The short answer is that we recommend you start with only one dropshipping supplier. Give yourself enough time to understand how to work with it and get to know its return policies, shipping policies, and the actual shipping times. Find out its tips and tricks and try to get the most out of it as a dropshipper.

Once you master dropshipping from one supplier, you can then slowly start using another and begin the learning process to master it.

Here are the 3 reasons why we recommend focusing only on one supplier at the beginning of your dropshipping journey:

Different Methods For Every Dropshipping Supplier

Different Methods For Every Dropshipping Supplier

We know that learning the benefits and limitations of a dropshipping supplier can take several months.

Every supplier has specific requirements for doing returns or refunds, etc. Also, every supplier has a unique way of finding profitable products to dropship; for example, Amazon has its movers and shakers page. Aliexpress has its dropshipping center the same thing with Banggood.

So using more than one dropshipping supplier at the same time without mastering one first can make your learning process slow and complicated, and you may end up not learning the methods the right way. So focus on one supplier at first, master it, then you can move to a new one.

One Supplier Is Sufficient For a Start

If we look at the number of products on one of these dropshipping suppliers, we will find millions of products, and the number is continuously growing.

For example, this data shared by Scrapehero in 2018 shows that Walmart Has Over 46 Million products across its stores, offering same-day delivery.  


Another data article from the same company shows Amazon has 564 million products as of January 2018.   


You should know that millions of products are added to these suppliers’ inventories every year.

With these numbers of products, you would agree that using one dropshipping supplier is enough for you to start finding items to sell on your dropshipping store. 

You just need to compare these dropshipping suppliers and see which one offers the most benefits. Try also to study the risks that may be imposed by certain suppliers.

Take your time to learn the chosen supplier policies to avoid mistakes, and get to know the smartest way to work with that supplier.

Privileges Of Using One Dropshipping Supplier 

Sometimes using one dropshipping supplier consistently can give you some advantages over normal users of that supplier.

Let us take Banggood dropshipping center as an example and look at their dropshipping program.

The Banggood dropship center is a program from Banggood where you get discounts on your dropshipping orders while increasing your account level. The more your account levels up, the higher the discounts you get on your orders, which will add to your net profit.


With this program, you will immediately receive a 5% discount on each transaction. You can reach up to a 20% discount on your orders.

With these discounts, you will obtain a competitive edge over time and earn much more than your competitors.

AutoDS has a partnership with Banggood; for that reason, we can offer our users a VIP level when they register at the Banggood dropshipping center.

You can learn more about it here: register at Banggood’s dropship center and get immediately the VIP level.


We hope that this article will help to decide whether you should use only one supplier at the beginning or multiple dropshipping suppliers at the same time.

What are you waiting for? Go and start implementing what you learned now.