It’s undeniable that Americans, along with the rest of the world, have begun online shopping more than ever before. So, we have a golden opportunity to leverage the massive uprise in eCommerce. In fact, the US eCommerce market is projected to reach 1.5 trillion dollars in the next 3 years.

Moreover, we can’t talk about eCommerce and not consider dropshipping. Actually, dropshipping is an eCommerce business model that brings in significant profits. As a matter of fact, the dropshipping market is projected to reach 476.1 billion U.S. dollars by 2026. As such, we can utilize dropshipping in the US to quit our 9-5 job or even make some extra cash.

With that said, in this article, we will learn how to dropship in the US successfully. Additionally, we will learn about the most trusted suppliers to source from. And, we will discover best-sellers in the US to maximize our sales.

What Is USA Dropshipping & How Does It Work In 2024?

Dropshipping Business Model

Dropshipping is a low-risk, low-investment business model in which dropshippers do not keep products in stock. Instead, when a customer orders a product, the dropshipper purchases the item from a third-party supplier. Then, the supplier ships the products directly to our customer’s door. All in all, the business model is a retail fulfillment method.

To demonstrate, let’s say we’re selling a women’s coat for $100, which our supplier has priced at $65. From this sale alone, we can make a solid profit of $35. Thus, in dropshipping, we act as more of a middleman in the order fulfillment process. 

In reality, eCommerce has been on the rise for years; however, with the pandemic, it took a strong swing. With that in mind, it shifted the focus and fabric of shopping to the digital space. So, there’s no better time than now to start!

Dropshipping is absolutely legal in the US. However, we must abide by some dropshipping and eCommerce regulations.

First, to ensure compliance with the laws, we need to acquire a business license. Failure to get a business license may result in fines and other sanctions in the US.

Next, once we get our business license, we receive an Employer Identification Number (EIN). To explain, the EIN tracks our business for tax purposes. So, we must ensure that we always pay our business taxes.

Last but not least, we need to abide by copyright laws. This ensures we avoid infringing on copyrights by not selling copyrighted products. Additionally, we can’t sell age-restricted and dangerous items and some special categories like medicine and supplements.

All in all, dropshipping is legal, but we must consider state laws. So, it’s best to talk to an accountant to guide us through the process.

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of USA Dropshipping In 2024

overcome dropshipping challenge 2023

Now that we know more about the dropshipping model, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping.

Advantages Of Dropshipping In The USA

Although some people might be suspicious about the profitability of dropshipping, it’s safe to say that it is a lucrative business venture. All in all, the advantages of dropshipping are endless, as the business model enables us to make a solid profit while avoiding any major risks. So, we won’t be losing money; instead, we’ll be able to earn even more.

Now, this list of dropshipping advantages can help us get a deeper look into the US dropshipping model:

  • Little To No Upfront Investment 
  • Low-Risk, High-Reward 
  • Vast Market Reach
  • Scalability & Freedom

With little to no upfront investment, we can quickly scale our dropshipping business. Unlike other business models, dropshipping grants us a low-risk and high-reward venture. With the ability to reach a vast market and work from anywhere, dropshipping is both lucrative and provides us with freedom.

Disadvantages Of Dropshipping In The USA

On the other hand, the main disadvantage of dropshipping is the intense competition. Considering the low-risk, low-investment, and high-profit potential model of dropshipping, competition is high. As competition gets fierce and saturated, it’s harder for us to stand out and differentiate ourselves.

But, don’t worry, as there are tips we can follow to stand out from the competition. First, we need to do high-quality product research to find our best-sellers. Additionally, a great way to stand out is by marketing our business. However, we need to work on focused audience targeting when running ads. This will help us reach our ideal customers with the proper content.

Ultimately, we should consider that the dropshipping market revenue will reach $1,253.79 billion in 2030. Thus, we can conclude that dropshipping in the US is a very lucrative opportunity.

The Most Reliable USA Dropshipping Suppliers To Work With

In truth, finding the right supplier is one of the most crucial steps in the dropshipping process. Importantly, we need reliable and trustworthy suppliers to ensure our customers have a pleasant experience.

Additionally, all of the following suppliers below are supported by AutoDS. As a result, it’s easy to do automated product research, imports, price/stock monitoring, and more. Thus, automation software paired with reliable suppliers results in ultimate dropshipping success.

With that said, let’s take a look at the most reliable USA dropshipping suppliers:

Supplier Retail/WholesaleKey Features
WalmartRetailPrice match policy 
Free & fast shipping
Savings and deals
AliExpressRetailAliExpress Dropship Center 
Extensive product selection 
Low prices
BanggoodRetailCertified dropshipper website
Dropship center 
Low costs
The Home DepotRetailTax exemption program 
2-Day delivery
CJDropshippingWholesaleWhite-label products 
Print-on-demand products
Quality control
CostcoWholesaleSame-day shipping 
Wholesale prices 
Fantastic customer service
eBayRetailBuyer/seller protection 
Easily spy on competition 
Reliable customer support
WayfairRetailMYWAY program 
Global warehouses  
Huge product range
EtsyRetailUnique products 
High-profit potential
Lowe'sRetailLowe’s business credit cards
Pro loyalty program 
Protection plan
CostwayWholesale90-day warranty 
Free standard shipping
TargetRetailGenerous return policy 
RedCard membership

OverstockRetailGood return policy 
Club 0 program
Price match guarantee
AlibabaWholesaleWholesale prices 
Private label products
Massive product variety
Sam's ClubRetailFree shipping 
Cash rewards
Instant savings
DHGateWholesaleNo minimum order quantity (MOQ) 
24/7 reliable customer service
Low-priced but quality items
AmazonRetailFast 2-day delivery
International warehouses 
Flexible return policy


Walmart US dropshipping supplier

To begin with, Walmart is a great place to source products for the American consumer. Notably, it has delightful perks like a wide range of diverse products and next-day delivery. It also gives the option to send your product in gift packaging.

Key Features: 

  • Price match policy 
  • Free & fast shipping
  • Savings and deals

One of Walmart’s most attractive features is its price match policy. If a product goes on sale within the return period, we’ll be able to get a refund of the price difference. Continuing the theme of affordability, with Walmart’s big sales and daily deals, we can earn higher profits while remaining competitive

Additionally, with Walmart as our supplier, we’ll be able to offer next-day delivery and free shipping options for our US consumers.


AliExpress US dropshipping supplier

Next we have AliExpress. AliExpress is a global supplier with warehouses all around the world. Plus, with their huge product selection, we can cater to a larger target market and stay on top of trends.

And there are other great features that make AliExpress a great supplier: 

  • AliExpress Dropship Center 
  • Extensive product selection 
  • Low prices

First and most important, AliExpress has a Dropship Center. Uniquely, we can conduct product research and improve our product listings by utilizing the dropship center. And, if we consider AliExpress’ huge product selection, it comes in handy when finding our winning items.

Furthermore, since AliExpress is a Chinese supplier, their products have lower prices. As such, we can remain competitive while increasing our profit margins.


Banggood dropshipping supplier

Next up, we have Banggood, another big Chinese retail supplier. Banggood is a great international supplier with locations in Asia, Europe, the US, and Australia. Plus, they have a great variety of products.

On top of that, it’s characterized by great features like: 

  • Certified dropshipper website
  • Dropship center 
  • Low costs

Distinctly, Banggood provides dropshipping contracts and support for dropshippers. This is a result of them being a certified dropshipper website. What’s more, with Banggood, we can enjoy credit point accumulation and solid cashback sites. Plus, we can get personalized product recommendations from its dropship center.

Similar to AliExpress, it also has low pricing across all products. Actually, this is common with most Chinese suppliers. 

The Home Depot

The Home Depot US dropshipping supplier

Home Depot is perfect for US dropshipping in 2024 since it targets the American consumer. It has as many as 90 distribution centers across the States and a huge variety of items in the “Home Niche.”

