known as AliExpress Flash Deals, Super Deals is a special section on AliExpress. As such, it offers shoppers a wide range of discounts on top-quality products.

With these special offers, AliExpress Flash Deals (or Super Deals) allow dropshippers to purchase items at incredibly low prices in various categories. Thus, we can save a huge amount of money when dropshipping products from AliExpress Flash Deals. Ultimately, it gives us a competitive advantage by offering better prices to our customers.

How To Use AliExpress SuperDeals To Maximize Profits

how to dropship from AliExpress Super Deals

To see what deals are available on AliExpress SuperDeals, we need to navigate to the Super Deals section. While we don’t need an AliExpress account to see the section, it is essential to be logged in when it comes to saving and importing products. Also, logging in allows AliExpress to provide personalized recommendations according to our history.

To navigate to SuperDeals, first go to the homepage of AliExpress. Then, click on Super Deals. Now, we will be redirected to the Super Deals page. On this page, we can see various products listed for huge discounts. Additionally, we can also find different offers under the Super price, sale, and multiple product category segments. Furthermore, the discounts are listed under two sections:

Let’s understand each of the sections in detail. 

AliExpress SuperDeals: Now Section

As the name suggests, the Now section includes bargain deals on currently available products. That means the deals are only valid for a certain period and are gone once the time runs out. Therefore, we can import these products to our store and sell them at a higher price to make huge profits. For instance, we can click on Men’s Clothing and find discounted products under that category.

AliExpress Super Deals dropshipping to scale our business

On top of that, we can also see various data along with the products. Thus, we can analyze whether the product is worth dropshipping. For instance, we can inspect stats such as free shipping and returns, number of orders, and rating. From this information, we can ensure we’re not only dropshipping low-cost products but also ones that are in demand.

Similarly, if we are dropshipping from a different niche, for example, Electronics, we can find special deals and discounts from the Tech category.

AliExpress Super Deals dropshipping to scale our business

On the left-hand side of the image, we can also see that these deals are only there for a limited period. After the time runs out, we will see new deals replace current offers.

Super Deals Dropahipping Now section

With such deals from various categories, we can offer higher discounts in our stores to attract more customers.

AliExpress SuperDeals: Upcoming Section

Besides the Now section, AliExpress SuperDeals also has an Upcoming section. This includes offers that are coming soon. This section features upcoming deals that will be available in the future, allowing dropshippers to offer promotions and discounts beforehand.

By leveraging this feature, we can get ahead of our competitors. For instance, we can build customer loyalty by sending out relevant email marketing campaigns highlighting imminent product discounts.

AliExpress Flash Deals: All You Need To Know

AliExpress Weekly Deals dropshipping

While we covered Super Deals, there are plenty of other sections on AliExpress that we can use to optimize our products and increase our sales. Here are three other sections that offer great product deals:

AliExpress Weekly Deals

First, we have AliExpress Weekly Deals. This section consists of special discounted deals that are updated every week. To navigate to this section, go to the AliExpress Homepage and scroll down.

Finally, click on Weekly Deals. This section includes special deals that are available for a week. Thus, we can list the products and offer extra discounts to our customers for the whole week.

AliExpress Hot Sales

Another segment that provides special deals and discounts is Hot Sales. We can navigate to Hot Sales from the Weekly Deals page. In essence, hot sales is a section where we can find trending products at reduced prices. These can include seasonal sales or stock clearance sales.

Hence, we can get great bargain deals which we can offer to our customers. For example, we can offer discount coupon codes when promoting our products.

AliExpress Great Value Deals

Finally, we can access Great Value Deals from the Weekly Deals page. In essence, this section includes products with huge discounts. To find products from this section, tap on Great Value Deals from the Weekly Deals page.

In a nutshell, AliExpress offers multiple sections that provide various deals and discounts. However, if we want to keep it simple, we can stick to researching Super Deals to discover the latest deals and discounts. Additionally, whether we’re looking for something specific or multiple categories, AliExpress Super Deals has something that fits our needs at a discounted price.

How To Quickly Import AliExpress Products To Your Dropshipping Store

While AliExpress offers huge discounts and great deals, they only last for a specific time. Therefore, we need to import the discounted products as soon as possible to take full advantage of the offers.

Generally, we can import those products in two different ways: manually and automatically. To clarify, manual importing products requires us to copy product details such as titles, descriptions, images, and variations. In short, it is very time-consuming and overwhelming when we have to import products manually.

On the other hand, dropshipping automation tools can help us import discounted products automatically. With automation, we can even complete the process of importing thousands of products in a few seconds.

As such, we can rely on AutoDS, one of the most popular dropshipping automation software that offers automatic importing features. Remarkably, the AutoDS product importer tool offers four different importing features, which are:

  • One-click Importer
  • Single Product Importer
  • Multiple Product Importer
  • Bulk Upload with a CSV file

After we spot a good deal on the Super Deals page, go to the product’s page and copy the product title. Then, go to the search bar on AliExpress, paste the title, and click on search. This will list all the products relevant to the title and the ones we want to import.

how to import products from AliExpress Super Deals

Now, to import the product automatically, install the AutoDS Dropshipping Helper Extension. For demonstration, we will use a one-click product importer. Next, select the target product and click on the import icon above the product image.

Import product from AliExpress with AutoDS

This enables AutoDS to extract all the product information, such as the product’s title, description, photos, and variations, automatically. After extraction, it then uploads the details to the draft page of the AutoDS platform.

To elaborate, the drafts page allows us to optimize our product listings before publishing them in our store. In short, enhancing our listing allows us to stand out from the competition. When the product is optimized, click on import to publish the listing in our store.

AutoDS Drafts page AliExpress Super Deals

Overall, the whole process of importing is automatic and takes under a minute. Hence, the automatic method is superior and more efficient than the manual one. With this feature, we quickly scale our business to earn more profits.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AliExpress A Good Dropshipping Supplier?

Absolutely, AliExpress is a good dropshipping supplier as it provides a wide range of products at competitive prices. Additionally, AliExpress is an amazing supplier that offers dropshipping-friendly services.  

How Can I Find The Best AliExpress Dropshipping Products?

We can find the best AliExpress dropshipping products with excellent product research. In essence, product research allows us to find in-demand and trending products that have a high-profit potential. Furthermore, we can also use AliExpress Dropship Center to find winning products.

How Can I Find The Most Affordable Products On AliExpress?

We can find the most affordable products on AliExpress from the AliExpress Super Deals section. As this page includes products with massive discounts, we can make huge savings when dropshipping these products. 


Awesome! Now, we have a complete overview of dropshipping from AliExpress Super Deals. Moreover, we also know how we can import these products to take advantage of the special discounts. Once we start to sell these highly profitable products, we can further use dropshipping automation to scale our profits quickly.

Overall, besides these super deals, AliExpress offers plenty of benefits. So, here are articles that help us to maximize the profit potential of AliExpress dropshipping: