1) Flash Deals:

All you need to do is to go to AliExpress and click on Flash Deals.

To take the most out of this method, you need to check from what category your last sold item is.

For example, let us say that we sold a Home Improvement item; we need to choose the home improvement category on AliExpress.

Now, we have a page full of home improvements products that have Flash deals on them.

After that, we need to grab all the items using the AutoDS Helper Extension.

Most of the time, the number of products will be between 25 to 100. It depends on the category and the current deals.

Therefore, you should do this step every day for all the products that you sold in the last days.

To better demonstrate this, let say that you also sold products from the Home and Garden category.

You need to choose the right category on AliExpress and then extract all the items using AutoDS Extension. This way, you will have a new list every day.

Because you are using a monitoring tool, it will be easy for you. As you will upload the products now with the discounts and when the price goes up your monitor software will automatically adjust the price for you.

This gives you a massive advantage over your competitors because many drop shippers are dropshipping from AliExpress without any monitoring tool.

Those Drop Shippers will not know when the price increases or decreases for these products. They will be posting these products for a much higher price than you because they do not have these deals.

What can you do to maximize your profit even more?

You can go to one of the flash deals products and copy the title and try to search it on AliExpress.

And now you can also take other similar products and upload them to your store.

This way, if someone came to your store because of the discounted price that you gave, he can also search your store to find something similar.

You should always consider having multiple similar products from the same niche.

This technique will help you maximize your profits when you are dropshipping. You can apply the same method on any site that has flash deals like Banggood, AiExpress, or Amazon.

2) The Upcoming Deals:

You can even go to the upcoming deals section and also grab items using the same method.

These products still do not have any flash deals at the moment, but they will have them within the upcoming days or weeks.

As soon as the products have deals, your price will get decreased, and you will be cheaper than most of your competitors.

You may even sell these products before the deal arrive, which will be even better as you will get higher exposure on the search result.