With that said, let’s dive into some of Home Depot’s key features:

  • Tax exemption program 
  • 2-Day delivery

One of the most notable and unique aspects of Home Depot is its tax exemption program. Home Depot has a unique program where we can be exempt from purchase taxes if we have a state/country or federal tax ID.

In addition, they have an excellent shipping policy. Home Depot has a free 2-day delivery policy for over a million products and free delivery for orders $45+.


CJDropshipping dropshipping supplier

Next up, we have CJDropshipping. Notably, what makes CJDropshipping such a great wholesale supplier is its 8 international warehouses. As a result, they can offer quick shipping.

Plus, CJDropshipping has other great features like:

  • White-label products 
  • Print-on-demand products
  • Quality control

CJDropshipping attracts dropshippers with its white-label solution. To clarify, their white-label products are those that the manufacturer allows us to customize. This is great for building our brand. Additionally, with their print-on-demand option, we can customize products.

Most importantly, CJDropshipping does product quality control, ensuring that we offer good quality products. As a result, we can guarantee high-quality items to our customers without compromising our integrity. 


Costco US dropshipping supplier

We continue our dive into the world of suppliers with Costco. Costco is America’s great wholesaler, renowned for its competitive prices, making it perfect for US dropshipping.

Our gravitation towards Costco as dropshippers comes from its great deals, lean pricing, and fast 2-day delivery to most US locations.

So, let’s take a look at some of its key features: 

  • Same-day shipping 
  • Wholesale prices 
  • Fantastic customer service

Who doesn’t love same-day shipping? As we’re targeting US consumers, Costco is a perfect supplier to work with as they only offer US same-day shipping. Plus, their affordable wholesale prices mean that we will remain affordable to our customers. As such, we can encourage more sales.

On another note, if we encounter issues with our cancellations, returns, or tracking, we can contact the Costco customer service team. Remember, we extend the service to our customers that our supplier provides to us.


eBay US dropshipping supplier

Next on our list is eBay. In truth, it’s one of the best suppliers to source from because it’s so diverse and well-supplied. Plus, they can deliver our customers’ orders faster with their express shipping options.

With that said, there are some other key features worth mentioning:  

  • Buyer/seller protection 
  • Easily spy on competition 
  • Reliable customer support

Most notably, eBay can step in and mitigate any case of dispute with their buyer/seller protection. For example, if the buyer or seller makes false claims, eBay will protect the right party. In addition, eBay has great and reliable customer support allowing us to source products easily.

Also, it’s super easy to spy on our competitors. To elaborate, we can find profitable products by checking out what is selling well for our competitors. In fact, we can see how many sellers are selling an item and how many sales they’re making. Notably, this is done simply by searching for a product or niche on the eBay platform. Overall, enabling us to scale our stores.


Wayfair US dropshipping supplier

Up next is Wayfair. Wayfair is one of the best suppliers in the “Home” niche.

To note, Wayfair has a global network of warehouses, making them super dependable across international markets. Additionally, because of their warehouse network, they offer fast 2-day shipping that we can extend to our US consumers.

 Let’s look at some of their great traits:

  • MYWAY program 
  • Global warehouses  
  • Huge product range

Undoubtedly, Wayfair brings the heat with their MYWAY Program. From benefits like free shipping and member-exclusive products to 1-day delivery for eligible products, the membership covers it all. Similarly, for non-members, their global network of warehouses guarantees fast shipping across different regions.

Although Wayfair only supplies products in the home niche, it has a large product variety. This huge product range is why ‘home niche’ dropshippers rely on Wayfair.


Etsy US dropshipping supplier

Now, Etsy is unique. It focuses on one-of-a-kind items made by independent artists, crafters, and collectors. Actually, this American marketplace is the optimal place to find unique, hand-crafted products that will set you apart from the competition.

