Are you hunting for products to sell this October? We sure are because Q4 is just around the corner! The last quarter (Q4) of the year is a busy period for dropshippers and eCommerce entrepreneurs! This is why we’re here to help you find the trending products to dropship in October 2022.

As many products are available in today’s market, finding high-quality products has become challenging. However, to survive and succeed in the dropshipping industry, we must conduct product research.

With that said, we will analyze how other dropshippers succeed by reviewing their Facebook ads, seller sites, and product sources. This will give an insight into what strategies they are using. In the end, you’ll be fully equipped with what trending products to sell in your dropshipping stores for the month of October.

Top 10 Products To Sell In October 2022

Undoubtedly, this list of products will help us increase our sales and profit. As such, here are the ten best products to dropship in our stores for the month of October:

  1. IPL Hair Removal Device
  2. Vintage Shoulder Underarm Bag
  3. Multifunctional Men’s Smart Watch
  4. Wall Mounted CD Player
  5. Ripped Hooded T-Shirt
  6. Baby Swim Trainer
  7. Rechargeable Table Lamp
  8. Classic Shirt & Pants Set For Men
  9. Full Coverage Bra For Women
  10. 3D Glowing Crystal Ball

Now, let’s dive into each of these products one by one. Essentially, we will uncover many tips and tricks to help our business significantly.  

1. IPL Hair Removal Device

IPL Hair Removal Device Trending Products to dropship

To kick off the list, we have the IPL Hair Removal Device. This product is for customers who want to remove their body hair permanently. As such, it slows hair growth in undesired areas of the body.

In general, the IPL hair removal machines produce gentle light pulses to the hair root, causing the hair to enter its resting phase. Eventually, this reduces the amount of hair that develops in specific body areas.

So, what is the profit potential of the IPL hair removal device?

  • Selling price: $249.00
  • Source Price: $39.62
  • Potential profit: $209.38

Target Audience 

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16-40
  • Marital Status: Married, Single
  • Interests: Body care, Health care

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

IPL hair removal fb ad

Let’s look at Kenzzi’s IPL Hair Removal Device Facebook (FB) ad. To begin, the ad’s title is a testimonial from one of their customers. Thus, displaying the product immediately in a positive light. Although testimonials are excellent for promotion, the main title of our ad should be focused on the product itself for clarity.

Additionally, the ad has 800+ likes. Also, the ad displays a “5-star review and 5-star result” to indicate they offer a great product and service to their customers. Along with it, they also feature a “Shop Now” button.

In general, this call to action (CTA) button is an essential inclusion in the FB ad as it increases our sales conversion rate. That’s because it helps customers directly land on the product page.

Besides that, the seller is offering free shipping. As every customer wants their products to arrive without additional costs, providing free shipping is a huge advantage for dropshippers. On the other hand, the ad’s image has a minimalistic design and little to no text. As a result, the ad quickly communicates with the viewers and shifts the focus towards the product.

Seller’s Website

IPL Hair Removal Device Seller's website

Next, let’s explore how Kenzzi sells the IPL Hair Removal Handset in their store. On their website, we see that the product has a 4.8 rating and a selling price of $249.

Additionally, the price automatically converts to local currency, which means they use a currency converter tool. Working with different tools helps us to enhance our website. For instance, the currency converter tool removes the need to convert currency manually, optimizing the website’s user experience.

And, like Kenzzi’s FB ad, the store has a minimalistic design with a simple theme and logo. Although their product pages have a plain design, they contain plenty of information about the product. The more product information we provide, the more likely customers are to purchase it.

On another note, since this is a body care product, we should provide critical information. For instance, FDA approval and reviews from other customers. This will ultimately boost our store’s credibility and, with that, sales.

Supplier’s Website

IPL Hair Removal Device on AliExpress

So, if you’re interested in selling the IPL Hair Removal Device, you can find the same item listed on AliExpress for $39.62, shipping costs included. Furthermore, the displayed price is a 30% discount from the marked price. 

In addition, the supplier has 30 reviews and 62 orders for this specific product. From those 30 reviews, the product has a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. In essence, reviews and orders give us an insight into how the product is performing in the market. 

Basically, the more reviews and orders a product has, the better it is. On top of that, they are offering different color options for the product alongside the plug options. With that said, customers’ satisfaction increases when they can choose from a vast selection. As a result, this helps us retain more customers.

Beginner’s Tip: When dropshipping the IPL Hair Removal Device, we need to provide a plug suitable for different regions such as the US, EU, UK, and AU. Generally, the variety of plug options encourages customers worldwide to buy from us and increases our conversion rate.

Product img
IPL Hair Removal Device
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 1-3 days

2. Vintage Shoulder Underarm Bag

Vintage Shoulder Underarm Bag Trending Products to dropship

Next on our list of the top items to dropship this October is the Vintage Shoulder Underarm Bag. Essentially, this product is trending due to its multifunctionality.

On the one hand, the bag has a vintage-chic design that looks fashionable. On the other hand, this bag has ample space for many items like cell phones, lipsticks, keys, and cash.

So, how much profit can you gain from selling the Vintage Shoulder Underarm Bag?

  • Selling price: $26.94
  • Source Price: $7.62
  • Potential profit: $19.32

Target Audience:

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 18-35
  • Marital Status: Married, Single

So, let’s see the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook AdVintage Shoulder Underarm Bag Facebook Ad

Moving on to Mevlonoshop’s Facebook (FB) ad, we notice that there is no product description. With this in mind, including a good product description gives the viewer information about the product’s functionality, which is crucial.

Additionally, the ad includes a link to the product page of Mevlonoshop. This link helps customers find out more about the product and ultimately purchase it. With this in mind, we should always provide a link to our dropshipping website to increase store traffic.

Moreover, the ad has 621 reactions, 68 comments, and 14 shares, showcasing the product’s popularity. Plus, the recent comments on the post show that the ad is still active. That gives us an indication that the product is still trending.

Finally, the images on the ad show different color options for the product. As we mentioned before, the more variety customers can choose from, the higher the chance of purchasing.

Seller’s Website

Vintage Shoulder Underarm Bag Seller's Website

As we analyze Mevlonoshop’s website, we can see that the Vintage Shoulder Underarm Bag costs $26.94. As soon as we enter the website, it’s evident that the seller uses high-quality images. This is a good marketing technique to increase overall attractiveness and sales in our stores.

Like their FB ad, Mevlonoshop’s website doesn’t offer a detailed product description. We can provide information like what material it is made from for this product.

Below the basic product details, we’ll find the “You may also like” section. This is a cross-selling technique that encourages customers to buy more products. Our average order value increases when customers buy these related products, helping us gain more profits.

Moreover, the top banner displays free shipping on orders above $29.99 using a code. We can process the code automatically at the checkout page when offering a discount code. When we do so, it enhances the user experience, meaning our website is more optimized.

Supplier’s Website

Vintage Shoulder Underarm Bag on supplier's website

After analyzing the seller, we can find the same product on AliExpress for $7.62, including shipping. While the shipping charge is $3.09, they offer a 36% discount from the marked price.

On top of that, they offer various color options to dropship. We can increase sales by offering more variety to our customers by providing multiple color choices. As such, the more variety our suppliers offer, the higher the chances are of customers buying the product.

Additionally, like the seller’s website, the AliExpress supplier also provides high-quality images. As such, high-quality images and videos from suppliers can be used for marketing purposes. Furthermore, we can also edit those images and re-use them on our websites.

Beginner’s Tip: Since Vintage Shoulder Underarm Bags are fashion products, we should focus on proper marketing channels. For instance, we can use fashion influencers and affiliate websites to market this product and scale our business.

3. Multifunctional Men’s Smart Watch

Are you looking to dropship a trending product from the watches niche? If yes, then the Multifunctional Men’s Smart Watch is for you. It is a hybrid watch that looks like an analog watch with multiple smartwatch features. Some of its functions include Bluetooth, a heart rate monitor, and screen touch.

Now, what is the expected profit if you sell the Multifunctional Men’s Smart Watch?

  • Selling price: $99.99
  • Source Price: $35.96
  • Potential Profit: $64.03

Target Audience: 

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 16-50
  • Marital Status: Married, Single
  • Interests: Tech-savvy buyers, Electronics

Let’s explore the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Moving on to HappilyEnding’s Facebook (FB) ad, the ad has a massive engagement of 7.2K likes and 453 comments. Also, it has a massive reach of 1.5 million views. Plus, we can notice that viewers are currently responding to the ad, which means the Multifunctional Men’s Smart Watch is still trending.

Furthermore, they are promoting the product as a Father’s day gift. By marketing products for a holiday event or unique celebration gifts, the seller is enticing viewers to buy the product.

Additionally, the seller displays the multifunctional features of the watch through their Facebook video. On top of that, the ad has a Shop link to direct viewers to their product page easily. With this button, customers can instantly land on the product page and complete their purchase.

Seller’s Website

Next, let’s see how HappilyEnding is selling the product. Currently, the selling price for the Multifunctional Men’s Smart Watch is $99.99, which is a discounted price from the actual market price. And, just below its price, the product page includes multiple color options.

With this option, customers have a wide variety of color choices. On top of that, they display multiple high-quality images of the product. Ultimately, this can help us improve our overall customer experience.

Also, there is an in-depth product description. As product descriptions are crucial for outlining key product details, we should remember to provide our customers with the most value possible.

Additionally, the product page also includes the “You might also like section.” With this section, the website offers other products that they are selling. As a result, we can increase the average order value and thus, scale our profits.

Supplier’s Website

Upon entering the supplier’s website, we can find the exact product on AliExpress for $35.96, including free shipping. Additionally, the supplier offers a 50% discount on the marked price.

On top of that, the supplier provides an additional 5% off if we dropship six or more pieces. Plus, AliExpress offers 12 different color varieties for the product. As such, we have more color options to list in our stores.

Besides that, the supplier also provides high-quality images along with detailed feature descriptions. Thus, we can use their product images and descriptions in our store. When we use suppliers’ resources, we should optimize them to differentiate the products from our competitors.

Furthermore, there are 86 reviews and 1189 orders for this particular AliExpress supplier. Out of the total reviews, they have a 4.3/5 star rating. Therefore, this indicates the supplier is reliable, and we can trust them to deliver quality products on time to our customers.

4. Wall Mounted CD Player

Wall Mounted CD Player October Dropshipping

If our target market consists of music lovers, they will love the Wall Mounted CD Player for their rooms. This device is a music player installed on a wall or a wooden pillar, allowing people to listen to their favorite music. In general, this product is trending in the market due to its versatility and aesthetic look.

So, how much can we gain by dropshipping the Wall Mounted CD Player?

  • Selling price: $73.99
  • Source Price: $44.86
  • Potential profit: $29.13

Target Audience: 

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 13-30
  • Marital Status: Married, Single
  • Interests: Music lovers

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook AdAstronord CD PLayer Facebook Ad


Looking at Astronord’s Facebook Ad, we can see they have mastered video marketing on FB. First, they have an excellent video with music showing the product’s functionality. On top of that, they have included their website link in the bio and a CTA “Shop Now” button.

Furthermore, the ad has a massive engagement of 22k reactions, 1k comments, and 912 shares. With such an enormous engagement rate, we can ensure that the product is top-rated and in demand.

Additionally, the seller offers worldwide shipping. With worldwide shipping, we can optimize global audience targeting and reach a large scale of customers. Besides that, they use a lot of hashtags relevant to their product. Generally, hashtags enable social media sites to categorize content, thus, making our ads more discoverable.

Seller’s Website

Wall Mounted CD Player Seller's Website

Now let’s move on to Astronord’s website, where the seller has renamed the product Astronord CD Player. This is a good method of creating a long-lasting brand impression. Currently, it sells for a discounted price of $73.99. Immediately upon entering the website, customers see a popup that offers exclusive offers and updates.

In return, the website asks for customers’ email addresses. This is an email marketing technique where the seller collects a substantial amount of emails, later used to promote other products.

Furthermore, the product page has 1183 reviews and a 5-star rating. In essence, displaying these reviews and ratings instills trust between customers and us. Plus, they also provide various color and plug options. As different countries have different plug systems, customers from any country can buy the same product with a suitable plug.

On top of that, they offer an additional discount if customers subscribe to their messenger list, once again utilizing an email marketing strategy. Besides that, they implement the cross-selling method with two different sections. As such, they have the Frequently Bought Together and “You may also like” sections. These sections can increase our store’s average order value, resulting in more money in our pockets.

Supplier’s Website

Wall Mounted CD Player on AliExpress

Now, on to the supplier of this viral product; let’s check out AliExpress. We can find this product on AliExpress for $44.86 after a 15% discount. However, the shipping costs an additional $17.66, which we should keep in mind when pricing the product on our website.

Furthermore, the supplier has sold 935 products and has 352 reviews. Most importantly, the product from this specific supplier has a 4.8/5 star rating. Therefore, the supplier is trustworthy and a good option for our dropshipping store. All in all, because of its multifunctionality, the Wall Mounted CD Player is one of the trending products to dropship.

5. Ripped Hooded T-Shirt

Ripped Hooded T-Shirts Trending Products to dropship

If we’re catering to a fashion-forward audience, then the Ripped Hooded T-Shirt is perfect for our stores. As the influence and demand of street fashion are increasing daily, the Ripped Hooded T-Shirt is a product that fulfills this demand.

Let’s find out the profit potential of dropshipping the Ripped Hooded T-Shirt.

  • Selling price: $41.18
  • Source Price: $16.87
  • Potential profit: $24.31

Target Audience: 

  • Gender: Male 
  • Age: 15-25
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Interests: Apparel

So, let’s see the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad TechWearclub's Facebook Ad


Upon analyzing Techwearclub’s Facebook ad for the Ripped Hooded T-Shirt, we can immediately see the youthful and trendy ad design. As such, the ad is perfectly designed to attract teens, which is its primary target audience. On top of that, it includes a discount code of 10% on the first order and a ‘Shop Now’ button.

Additionally, they have a tagline, “Being yourself doesn’t need to be understood,” which suits their target audience. With this ad, the seller generated 713 reactions, 43 comments, and 56 shares. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity to increase our video engagement rate by implementing a more user-friendly video compatible with all devices.

All in all, the only downside is that the ad has no product title. To clarify, an exact name of the product as a title improves clarity among our viewers and makes our ad look professional.

Seller’s Website

Ripped Hooded T-Shirts Seller's Website

Let’s move on to the seller’s website. Upon entering, the website asks permission for cookie installation in return for discounts. Also, we can find the Ripped Hooded T-Shirts priced at $41.18, including shipping.

To begin with their marketing technique, they display marked and discounted prices in their store. With this strategy, customers believe they are getting a great deal. Besides that, the seller shows a “50% off on the first order” popup. Plus, they are providing free shipping for orders over $69.

However, the product page lacks customer reviews. Once again, displaying customers’ experiences is essential to add credibility to the product we are selling. Finally, the seller uses a cross-selling method with their “You may also like” section. Once again, this is a strategy we should optimize to ensure a higher success rate.

Supplier’s Website

Ripped Hooded T-Shirts on AliExpress

Let’s proceed to find the exact product on AliExpress for $16.87. To clarify, the supplier sets this price after a ‘New User Deal’ discount of 51%. Additionally, the supplier offers $1 and $3 discount coupon codes and $2 off on products above $40.

Furthermore, although the supplier’s title is very long, the seller has improved it to make it concise. Since optimization is the key to brand awareness, we should also enhance and shorten the product titles. As for the customer reviews, the supplier has a 5-star rating, but there are only six reviews, and they have only sold 16 Ripped Hooded T-Shirts.

In this case, we should look at the supplier’s overall feedback to determine if they are trustworthy. As such, they have 95.7% positive feedback, which means they are a reliable supplier.

Beginner’s Tip:  When dropshipping Ripped Hooded T-Shirts, we should provide a size chart to ensure our customers purchase the correct size and thus, reduce the number of returns for our stores.

6. Baby Swim Trainer

Baby Swim Trainers Trending Products to dropship

Sixth on our list, we have Baby Swim Trainers. These air-filled chambers allow the baby to float while remaining safe. Thanks to its specifically designed safety strap, parents can rest assured that their babies can safely float on water with this product.

How much of a profit margin can we have when selling the Baby Swim Trainer?

  • Selling price: $97.90
  • Source Price: $39.85
  • Potential profit: $58.05

Target Audience: 

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 25-45
  • Marital Status: Married, Single 
  • Parental Status: Parents of new-borns and babies

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Baby Swim Trainers Facebook Ad

Before exploring the Baby Swim Trainer’s profitability, let’s first look at Probaby Co’s FB Ad. First, the ad displays “50% OFF limited stock”, a direct product link, and a ‘Shop Now’ button. Additionally, the ad shows a 4.8/5 star rating.

With these features, the seller can attract a more significant number of viewers. Then, the ad offers a link for customers to take advantage of the discount, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Not to mention the humorous video used in the ad, which once again brings in more traffic. On a general note, humor is a great way to entice customers to purchase our products, like in this FB ad, when done correctly.

Noticeably, the ad has an engagement of 403 reactions, 238 comments, and 61 shares. Plus, the Facebook post also includes an in-depth product description. Since this baby product is used in water, we need to provide an in-depth guide on how to use it. Furthermore, we must include well-written safety measures to implement when using this product.

Seller’s Website

Baby Swim Trainers Seller's Website

Once we go to Probaby Co’s website, we can see an excellent logo matching their brand image and website. The selling price for the Baby Swim trainer is listed as $97.90. Essentially, an attractive logo that goes with our brand image helps us quickly get noticed by our customers. With this, we can build our brand to enjoy higher profit margins.

As for the product’s rating, they have a 5-star rating from 98 reviews. Plus, they also use self-made trust badges with messages like 100% guaranteed quality, a money-back guarantee, and an A+ rating. Although their trust badges are self-made, they instill trust in customers that the dropshipping store is reliable.

Furthermore, Probaby Co provides further assurance to their customers by displaying their European standard quality checked certificates. This proves to the customers that the seller is professional and trustworthy.

Nevertheless, the seller’s website content has a lot of grammatical mistakes. In a professional context, communicating with proper grammar is crucial. As such, we should always proofread our website to ensure everything is optimized.

Supplier’s Website

Baby Swim Trainers on AliExpress

Now, let’s check out AliExpress for the Baby Swim Trainer. We can buy this product on the supplier’s site for $39.85. The supplier sets this product price after offering a 45% discount. Plus, they provide a massive range of color options we can offer our customers.

Moreover, this supplier has only three reviews and 50 orders. Despite this, the supplier has a 5-star rating and 95.8% positive feedback. That also means we can rely on this supplier to deliver the product without any issues.

Furthermore, the supplier has given an in-depth product description along with images. With this detailed guide, we can quickly know about the product and offer the same detailed descriptions to our customers. Overall, with these features, Baby Swim Trainer is one of the trending products to dropship.

7. Rechargeable Table Lamp

Rechargeable Table Lamp Trending Products to dropship

Another top seller we should add to our store is the Rechargeable Table Lamp. It is a well-designed battery-operated table lamp that can also be recharged. This product is ideal for people who work or study.

So, how much can you profit from selling the Rechargeable Table lamp?

  • Selling price: $69.99
  • Source Price: $41.37
  • Profit potential: $28.62

Target Audience: 

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 16-55
  • Marital Status: Married, Single
  • Occupation: Work professionals, Students

Let’s explore the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Rechargeable Table Lamp Facebook Ad

Let’s analyze the seller’s Facebook ad for the Rechargeable Table Lamp. Starting with their content, they have an excellent video ad showing the product’s full functionality. To elaborate, a great ad encourages our customers to buy the product, thus increasing our conversion rate.

Besides that, the ad includes a link directing the viewers to their website and a ‘Shop Now’ button. Therefore, customers can easily buy the product by either clicking on the link or the CTA button.

As for its engagement, there are 308 likes, 36 comments, and 18 shares. Although this is an average level of engagement, there are new comments on the post. This means the ad is still active, and we can profit from listing this product in our stores.

Seller’s Website

Rechargeable Table Lamp seller's website

Upon entering CSTWIRE’s website, we can see that the Rechargeable Table Lamp costs $69.99, including shipping. While the price is already discounted from the marked price, they offer plenty of other discounts.

Just below the price, we can see that they offer an additional 10% discount if customers buy more than one product. They also offer a flash sale with 50% off on specific products.

On top of that, the seller assures their customers of guaranteed safe checkout. With this option, customers will feel safe when paying for products. Additionally, the seller offers an in-depth product description. Overall, this product has a 5-star rating from around 23 reviews.

Furthermore, CSTWIRE has a ‘You may also like’ section where they offer other lighting devices from their website. This marketing strategy is known as cross-selling, which refers to promoting additional products of similar interest. As a result, our average order value increases, and we can achieve higher profits.

Supplier’s Website

Rechargeable Table Lamp on AliExpress

Moving on to the supplier of this product on AliExpress, we can find it selling for $41.37 after a 47% discount. In addition, the supplier offers a $9 discount coupon code.

Furthermore, the supplier has sold 41 Rechargeable Table Lamps and accumulated eight reviews. Additionally, the supplier has a 5-star rating on their product page from those reviews. On top of that, the supplier provides free returns, no questions asked, within 15 days.

That means if we order from this supplier, we can promote free returns to our customers. As a result, it will positively impact our sales as customers won’t worry about product returns.

All in all, with the option to price this product competitively and offer transparent business policies, we can scale our dropshipping business with ease this October. So, with these features, the Rechargeable Table Lamp is one of the trending products to dropship.

8. Classic Shirt & Pants Set For Men

Classic Shirt & Pants Set For Men Trending Products to dropship

If we’re new to the dropshipping world, the Classic Shirt & Pants Set For Men is a great option for our stores. That’s because it is a highly sought-after product designed especially for men on formal occasions.

Moreover, it is a versatile product that attracts a broad audience. Also, we can easily test this product and see how it performs.

So, how much do you gain from dropshipping the Classic Shirt & Pants Set For Men?

  • Selling price: $59.28
  • Source Price: $9.99
  • Potential profit: $49.29

Target Audience: 

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 15-45
  • Marital Status: Married, Single
  • Interests: Apparel

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Classic Shirt & Pants Set For Men Facebook Ad

Let’s analyze Moriso Shopping’s Tom Harding Premium Casual Summer Set Facebook ad. When we look at the product description, we see they are marketing the product with excellent copywriting skills. As such, the product description smoothly promotes the products to their customers.

Plus, they have high-quality product images. In a nutshell, the ad looks very professional with detailed product descriptions and high-quality images. Similarly, the ad design is also straightforward yet very elegant. Therefore, it easily garners customers’ attention and increases our sales.

Furthermore, the ad has a massive engagement of around 1.4k reactions, 123 comments, and 79 shares.  Looking at these vast engagements, we can conclude that the product is highly in-demand. Next, they have a “Shop Now” button and website link in the bio, which customers can use to access the seller’s website.

Seller’s Website

Classic Shirt & Pants Set For Men Seller Site

When customers open Moriso Shopping’s website, they are immediately asked about installing a website cookie. Built specifically for web browsers, website cookies allow us to track and save customer data with their permission. Therefore, asking our customers to install cookies helps us gain valuable customer information, which we can analyze to scale our business.

As for the product price, Moriso Shopping is selling the Tom Harding Premium Casual Summer Set for $59.28, including shipping. Additionally, they are providing products at affordable prices with their “Sale” offer. Moreover, they assure that customers’ payments will be safe on their website, which integrates with Paypal and Stripe.

Besides that, there are no hidden fees related to the product. As customers hate hidden fees, we should avoid them and enhance transparency on our website. As a result, customers will find us more credible.

Plus, the seller provides 24/7 assistance for customers’ queries and complaints. On top of that, they provide a tracking number for each order. However, the only downside is that there is no size chart attached. As this product is apparel, we need to provide size charts for our customers so that they can buy clothes that fit their body size.

Supplier’s Website

Classic Shirt & Pants Set For Men Supplier's Website

Now it’s time to look at the supplier’s website. Despite the selling price of around $59.28, we can source this product from AliExpress for $9.99, including shipping. As for discounts, the supplier offers a 43% discount on the marked price. On top of that, the supplier is offering free shipping. Also, there are 74 reviews for this specific supplier and 333 orders.

From those 74 reviews, the seller has a 4.5/5 star rating. Since they have an average number of reviews and have sold plenty of orders, it means we can dropship with this supplier.

Unlike the seller’s FB ad, the supplier has provided a size chart for customers to find their perfect product fit. Therefore, we should add a similar size chart to our store while dropshipping this product.

Beginner’s Tip: As we can analyze from the supplier’s website, the Classic Shirt & Pants Set For Men is an evergreen product. Thus, we don’t need to wait for specific seasons to profit from this product.

9. Full Coverage Bra For Women

Full Coverage Bra For Women Trending Products to dropship

If our customers mainly consist of women, then dropshipping the Full Coverage Bra For Women is sure to be a winner in our stores. This product gives excellent support, especially for women with above-average breast sizes. With this product, women can even wear tight-fitting clothes with a seamless appearance.

So, how much profit can you receive from dropshipping the Full Coverage Bra for Women?

  • Selling price: $39.00
  • Source Price: $16.89
  • Potential profit: $22.11

Target Audience: 

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 20-50
  • Marital Status: Married, Single

So, let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Full Coverage Bra For Women Facebook Ad

Starting with Rose Garnet’s Full Coverage Bra FB Ad, the seller promotes the product with free shipping and hassle-free returns. On top of that, the ad includes a “Shop Now” button to redirect potential customers to the product page.

Moreover, they advertise with both images and videos on Facebook. With their video ads, they promote the functionality of the product. Furthermore, the ad has a decent engagement rate with 3.4K likes, 373 comments, and 34 shares. With such a high engagement rate, we can rest assured that the product will sell well in the market.

Seller’s Website

Full Coverage Bra For Women Seller's Website

Let us see what strategies Rose Garnet is implementing. As customers enter the website, they are greeted with a pop-up offering a discount. With this exclusive discount code, sellers instantly keep customers engaged with their website.

Moreover, the High impact Double Coverage Bra is marked at a discounted price of $39.00, including shipping. Additionally, the seller offers the Full Coverage Bra in different cup sizes, bands, and color options. As such, they are ensuring that customers of all body types can make purchases.

On top of that, instructions are included on how to care for the product and an in-depth product guide. Plus, they are offering free shipping and returns on all orders.

And, similar to other sellers, Rose Garnet utilizes a cross-selling strategy to entice customers to add more products to their orders and, in return, receive a larger discount. Finally, they have included bra size conversion charts according to different countries. This ensures that customers from every country can buy from their website without confusion about the product sizes.

Supplier’s Website

Full Coverage Bra For Women on AliExpress

On further exploring, we can see the source price of the Full Coverage Bra on AliExpress is $16.89, with an additional 5% off on more than two items. Additionally, they are giving out a 35% discount on the original marked price.

As for the customers’ feedback, there are 115 reviews and 239 orders. This indicates that the supplier is trustworthy, and we can dropship with them. Furthermore, they have multiple color options, cup size options, and band size options. Similar to the seller’s website, the supplier website also has a size chart. With this in mind, we can provide a size chart on our website to make purchasing decisions easier for customers.

10. 3D Glowing Crystal Ball

3D Glowing Crystal Ball dropshipping October products

Last but not least, we have the 3D Glowing Crystal Ball. As a decorative item, it is an ideal product for bedrooms, living rooms, and table decorations. Also, it is equally suitable as gifts for birthdays, festivals, and housewarming parties.

With this in mind, how much can we earn from selling the 3D Glowing Crystal Ball?

  • Selling price: $49.99
  • Source Price: $21.10
  • Potential profit: $28.89

Target Audience: 

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 15-55
  • Marital Status: Married, Single
  • Occupation: Homeowners, Remote workers, Students

Let’s explore the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

3D Glowing Crystal Ball Facebook Ad

Now, let’s check out the 3D GlowGlobe FB ad. To begin, they have created an excellent video of the product showcasing its beauty in a real space like our bedrooms. Additionally, the seller provides free shipping and a “Shop Now” button. In total, the video has accumulated 409 likes, 30 comments, and 33 shares.

However, the ad doesn’t have much product information. Therefore, some customers might not know the functionality of the product. Plus, the video ad has no sound. Comparatively, having a video with sound appeals to more customers.

Seller’s Website

3D Glowing Crystal Ball Seller's Website

As we move on to the seller’s website, we can analyze how Craft of Commerce dropships the 3D Glowing Crystal Ball. Beginning with the selling price, the 3D glowing Crystal ball is available for $49.99.

Additionally, the seller is offering free shipping and a 100% money-back guarantee. In short, a money-back guarantee is an assurance given by sellers to ensure customers receive a refund should they wish to return the product.

Furthermore, the seller provides 24/7 online customer support. Providing customer support whenever customers have queries can give us a competitive edge over other sellers. Although this product doesn’t have a discount, other products from the same website have discounts up to 50%.

However, we can optimize our websites by adding discounts and a countdown timer while selling this product. Basically, discount coupon codes and a countdown timer are effective sales strategies to create scarcity. As a result, customers quickly buy products for fear of missing out.

Supplier’s Website

3D Glowing Crystal Ball on ALiExpress

Alright, let’s move on to the supplier’s website, where we can source the exact product on AliExpress for $21.10. Although the marked price is higher, we get a 45% discount on the product. Plus, there is an additional $4 discount coupon code.

Furthermore, the supplier offers free shipping, which we can extend to our customers. Also, the product is available in a range of designs. Therefore, customers can choose the glowing globe with their preferred themes.

On the other hand, we can see that the seller changed the product title as the supplier’s was too long. In a nutshell, editing the product title, image, and description helps make our listing more professional and optimized for search engine result pages. Therefore, customers are more likely to find and buy the product.

Beginner’s Tip: 3D Glowing Crystal Balls are impulsive purchases. As such, customers buy these products due to their visual appeal and rarely think twice before buying them. With this in mind, we should create an aesthetically pleasing video FB ad to attract more customers.

Increase Your Profits With Dropshipping Automation

AutoDS Dropshipping Automation Tools

Now that we have a list of best-sellers to dropship, we can add them to our stores immediately and watch our sales skyrocket this October. Although this list provides great dropshipping products, we should continuously search for best-selling products.

That’s because product research is the first and most crucial step to building a successful dropshipping business. Also, having in-demand products to sell increases our sales and profit allowing us to scale our business faster.

With this in mind, the AutoDS product research tool is designed to support dropshippers in finding high-potential products. So, how does it work? The product research tool allows us to scan products from our supplier’s websites. Afterward, we can discover trending products using search filters like the product’s price, review, rating, category, and more.

Plus, we can use a product research spreadsheet to narrow down the list after finding the best-selling products. In essence, the product research spreadsheet contains questions about our curated products.

Once we answer the questions, we’ll have more clarity about which products will perform the best in our stores. Thus, ensuring to only add the best products in our stores and maximize our profits.

While product research helps us find best-sellers, AutoDS has many other valuable automation tools such as:

Overall, AutoDS is one of the best all-in-one solutions for dropshippers. With this range of unique features, we can easily run a profitable dropshipping venture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Product Research Important For Dropshipping?

Product research is vital for dropshipping because listing random products will not result in good sales. To thrive in the dropshipping world, we need to search for products that are in demand, trending, and have a high potential to sell. 

How Do You Do Dropshipping Product Research?

We can research products using AutoDS’ product research platform, which allows us to spot in-demand and trending products. Similarly, we can find trending products from supplier websites such as Amazon Best Sellers.   

What Products Make The Most Money For Dropshipping?

Products like the Wall Mounted CD Player, Baby Swim Trainer, and 3D Glowing Crystal Ball can make us the most money while dropshipping. Furthermore, we can focus on high-ticket dropshipping products. These products cost more than $100, resulting in higher profit margins. 


Hooray! Now you know the top ten products to dropship in October. All that is left is to add these best-selling products to our dropshipping stores. Then, our dropshipping business will only continue to grow from here.

Nevertheless, keep looking and testing new products in your stores to find a successful niche. Plus, with the help of AutoDS, it’s easier than ever to find and import winning products.

Also, we want your dropshipping venture to keep thriving. With that in mind, here are some fantastic product-finding articles that will widen your horizon: