Are you curious about what are the best things to sell on Amazon? Choosing the right products is an important step in your journey as an Amazon seller. The wide variety of options can leave you confused and unsure of where to start.

We understand you want products that appeal to customers and generate steady profits. This article will provide simple and effective strategies for product research, market analysis, and niche identification. By following these insights, you can understand what sells well on Amazon and make informed decisions to boost your chances of success.

10 Best Things to Sell On Amazon

Selecting the right products to sell on Amazon is crucial in determining your success as an online seller. Here is a list of the ten most profitable items to sell on Amazon.

1. Home and Kitchen

home and kitchen towel holder

Topping our list of the best things to sell on Amazon is the Home & Kitchen category. It is a highly profitable product niche on the platform, catering to the essential needs of individuals looking to enhance their living spaces and make their kitchens functional and stylish.

This category offers a diverse range of products that can generate substantial profits for sellers. According to consumer trend statistics, Amazon’s Home & Kitchen segment has witnessed significant growth in recent years, with increased consumer spending on home improvement and kitchen essentials.

In fact, a notable statistic highlighting the profit potential of the Home & Kitchen niche on Amazon is the surge in sales during major shopping events like Prime Day and Black Friday. Additionally, the Home & Kitchen category consistently ranks among the top-selling segments during these peak shopping periods, experiencing a considerable increase in sales and revenue.

To help you visualize how much you can potentially earn in selling Home & Kitchen products, here is an example:

Amazon cat paw shaped seat cushion

Product img
Cat Paw Shaped Seat Cushion
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time:

cat paw shaped cushion supplier AliExpress

This cat paw cushion from Amazon sells for $64.99 apiece. We found a supplier in AliExpress selling each for only $5.87 and offers free shipping. With these values, we can easily compute that the Amazon dropshipper profits $59.12 for every cushion they sell. Assuming they sell 1000 units of this product monthly, they earn $59,120.

Aside from these tumblers, several Home &Kitchen items have proven popular among customers, generating significant profits for sellers. Here are some examples:

  • Silicone cooking utensil set
  • Mini portable blender
  • Bamboo cutting board set
  • Collapsible food storage containers
  • Decorative cushion covers
  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Smart thermostat
  • Non-stick frying pan set
  • Compact microwave oven
  • Adjustable bar stools

2. Electronics 

amazon electronics wireless earbuds

Next on our list is the Electronics niche. This is also one of the easiest things to sell on Amazon, as there is always an ever-growing demand for innovative gadgets and technology-driven products.

From smartphones and tablets to smart home devices and audio equipment, electronics have become important to people’s lives. Thus, the value it contributes makes this product category a profitable opportunity for sellers.

Moreover, consumer electronics accounted for $86.92 billion in online sales in the United States in 2020. Notably, the Electronics category showcased its dominance, with top seven best-selling products during Prime Day 2020 being all from the Electronics category.

Several essential goods in the electronics sector have proven popular with buyers, resulting in large earnings for merchants. Here are several examples:

  • Wireless earbuds
  • Portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Smartphone camera lenses
  • Fitness tracker watch
  • HDMI cables
  • USB charging cables
  • Power banks
  • Gaming headphones
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Mini projector

3. Health & Personal Care 

home and beauty electric toothbrush

The Health and Personal Care niche is our third best thing to sell on Amazon. It caters to the growing interest in self-care, wellness, and personal grooming.

This niche covers many trending beauty products that help individuals maintain and improve their health, hygiene, and overall well-being. Undeniably, with an increasing emphasis on self-care routines and a holistic approach to wellness, the demand for health and personal care products continues to rise.

US beauty and personal care products market by grand view research

According to a report by Grand View Research, the global personal care market size was valued at $134.8 billion in 2020. Moreover, it is expected to rise by 4.8% from 2021 to 2028. In addition, the report also highlights the rising consumer inclination towards health and wellness, driving the demand for products in the health and personal care category.

Within the health and personal care niche, several products have proven to be highly profitable for sellers on Amazon:

  • Electric toothbrush
  • Facial cleansing brush
  • Resistance bands
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Acupressure mat
  • Posture corrector
  • Yoga mat
  • Electric shaver
  • Massage gun
  • Teeth whitening kit

4. Baby Products

baby diaper backpack

Another product category that made it to our list is Baby Products. This niche addresses the demands of parents and caregivers searching for high-quality and dependable products for their newborns and toddlers.

It includes essential items that help with baby care, comfort, and growth. Further, with a constant need for baby supplies and an influx of new parents into the market, selling baby products on Amazon gives sellers a high potential to earn huge profits.

Here are baby products that are currently trending in the market:

  • Baby swaddle blankets
  • Diaper backpack
  • Baby carrier
  • Nursing cover
  • Baby milestone blankets
  • Baby bibs
  • Baby teething toys
  • Baby sleep sacks
  • Baby strollers
  • Baby food makers

5. Books

fiction novel books amazon

Next, books continue to be a thriving and profitable product category on Amazon, catering to customers’ diverse interests and reading preferences worldwide. Indeed, with the enduring appeal of physical books, selling books on Amazon presents a lucrative opportunity for sellers in the publishing industry.

This category has various genres and subjects, making it a versatile and profitable niche. Take the case of the United Kingdom, where a survey revealed that 71% of readers had purchased a book from Amazon within 12 months. At the same time, 67% of readers in the United States reported buying a book from Amazon. Unquestionably, these figures show widespread popularity and consumer trust in Amazon as a primary source for purchasing books.

Here are popular book products that you might want to try selling on your Amazon online store:

  • Fiction Novels
  • Self-Help and Personal Development Books
  • Cookbooks and Recipe Books
  • Children’s Picture Books
  • Young Adult Fiction Books
  • Mystery and Thriller Novels
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Books
  • Biographies and Memoirs
  • Educational Textbooks
  • Art and Photography Books

6. Clothing & Accessories 

Clothing and Accessories is a promising niche as one of the best products to sell on Amazon for beginners. This category includes apparel, footwear, and accessories, catering to diverse customer preferences and fashion trends. As a matter of fact, selling clothing and accessories can be profitable due to the consistent demand and the popularity of online fashion shopping.

Evidently, a recent study explored online apparel shopping and uncovered an interesting fact: Americans prefer buying clothes on Amazon more than any other online store. It surveyed 2,000 consumers and found that 50.7% had shopped for clothing on Amazon in the past six months. 

If you are interested in offering clothing and accessories on this platform, here are the easiest things to sell on Amazon from this category:

  • Women’s leggings
  • Men’s slim-fit dress shirts
  • Women’s athletic shoes
  • Men’s leather wallets
  • Women’s tote bags
  • Men’s stainless steel watches
  • Women’s sunglasses
  • Men’s casual sneakers
  • Women’s statement necklaces
  • Men’s fashion belts

7. Toys & Games

toys category amazon

Up next, Toys and games have long been a popular and profitable category on Amazon, captivating the hearts of children and adults alike. Undoubtedly, with the increasing demand for toys and games, selling these items on Amazon is wise.

Here are some of the Toys and Games products that you can sell on your Amazon dropshipping store:

  • Building blocks set
  • Board games for families
  • Outdoor play equipment (e.g., swing sets)
  • Educational toys for toddlers
  • Dolls and action figures
  • Puzzles and brain teasers
  • Remote control cars and drones
  • Art and craft kits for kids
  • Card games for adults
  • Sports equipment for children

8. Sports & Outdoors

workout resistance bands

Our eighth best thing to sell on Amazon is the Sports and Outdoors category. This niche includes sports equipment, outdoor gear, fitness accessories, etc. As outdoor activities become increasingly popular and people focus more on their health and well-being, selling sports and outdoor products on Amazon is incredibly rewarding in terms of profits.

Moreover, Amazon’s platform is a hub for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, offering a vast selection of products from established brands to niche offerings. With convenient search filters, detailed product descriptions, and customer reviews, Amazon provides a trusted platform for customers to discover, compare, and purchase sports and outdoor items.

For instance, in a survey conducted in 2021, approximately 40% of respondents in the United States revealed that they had purchased sporting goods from an online marketplace. Most of these people stated Amazon as their main shopping platform for these products.

Here are the best sports and outdoor equipment that you can list on your Amazon online store:

  • Resistance bands for fitness
  • Camping tents
  • Yoga mats
  • Bike accessories (e.g., bike lights, locks)
  • Hiking backpacks
  • Golf clubs and accessories
  • Water bottles for outdoor activities
  • Soccer balls
  • Outdoor grills and cooking equipment
  • Fishing gear and accessories

9. Pet Supplies

Next, selling pet supplies on Amazon opens up a world of opportunities to cater to the needs of furry friends and their devoted owners. In this niche, you can sell food, toys, grooming supplies, accessories, and more, providing everything a pet parent could ever want.

Evidently, the pet industry is a booming market, with pet owners willing to go the extra mile to ensure the well-being and happiness of their beloved companions. For instance, the Jungle Scout Q1 2022 Consumer Trends Report shows a significant increase in demand for pet supplies, with 18% of consumers reporting buying more pet-related products.

Even more exciting is that Amazon plays a significant role in this trend. Whereas, a report reveals that 15% of consumers choose Amazon as their go-to platform for purchasing pet supplies.

Do you want to take advantage of this growing trend? Here are the best pet supplies that you can include in your Amazon listing:

  • Pet beds and blankets
  • Dog harnesses and leashes
  • Cat scratching posts
  • Pet grooming tools
  • Pet feeding bowls and water dispensers
  • Cat and dog toys
  • Pet carriers and travel accessories
  • Aquarium decorations and accessories
  • Bird cages and perches
  • Small animal habitats and accessories (e.g., hamster cages)

10. Home Improvement

wall decals home improvement amazon

Last but not least on our list of the best things to sell on Amazon is the Home Improvement category. It includes tools, décor, and renovation essentials.

Indeed, the home improvement industry has been experiencing remarkable growth in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in this growth. As people spent more time at home, they focused on renovating and improving their living spaces, often taking on exciting DIY (do-it-yourself) projects.

Here are the best home improvement supplies that you can list in your Amazon dropshipping store:

  • LED light bulbs
  • Smart home devices (e.g., smart thermostats, smart plugs)
  • Power tools and accessories
  • Wall decals and stickers
  • Home security systems and cameras
  • Paint supplies and accessories
  • Cabinet hardware and handles
  • Door locks and handle sets
  • Window blinds and curtains
  • Bathroom fixtures and accessories

The Most Reliable Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers To Source From 

When running a successful Amazon dropshipping business, choosing a reliable supplier is essential. Keep in mind that your supplier is your business partner. They can affect the overall success and customer satisfaction of your online store.

To make it easier, we’ve rounded up the most reliable and trusted suppliers to help you grow your Amazon business to new heights. Unquestionably, these suppliers offer a wide range of products and provide exceptional service, reliable shipping, and competitive pricing.

1. AutoDS Warehouse

AutoDS Marketplace

AutoDS Warehouse is a reliable supplier for your Amazon dropshipping store due to its convenient integration with the AutoDS Marketplace and the range of products it offers. As part of the feature, this gives you access to a wide selection of selling products from various well-known suppliers. 

Additionally, AutoDS Warehouse serves as a fulfillment center in China where we continually source and stock thousands of products specifically for dropshipping businesses like yours. Thus, you can rely on a consistent supply of items to meet the demands of your customers. 

Moreover, AutoDS Warehouse ensures quality control and efficient fulfillment processes. Doing so allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while we package and ship the products directly to your customers.

2. Walmart 


Walmart is third on our list for its extensive range of products and trusted brand reputation. As a well-known retail giant, it offers various products at competitive prices. 

By sourcing from Walmart, you can access a vast inventory that caters to various niches and customer preferences. Through this, you can offer your Amazon customers a diverse selection of products, increasing your chances of attracting a larger customer base and more sales.

In addition to its extensive product range and trusted brand, Walmart provides reliable shipping and fulfillment services. They can handle large orders, ensuring efficient order processing and timely delivery. 

3. Kohl’s


Kohl’s is a trusted clothing, accessories, and home goods supplier. Their commitment to offering high-quality items ensures you can source reliable and desirable products for your Amazon store.

Furthermore, Kohl’s is known for providing exceptional customer service, which translates into a positive experience for your customers. Their dedicated support teams are readily available to address any inquiries or concerns, ensuring you can provide timely and accurate assistance to your customers. 

4. Macy’s 


As a modern department store, Macy’s includes celebrated brands such as Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Bluemercury. With these well-established brands, Macy’s helps customers express their unique style and celebrate special moments, regardless of shopping preferences.

By partnering with Macy’s as a supplier, you can tap into their extensive product range, such as fashion, home goods, beauty, and more. In addition, their commitment to offering high-quality items ensures you can source reliable and desirable products for your Amazon store.

5. Catch Australia


If you are looking to target the Australian market, CatchAustralia is a great choice of supplier for your Amazon dropshipping store. As one of Australia’s leading online marketplaces, Catch Australia offers a wide selection of products across various categories, catering to the needs and preferences of Australian customers.

With Catch Australia as your supplier, you can leverage their market expertise and access a wide range of products. Thus, you can position your Amazon dropshipping store for success in the Australian e-commerce industry.

6. Overstock


Overstock is another excellent supplier for your Amazon dropshipping store, particularly if you focus on home supplies. As a leading online retailer, Overstock offers a vast selection of home goods, furniture, and decor items. Further, they provide discounted products, allowing you to source high-quality home supplies and other items at competitive prices.

They curate a collection of discounted items from top brands, enabling you to offer attractive deals and savings to your Amazon customers. With them as your supplier, you can stand out in this business venture by attracting budget-conscious buyers with them as your supplier

7. Costco


Known for wholesale, Costco is our eight-best supplier for your Amazon dropshipping store. It is known as a membership warehouse club for providing value to its customers through bulk purchases

One of Costco’s key strengths is its ability to negotiate lower prices with manufacturers and pass on the savings to its members. When you partner with them, you can enjoy their favorable pricing terms and offer attractive deals to your Amazon customers. With this, you can provide products at competitive prices that not only attracts customers but also helps you maintain healthy profit margins

8. Banggood


Banggood is based in South East Asia and offers affordable products directly from manufacturers. They focus on providing value for money. 

Furthermore, this supplier works closely with manufacturers to eliminate intermediaries and streamline the supply chain. As a result, their cost savings gets passed on to its customers. 

9. AliExpress

aliexpress supplier

AliExpress connects buyers with suppliers worldwide, allowing you to access a wide range of products directly from manufacturers and wholesalers. In fact, this direct sourcing approach enables you to offer competitive prices to your Amazon customers, attracting cost-conscious buyers and increasing your sales potential.

Also, they offer a diverse range of products across various categories. Whether you’re looking for electronics, clothing, accessories, or home goods, AliExpress has a huge inventory for you to choose from.

Furthermore, we can use the AliExpress dropshipping center to find trending products to sell on our Amazon stores quickly. This feature is extremely helpful in streamlining product research and allows us to find products with high-profit margins.

10. CJ Dropshipping


Next on our list is CJ Dropshipping. Unquestionably, you can trust this platform for your Amazon dropshipping store due to its strong track record of efficient order processing and competitive pricing. In fact, they have established themselves as a trusted supplier in the dropshipping industry, providing various products suitable for Amazon sellers. 

With their global network of warehouses, they offer fast and reliable shipping options, ensuring customer orders are fulfilled promptly. As a result, this reliability in order fulfillment helps you build a reputation for excellent customer service and fast shipping, improving the overall shopping experience for your customers. 

Regardless of your chosen supplier, remember that they are all AutoDS-supported suppliers. Thus, you can benefit from dropshipping automation and streamline various aspects of our business, including inventory management, order fulfillment, pricing optimization, and product research. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Things To Sell On Amazon? 

The best things to sell on Amazon include popular categories such as Home & Kitchen, Electronics, Health & Personal Care, Baby Products, Books, Clothing & Accessories, Toys & Games, Sports & Outdoors, Pet Supplies, and Home Improvement. 

How Do I Know If A Product Is Profitable To Sell On Amazon?

You can determine if a product is profitable on Amazon using tools like the AutoDS Product-Finding Blog and AutoDS Winning Products Hub. By using these tools, you can research and analyze important data such as sales rank, competition, pricing, and customer demand. 

What Is The Best Way To Find Best-Selling Products For Amazon? 

Undoubtedly, the best way to find best-selling products for Amazon is to utilize resources like Amazon Best Sellers and AutoDS Finder. To visualize, Amazon Best Sellers lists top-selling products in various categories, giving you insights into popular and trending items. On the other hand, the AutoDS finder tool offers comprehensive data analysis to help you identify best-selling products.


In summary, many product niches are proven profitable when choosing the best things to sell on Amazon. For example, Home and Kitchen is one of the evergreen products that you can surely earn money from. However, you must also remember to diversify your product offerings to attract a wider customer base and increase sales. 

Aside from that, finding a trusted supplier is also a must, as this can affect your profitability. Regardless of which supplier you choose from our list, that’s all good! Rest assured, they are all AutoDS partners, and you can benefit from the dropshipping automation that comes with our comprehensive dropshipping software. 

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