Moreover, some other key features which make Etsy a great supplier to source from in 2024 are: 

  • Unique products 
  • Niche-oriented
  • High-profit potential

Notably, Etsy is known as the land of the niches because it has a large assortment of unusual and specialty goods. And most of the products that we can source are custom-made, vintage, and handmade. Plus, their extensive product catalog offers clothing, accessories, decor, art, and much more.

So, since customers are willing to spend more on specialty products, we can increase our profit margins. As a result, Etsy makes a great supplier to source from to boost sales and profits.


Lowe's US dropshipping supplier

Interestingly, Lowe’s is the second largest chain in the US, making it ideal to source from when dropshipping. In fact, they carry thousands of products in the home improvement niche. However, Lowe’s is much more low-key since people opt for Home Depot. Thus, we can utilize this untapped supplier to stay ahead of the game.

On top of that, Lowe’s has other great features

  • Lowe’s business credit cards
  • Pro loyalty program 
  • Protection plan

To begin with, Lowe’s business credit cards offer cardholders daily 5% discounts, lines of credit, or prepaid accounts. Additionally, it offers discounted deliveries, convenient billing and invoicing options, and even exclusive cardholder events.

Plus, Lowe’s has a pro loyalty program which is super easy to sign up for. The program offers personalized offers, spending tracking, and purchase history for any registered card. Moreover, we can also take advantage of their protection plan to protect our wallet and products beyond the warranty.


Costway US dropshipping supplier

As we go down on our roster, we have Costway. Costway is super dropshipper-friendly because it was founded by dropshippers. Uniquely, it even offers dropshipping agreements.

On top of that, Costway has some other interesting features to consider:

  • 90-day warranty 
  • Free standard shipping
  • Cashback

First, Costway offers a 90-day warranty. So, our customers can exchange their items or return them for a full refund within 90 days if the product is faulty.  In addition, they have a great free standard shipping solution. As a matter of fact, we can rely on Costway to deliver our products within 3-5 days.

Lastly, they also offer a cashback system. With this, we can earn a percentage of our money back with any order we place. As such, we can price products competitively and stay ahead of the competition.


Target US dropshipping supplier

If we’re selling to US customers, then we need to know about Target. Target is a great US dropshipping supplier because of its diversity in products.

A significant aspect of sourcing from Target is that we can stay ahead of the competition during holidays by leveraging their holiday categories full of festive and themed products.

Key Features: 

  • Generous return policy 
  • RedCard membership

Target’s generous return policy is a rarity in the dropshipping world. They offer a full refund, a 90-day return policy, and an extra 30 days if we have the Target RedCard. With the Target RedCard, we can get free 2-day shipping on thousands of items and free standard shipping on most products.

But, it doesn’t end there. The membership allows us to get a 5% cashback on many select items.


Overstock US dropshipping supplier

Overstock is an American supplier of high-quality products in the home niche. They also have excellent customer service, reliable shipping, and sensible prices.

With that said, let’s look at some of their other great features:

  • Good return policy 
  • Club 0 program
  • Price match guarantee

Above all, one of Overstock’s best features is their price match guarantee. To explain, if we find a product with a lower price from any other supplier, Overstock will refund the difference. And we can also take advantage of their 30-day return policy.

As for their loyalty program, with Overstock’s ‘Club 0’ program, we can get 5% cash back on all purchases and free shipping. Plus, we can test it out for free in the first 30 days we sign up. After that, the monthly fee is $19.95.


Alibaba dropshipping supplier

Next up, Alibaba. Most notably, Alibaba is the parent company housing another one of our suppliers, AliExpress.

Some of its interesting features are:

  • Wholesale prices 
  • Private label products
  • Massive product variety

With Alibaba, we can work on our branding with private label product options. This means that we can find manufacturers that allow us to brand the products we source from them. On top of that, we’ll be able to get these items at wholesale prices.

Additionally, Alibaba has a vast product selection offering a ton of variety. Thus, we can cater to a larger market since we can keep up with demand.

Sam’s Club

Sam's Club US dropshipping supplier

Next on our supplier’s list, we have Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club is the second-ranking among warehouse clubs in terms of sales volume. Actually, this American chain offers membership-only warehouse clubs owned by Walmart Inc.

Notably, Sam’s Club offers some great features like: 

  • Free shipping 
  • Cash rewards
  • Instant savings

Dropshippers can enjoy free shipping on most products with no minimum purchase. Also, we can receive a 2% cash reward on qualifying items, accumulating up to $500 yearly.

Uniquely, our membership can also entitle us to instant savings through special offers on top of lower member prices. Thus, we can save money while we source our best-sellers.


DHGate dropshipping supplier

Now, moving on to DHGate. DHGate is a cross-border online marketplace mainly handling B2B services. They are a reliable and secure marketplace that attracts global buyers and sellers.

With that in mind, the key features we should consider are:

  • No minimum order quantity (MOQ) 
  • 24/7 reliable customer service
  • Low-priced but quality items

First and foremost, a critical factor that we need to consider when sourcing from wholesalers is the minimum order quantity (MOQ). However, DHGate doesn’t have a MOQ allowing us to be flexible with our sourcing.

Plus, this supplier is perfect for dropshipping businesses as it offers low-cost products without compromising quality. And, if we’re not satisfied with something, we can rely on their responsive and excellent customer service.


Car cleaning gel

Lastly, we have Amazon. Amazon is one of the eCommerce leaders on a global scale. Plus, it has a vast product selection, with millions of products covering every category. Because of this, they are one of the most attractive suppliers to source from.

Moreover, here are the key features of Amazon: 

  • Fast 2-day delivery
  • International warehouses 
  • Flexible return policy

Undeniably, one of the most attractive traits that Amazon has is their 2-day delivery for Prime members. As such, it ensures its Prime members get their orders at lightning-fast speed. On the same note, they can offer fast shipping because of their 110 fulfillment centers in the US and 185 centers globally. As a result, we can source from them regardless of the location of our target market.

On top of that, we can enjoy their free 30-day, “no questions asked” return policy. Thus, ensuring we maintain clear business policies and an optimal customer experience.

All in all, our US dropshipping business is now fully equipped with top suppliers.

10 Best Dropshipping Products To Sell In The USA In 2024

Undoubtedly, selling winning products in our store helps us boost sales and revenue. With that in mind, we need to explore the best dropshipping products to sell in the US in 2024.

Thus, we can begin with the following best-sellers to attract more customers to our store: 

Car Cleaning Gel

Car cleaning gel

The car cleaning gel is a product that has been on the market for a long time and is still a best-selling product. 

Product img
Car Cleaning Gel
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 2-3 days

Undeniably, it’s a great all-in-one car care product that cleans, shines, and protects the car’s exterior. As such, it’s an item that generates demand, and as a result, it’s very profitable.

Satin Bedsheet Set

Satin Bedsheet Set for US dropshipping

Next up, we definitely need to include satin bedsheet sets in our dropshipping product catalog. To elaborate, the satin bedsheet set usually includes sheets, pillowcases, and a duvet cover. In fact, satin bedsheets are synonymous with quality and luxury, so we can afford to mark up our profit margin. As such, this set will be profitable for us to dropship in the US.

Beginner’s Tip: Include various sizes and colors to cater to the larger public. This way, we can offer a set for every customer.

Indoor Room Thermostat

Indoor room thermostat for dropshipping US 2023

Continuing down our list, we have the indoor room thermostat. This is a device that regulates the temperature in a room. It is connected to a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system that can be remotely controlled. As a result, it makes it super convenient to control the temperature in our home.

Vlogging Kit

Vlogging kit for US dropshipping

Vlogging is a popular trend that has grown to be profitable for many entrepreneurs. And, the best way to start vlogging is by purchasing a vlogging kit. Interestingly, the kit includes everything: a camera, microphone, and other accessories. Consequently, since it has multiple items, we can mark up the price and boost revenue.

Beginner’s Tip: We can include a gift for vlogging kits with various features. For example, a lens cleaner, a bag, or other similar products.

Exercise Roller

Exercise roller

Undoubtedly, the exercise roller is a great product to sell in the US since it has proven to be popular with consumers. Plus, exercise rollers are made of high-quality materials and have an ergonomic design. To note, this product is perfect for people that like to work out and are fitness-conscious.

Beginner’s Tip: When selling exercise rollers, we can target B2B customers like gyms to increase sales.

LED Night Lights

LED night lights for dropshipping US 2023

Undeniably, LED night lights are one of the best products to dropship in the US in 2024. Essentially, LEDs have proven to be more reliable in terms of longevity and power consumption than traditional incandescent bulbs. Notably, LED night lights have gained massive popularity recently and are among the most in-demand items. As such, it is very profitable for us to dropship this item as demand is high.

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Portable vacuum cleaner for dropshipping US 2023

Our next best-seller is a portable vacuum cleaner. This appliance comes in many shapes and sizes and allows us to clean hard-to-reach areas. Portable vacuum cleaners are profitable and easy to ship, which makes them an excellent product for any US dropshipping business. However, what makes this product profitable is its utility, convenience, and ease of use.

High Pressure Shower Heads

High pressure shower head

Without a doubt, high-pressure shower heads are becoming more and more popular these days. This is because they offer a higher water pressure than our average shower head making the experience more enjoyable. As such, we can rely on this product to bring in profits. 

Electric Dog Nail Clipper

Electric dog nail clippers for US dropshipping

Surely, pet owners are always looking for ways to make their lives easier. That’s where the electric dog nail clippers come in. Actually, this item is cheap to source and is in high demand, making it a super profitable product for us to dropship.

Beginner’s Tip: Ensure to use cute cats and dogs in dropshipping ads for this product to make it more relevant and converting.

Baby Wrap Blanket

Baby wrap blanket

Last but not least, one of the best products to dropship in the US is a baby wrap blanket. Usually, baby wrap blankets are high-quality products, as parents choose only the best for their young ones. Thus, we can target specific demographics, like mothers, to boost sales.

How To Start A Dropshipping Business In The USA

Alright, now, on to the exciting part! Let’s follow the steps to ensure we run a successful eCommerce dropshipping business. Starting from the beginning, let’s follow these 7 steps to start an eCommerce dropshipping business:

  1. Find US Best-Sellers: Dropshipping Product Research
  2. Select A US Dropshipping Supplier
  3. Set Up Your Dropshipping Store: Choose A Selling Channel
  4. Import Trending 2024 Products To Your US Dropshipping Store
  5. Promote Your 2024 Dropshipping Business: Online Marketing
  6. Fulfill Your US Customer Orders
  7. Provide Excellent Customer Support

1. Find US Best-Sellers: Dropshipping Product Research

Find winning product in the US with AutoDS

First and most important, we need to find our best-sellers so that we can maximize our sales. Although we provided a list of profitable products to dropship in the US, there is still a myriad of items that can boost profits. However, we need to conduct our product research to find which items are most profitable for US dropshipping.

With that in mind, we can explore various product research methods for a multifaceted approach. As such, this will give us the opportunity to find a winning product and create a converting product catalog for our dropshipping store.

So, let’s look at the top product research methods we can use: 

Notably, the AutoDS Product Research tool not only simplifies the process but also frees up so much of our valuable time. With the product research tool, we have immediate access to the hottest and trendiest products from both US and international suppliers. So, we can effortlessly find our winning items.

After collecting a solid list of in-demand items, we can use the AutoDS product research spreadsheet. To explain, the spreadsheet covers specific questions and dives into product research in an organized fashion. Thus, ensuring that we build a killer product catalog when looking for items.

2. Select A US Dropshipping Supplier

Choose dropshipping supplier

Now, we need to source the best-sellers we researched. Even though we have a solid list of trustworthy US dropshipping suppliers, how do we choose? As a matter of fact, there are dozens of great suppliers to choose from.

With that said, we need to make sure we select a reliable supplier. As such, we need to find a dropshipping supplier that checks all of the following boxes:

We should note that it’s best to work with multiple suppliers. As such, we can compare prices and shipping times. Plus, if one supplier is out of stock, we can quickly fall back on another. Furthermore, by sourcing from multiple suppliers, we can offer a wider variety of products in our US dropshipping store. 

3. Set Up Your Dropshipping Store: Choose A Selling Channel

Choose a selling channel

To begin with, let’s look into what a sales channel is. Sales channels are places where we can market and sell products. However, there is a big difference between a marketplace and a customizable eCommerce website.

Unlike an eCommerce website, a marketplace is a platform that lists products from multiple sellers. On the other hand, an eCommerce website is a channel that sells products from a single vendor.

Utilizing an eCommerce website allows for more customization and better brand development. Furthermore, it allows the buyer to focus only on our listings and products. 

Alternatively, if we use a marketplace, we can leverage the trust and recognition that the marketplace already has. On top of that, we have a large audience readily available on the platform.

Ultimately, both types of selling channels are great options for dropshipping. With that in mind, here are the top selling channels for US dropshipping:

Customizable eCommerce Websites:


Since we don’t handle any physical inventory, let’s highlight how we import products in dropshipping. As a matter of fact, there are two ways of going about this – manual and automatic.

Essentially, by manually importing our products, we have to individually copy/paste the product’s information from the supplier’s website. Then, we have to transfer the details one by one to our selling channel, which takes up a lot of our time.

In contrast, with the automated AutoDS product importer, we can easily import products with just a click of a button. It allows us to import single items, bulk items or even schedule a product import for a future date.

To demonstrate, we’ll take a look at the ‘Single Product Importer.’ First, we need to search for a product on our supplier’s website and copy the product URL. In this case, we’re importing the satin bedsheet set.

Add products through AutoDS importer

Next, we need to open the AutoDS Product Importer by clicking on ‘Add Products.’ We can locate this button on the left sidebar of the AutoDS platform. Then, we can click on the ‘Single Product’ option from the dropdown menu.

AutoDS Product Importer

Once we’ve done that, we must paste the product URL to the AutoDS Product Importer. To note, the ‘Supplier Source’ will change according to which vendor we’re importing from. Then, we can either publish the product to our store or edit the listing before publishing. 

Edit product listing on AutoDS

Notably, it’s a good idea to edit our product listing before publishing it to our store. In the listing editor, we can edit the titles, descriptions, variations, images, and more. Undeniably, we need to optimize our listing to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Ultimately, by automating our product importing, we can save a bunch of time and effort. On top of that, we can reduce errors and optimize the process.

5. Promote Your 2024 Dropshipping Business: Online Marketing

If we want to run a successful US dropshipping business in 2024, we need to generate interest and turn that into sales. Plus, we need to navigate through the intense competition and do our best to stand out. With that said, the best way to achieve this is through marketing.

With this in mind, getting the right message in front of our target audience at the perfect time is key. In fact, marketing helps us build a relationship with our target audience. So, this will not only increase sales but will also help us become recognizable. With the visibility we get from marketing, we can increase our brand recognition and grow our US dropshipping business.

So, let’s take a look at some marketing strategies to promote our 2024 US dropshipping business: 


  • PPC ads
  • Email marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Blog



  • Buy & Sell Groups 
  • Promotions

Actually, marketing is a great way to gain exposure, and recognition, encourage sales and reach the ideal customers. With that said, we need to find the marketing method that benefits our dropshipping business the most.

6. Fulfill Your USA Customer Orders

Fulfill US customer orders

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we must fulfill orders immediately. Notably, we must fulfill our customers’ orders as quickly as possible to guarantee satisfaction. However, when we start receiving more orders daily, fulfilling them manually is a hassle. Plus, it opens the door for mistakes.

As a matter of fact, with manual fulfillment, we have to manually fill in every detail of our customer’s shipping information. Basically, we go on our supplier’s website and fill in our customer’s addresses, shipping information, and product specification one by one.

On the other hand, with AutoDS Automatic Orders, we can automate this process entirely. The whole process from ‘order made’ to ‘order shipped,’ and everything in between is automated, saving us time and reducing errors.

Additionally, if we work with US or Chinese suppliers, we can use Fulfilled by AutoDS. This tool protects our personal buyer accounts by using AutoDS accounts when sourcing our items. Plus, Fulfilled By AutoDS automates the entire fulfillment process. And we can also use the one-click returns to make things easier.

Notably, Fulfilled By AutoDS has automatic tracking updates. Thus, we can easily keep our customers up to date on the entire delivery process. On top of that, Fulfilled By AutoDS offers cashback for supported suppliers, enabling us to save and scale.

7. Provide Excellent Customer Support

Provide excellent customer service

Without a doubt, one of our biggest responsibilities is ensuring our customers have a pleasant shopping experience. Thus, offering excellent customer service helps us gain credibility and grow customer loyalty. Ultimately, this enables us to stand out from the competition.

With that said, there are different ways in which we can offer excellent customer service. For example, we can have a live chat option in our eCommerce dropshipping store. This will allow for speedy responses and customer queries to get resolved timely. Another direct way of offering customer support is by phone. Similar to live chat, we have direct and almost instant contact with our customers.

Or, we can go through email. However, if we opt for this, we must respond quickly to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

At last, we have run down everything there is to know and learn about US dropshipping in 2024. By following these steps, we can start and scale our dropshipping business.

Scale Your Dropshipping 2024 Profits With Automation

AutoDS dropshipping automation tool

Truth be told; manual dropshipping can be very time-consuming and require a lot of effort. Plus, it can get complicated and error-prone. With that said, product research and importing, order fulfillment, monitoring, and many other responsibilities take up hours of our day.

On the other hand, using AutoDS’ dropshipping automation tools will alleviate the time and labor going into running our eCommerce dropshipping business. The automation software automates the entire dropshipping process while also reducing errors.

In addition, AutoDS has a myriad of tools that allow us to scale and grow our dropshipping business. What’s more, the automation software does the work for us while we reap the benefits.

As a matter of fact, these AutoDS dropshipping automation tools allow us to have complete control over our business:

  • Price/stock monitoring
  • Quick product imports
  • Automatic price optimization
  • Complete order fulfillment
  • Easy inventory management
  • Automatic tracking updates
  • Advanced image editor

Plus, AutoDS provides us with other great resources:

  • Business policy templates
  • eBooks & dropshipping guides

…and so much more!

All in all, we can stay ahead of our competition by taking full advantage of tools and resources from AutoDS. Plus, we will have more time to focus on growing our business to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Start Dropshipping In 2024? 

To start dropshipping in 2024, first, you need to open an online dropshipping store and find winning products like LED night lights, vlogging kits, and more. Then we need to source them from trustworthy suppliers like CJDropshipping, eBay, AliExpress, Costway, etc. Afterward, we will begin fulfilling orders and gaining profits.

Am I Allowed To Dropship In The US? 

Indeed! Dropshipping in the US is legal. You just need to follow tax laws and attain a business license. 

Is Dropshipping Still Worth It In 2024? 

Of course! Dropshipping is a low-investment business model that brings in high profits. So, we can start making money without investing in stock or storage. 

How Can I Scale My Dropshipping Profits In 2024?

To scale your dropshipping profits in 2024, you can automate your dropshipping processes with AutoDS. This way, you can focus your efforts on marketing and expand your customer base. 


Yay! We are now ready to dropship in 2024. By utilizing the proper information and tools, we can run a successful USA dropshipping business in 2024. Also, it’s vital to fully understand dropshipping and how to succeed in generating significant profits.

Thus, we can take on the dropshipping world fully prepared with this information. And now, we can take a look at the following articles which will help us in our dropshipping endeavors in the USA in 2024: