Many dropshippers reached out to us, telling us that they don’t know what to do because they have problems with Amazon, and they don’t know which suppliers to use as an alternative.

We always recommend them to go to any Chinese suppliers that support dropshipping and want to work with dropshippers. Then import products using the bulk uploads.

We noticed that most of the dropshippers are worried about uploading low-quality products that will hurt their stores.

In this article, we will explain to you how you can use the same bulk upload strategies that you use when you are dropshipping from Amazon, but now for the Chinese suppliers.

The first thing that we need to understand is that we can find good suppliers inside Aliexpress. We can work with these suppliers on the same method that we work with any other supplier.

Aliexpress is a marketplace that means that many different suppliers are selling on the AliExpress marketplace. Part of them are low-quality suppliers, and part of them have high-quality products.

So we need to identify the suppliers that we want to work with for the long term and upload their products to our stores without risks.

How to find suppliers?

The first thing that we need to do is to download an extension called AliTools. We already wrote a full overview article about AliTools, you can check it from here.

The second thing is that we need to identify good suppliers, suppliers that give excellent customer support. Their products are high-quality products. They’re selling on AliExpress for more than a year.

It means that they will not take risks, and they will not hurt you in any way. If a product arrives damaged to your customers or the product was a low-quality product, they will issue you a full refund.

AliExpress sellers care about their reputation and their time, their feedbacks and everything same as you on eBay.

You need to go to Aliexpress and search for anything that you want.

Let’s say we want to upload a shoe stand. Now let us filter the results based on how many stars the products have and by orders.

Remember, we are not searching for one product, we are searching for the whole supplier because we want to go massively and upload a lot of products.

Let us take randomly one product from the result, and let’s see what we can do with it.

We can see the number of followers and the number of feedbacks that this supplier has.

More than 95% positive feedbacks in Aliexpress is good for us, and it’s enough. We don’t need 98% or 99%. 96% is okay for us as dropshippers.

Don’t forget that we also have the Aliexpress resolution Center which also comes and secure us for any issue and any problem. 

Also, suppliers like this will not use shady techniques because they want to work for a long time with you. 

What we should do now is to go and check the AliExpress seller using AliTools Extension.

We can see that the supplier is active for more than three years on Aliexpress. He will not hurt his account just for one or two orders.

Buyers are satisfied with the seller’s communication, and the products match their description, which is super important for us.

You should never drop ship products from a supplier that does their products don’t match their descriptions.

Six percent of the buyers are dissatisfied with the products from this seller.

it’s okay because it’s not a high percent and we can quickly solve the issues with these buyers on eBay using eBay cases or provide excellent customer support.

So the overall of this supplier is 92%, which is enough for us as drop shippers.

Now let’s go to this supplier and enter inside his store.

Then click on the top-selling section so we can find the products which sell well for this seller.

The first thing that we can do is also sort the seller’s products by orders, prices, free shipping, and so on.

Then we will need to open the AutoDS Helper extension and click the extract button, and we will get all of the products from this page.

Now when you see that you are working with this supplier consistently and you have good sales from them, you can also send them a message to get coupons from them. You can contact them using WeChat, and start working with them directly.

So this is a great way to find suppliers and products for bulk uploads quickly and in the safest way.

We managed to find a good supplier in a matter of minutes, which we can use to upload products to our eBay Stores.

You can also click the follow button to follow the supplier to get updated when they list new products.

Uploading Products in Bulk Using AutoDS

So now we have 24 products. You can either click the export as CSV or copy them.

Then go to AutoDS bulk upload and paste the products ids, then choose AliExpress and click upload. That’s all!

It is straightforward; it works precisely the same way as any other supplier.

A good seller is a good seller. It doesn’t matter from which country they are. As long as you can see that people are happy with their products and working with them, there is no reason to bulk upload products from this supplier.


We hope that this article helped you, and now you will unlock a new level in your dropshipping journey.

Now it’s the time to list AliExpress products in bulk on eBay as the professional dropshippers do so you can increase your profit.