Are you searching for the trending products to dropship this September? Your search ends here because you’ve landed on the right page.

With hundreds and thousands of products, many store owners can feel overwhelmed when searching for a suitable dropshipping product. However, product research is the first and the most crucial step to overcoming this challenge.

Essentially, with product research, we can find the most in-demand and trending products in the market. Then, we can test them in our stores to see if they sell well.

That’s why we gathered a list of the top 10 products to dropship in September. Furthermore, we will also go through the product’s exclusive buying and selling prices, the seller’s Facebook ad, the seller’s site, and the supplier’s site. By analyzing these factors, we will find what strategies sellers use to source, market, and sell the product.

Top 10 Products To Sell In September 2022

Let’s get straight into the action with our dropshipping items. Here is the list of best-selling products to dropship in September:

  1. Cordless Air Duster
  2. Luminous Luxury Chandelier
  3. Golden Cutlery Set
  4. Reusable Lint Roller
  5. Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Device
  6. Multi-Level Back Massager Stretcher
  7. HD Polarized Sunglasses
  8. Embroidered Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set
  9. Wing Pendant Crystal Necklace
  10. Pumpkin Pet Comb

While the list mentions all dropshipping products, we should know their profit potential and analyze strategies that other sellers are using.

1. Cordless Air Duster

Have you ever wondered how something so small as dust can destroy our electronic devices? If you let it settle in, it does significant damage. That’s where the Cordless Air Duster comes in handy. This device is a convenient way of getting rid of dust, thus protecting our electronic devices.

Therefore, it is a fantastic product for people who love to keep everything neat and clean. Now, let’s see how another dropshipper is currently selling the product.

What is the profit potential of the cordless air duster?

  • Selling price: $89.00
  • Source price: $59.10
  • Potential profit: $29.90

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 20-50
  • Marital Status: Married, Single

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Numi Official Air Duster FB ad

Going through the Numi Official’s Facebook Ad, their video ad shows the application of this product by showing demonstrations on different devices such as laptops and mobiles. The post has a good engagement with 1.4K likes/reactions, 468 comments, and 1.8M views. Plus, the ad is still active, so there’s a lot of interest in this product. Also, the comments on the ad show that the customers are pretty satisfied with the product.

Plus, they have included the critical features of Cordless Air Duster in their detailed descriptions. As such, viewers become more interested in the product, which will lead them to the seller’s website.

Furthermore, they promote the Cordless Air Duster with a “30% discount offer and free shipping” heading. While it attracts viewers, the headline should clearly state the product being advertised rather than only the promotion. Additionally, the ad is missing a “Shop Now” button to easily direct viewers to the product page. On a final note, having a Call to action (CTA) is better as it increases our sales conversion rate. 

Seller’s Website

Next, let’s see how Numi Official is selling the product. The selling price for the Cordless Air Duster is $89. Just below the price, the product page includes an in-depth product guide with plenty of images.

Plus, they are displaying a 5-star rating from 206 votes. Since customers judge our stores based on our ratings, we should focus on keeping them high. This increases the credibility of our stores and builds trust.

Additionally, they also promote the product with a 12-month warranty which again ensures their reliability. Besides that, they offer free shipping for the product. With free shipping, we can gain a competitive advantage over people who charge a shipping fee resulting in additional sales for our stores.

Furthermore, their website banner at the top displays “30% off for a limited time only” with a countdown timer feature. Promotional offers with a countdown timer create scarcity around the product, convincing customers to buy fast.

Supplier’s Website

After analyzing the seller’s website, we can head over to the supplier’s website, AliExpress, to find the exact product. On the supplier’s website, the Cordless Air Duster is selling for $59.10, including shipping costs. And, the supplier is offering a lot of price-saving opportunities on this product.

First, they are offering a 57% discount along with $3 and $4 discount coupon codes. Second, there is another 2% off if we buy more than two products. On top of that, they support dropshipping prices. That means there is an even lower buying price for dropshipping resulting in higher profits.

Furthermore, there are 64 reviews and 168 orders for this particular AliExpress supplier, out of which 91% are 5-star reviews. Therefore, we can rely on this supplier to dropship quality products on time.

Profit Potential

When we calculate the price of the product in the market and its cost to dropship from AliExpress, we have around $29.90 in profit, excluding the selling channel fees. As we have to list our products on selling channels, they charge us a fee either as a subscription or a certain amount per sale.

Product img
Cordless Air Duster
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 4-7 days

2. Luminous Luxury Chandelier

If you are looking to improve your rooms with something extravagant, the Luminous Luxury Chandelier is for you! This exceptional home decor item will be a great addition to any home, and it looks perfect in every dining room. Also, it is suitable for people who want an upscale interior design to give their home a stylish look.

If we wish to sell this item in our dropshipping stores, let’s first get some tips from an existing online seller selling this exact product.

How much profit can you gain from selling the Luminous Luxury Chandeliers?

  • Selling price: $707.95
  • Source price: $213.15
  • Profit potential: $494.80

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 30-50
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Economic Status: Upper-Middle class

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Although luminous luxury chandeliers are a high-ticket product, Noosh Decor’s Facebook Ad is rather disappointing. As a high-ticket product, we expected to see more effort on the video marketing side. Instead, the ad has an average title and description and lacks a link to the seller’s website.

Due to the missing link, many people are asking for the store’s location in the comments. Thereby this causes confusion and limits a proper customer user experience. Therefore, we should provide a direct link to the product page when advertising to our target audience.

However, they have a well-recorded video showcasing the product in a dining room along with pleasant music in the background. Overall, the video is performing well, although it can be improved.

Seller’s Website

Heading over to Noosh Decor’s website, they sell the Luminous Luxury Chandelier for a high price of $707.95. The website clearly shows that they offer a wide range of product options providing the same product in different designs and colors. Providing products in various options increases our sales potential.

Also, they offer free worldwide shipping and have precise shipping and return policies. A transparent shipping and return policy helps limit confusion among our customers and increases our store’s credibility.

Furthermore, there is a “50% off” banner at the top of the page with a countdown timer. The website also features a customer review section, where 22 customers have left their positive feedback. Having positive feedback enhances customers’ perception of our store and encourages them to purchase from us.

Supplier’s Website

Now it’s time to look at AliExpress, where we can source the Luminous Luxury Chandelier. Despite the selling price of around $700, we can source this product for $213.15, including shipping.

As for discounts, the supplier offers a 50% discount on the marked price and a $3 discount coupon code. On top of that, there is 75-day buyer protection. Buyer protection is a policy to ensure that buyers are satisfied with their product purchase and have the right to return the product and get a refund.

However, there are no reviews for this specific supplier and only one order. In this case, we can look for the overall rating of the supplier instead of this particular product. As such, this seller has 100% positive feedback, ensuring us that they’re credible.

Additionally, the product description page is also absent. However, we shouldn’t leave our product descriptions empty. By analyzing our competition, we can see how they are filling in missing information such as product features.

Profit Potential

Now, let’s calculate the profits. As Luminous Luxury Chandeliers are a high-ticket product, we can profit a whopping $494.80 by dropshipping this product.

Beginner’s Tip: There is a variety of Luminous Luxury Chandeliers. When listing, we should add as much variety as possible in our stores, such as a Chandelier with 8 heads, 12 heads, or a different color lighting.

3. Golden Cutlery Set

A luxurious set of cutlery will surely add a touch of class to any table when you host your next dinner party. The Golden Cutlery Set is an exquisite kitchen accessory that will leave your guests in awe. It is an ideal product for someone wishing to add a touch of class to their dining table.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at how the Golden Cutlery Set can lead to substantial sales for our dropshipping stores.

What is the expected profit if you sell the Golden Cutlery Set?

  • Selling price: $162.00
  • Source price: $50.87
  • Potential profit: $111.13

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 30-50
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Income Range: Medium- High

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Moving on to Venetto Design’s Golden Cutlery Set Facebook (FB) ad, they use an excellent picture with a luxurious feel, a look that suits the product. Additionally, the ad also includes free shipping, a website link, and a “Shop Now” button.

Essentially, the ad entices the customers to buy instantly, which increases potential sales. While the FB ad engagements are average, most comments on the post include positive feedback from recent buyers.

Seller’s Website

Let us see what strategies Venetto Design uses to dropship the Golden Cutlery Set. Noticeably, the selling price of the product is $162.00. As a marketing tool, the first visible technique is the banner with a 10% discount code and a countdown timer.

Discount coupon codes with a countdown timer are an effective practice that store owners can use to create scarcity. Due to this, customers quickly buy products with the fear of missing out.

Additionally, they have a Frequently Bought Together section which means they are using the product bundling technique. As an effective cross-selling strategy, product bundles help us increase our average order value (AOV) by encouraging customers to buy multiple products instead of one.

Plus, they offer order tracking through their website. Generally, order tracking allows customers to stay informed about their products while being shipped.

Supplier’s Website

When we check on AliExpress for the same product, we can find it for $50.87, including shipping. Plus, the supplier has a total of 4.7/5 star ratings out of 30 reviews and 71 orders.

Additionally, they offer a discount coupon code of $3. On top of that, customers can choose from 9 different product colors. As we extend this to our customers, they will be pleased with various offerings, and thus, we can increase our profit potential.

Moreover, Venetto Design optimizes the products’ titles and images. By optimizing product titles, our ads and product page looks professional. On top of that, it allows us to rank well on search engines, and with enhanced images, we can attract more customers.

Profit Potential

All in all, dropshipping the Golden Cutlery Set can lead to a potential profit of $111.13, including selling platform fees. With an elegant website design and proper marketing, the Golden Cutlery Set can be our winning dropshipping product.

4. Reusable Lint Roller

What could be a more efficient way to keep one’s clothes lint and hair-free? A Reusable Lint Roller is the answer. The Reusable Lint Roller has a specialized gel adhesive that traps lint and hair from clothes.

Moreover, the roller can be reused by simply washing it with water. Due to its functionality and ease of use, it is an ideal product for dropshipping that can generate a significant profit.

So, let’s see what makes the reusable lint roller an in-demand item, attracting online sellers to dropship them.

How much can we gain by dropshipping the Reusable Lint Roller?

  • Selling price: $19.95
  • Source price: $4.17
  • Potential profit: $15.78

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 18-50
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Income Range: Low, Medium, High

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Lint remover Fb ad


Let’s look at WinkFlo’s Reusable Lint Roller FB ad. The video on the ad directly displays the product’s key features. By doing so, we directly communicate with customers about the application of the product.

Additionally, the ad includes a suitable product description, key features, a proper CTA, and finally, the website link. Overall, the ad has a tailored marketing message with an excellent sales funnel, leading to higher sales.

Seller’s Website

Looking at WinkFlo’s website, the product is currently selling for $19.95. Also, WinkFlo displays three different trust badges with a money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support. While the sellers themselves create these trust badges, it gives customers a good impression of the online stores.

Additionally, they offer an “Extra 20% off” popup and coupon codes as discounts. On top of that, Wink Flo claims that they donate $1 for every sale they make. This is one of the best strategies for marketing. By donating a small percentage of the sale to a good cause, we can boost our sales and build our goodwill.

Furthermore, there is comprehensive product information with how-to images for customers. With this detailed information, their customers can know almost everything about the product. Finally, we can see their product reviews at the end of the page.

Although there are only 15 product reviews, they all have images attached. Product reviews with images are one of the additional enhancements to make our reviews section more credible.

In general, to improve our store, we can add a countdown timer. Furthermore, products such as Reusable Lint Roller are purchased hastily. With that in mind, if we add a countdown timer to such products, we can improve our sales conversion rate.

Supplier’s Website

Since the demands for Reusable Lint Rollers are high, we’ll look at the source of this product – AliExpress. While going through the product page, we can find the same product selling for $4.17, including shipping. 

Besides that, the product title has too many words to make the product searchable on AliExpress. However, WinkFlo enhances the product titles on its website to make them look more appealing.

Additionally, the supplier offers $3 discount coupons on the product and an extra 1% off on more than two purchases. Also, there is a 31% discount on the marked price.

When it comes to customer reviews, the ratings show an average of 4.9/5 stars from 22 reviews. Plus, the supplier has fulfilled 146 orders in total. Hence, customers are satisfied with the product.

Profit Potential

In a nutshell, dropshipping this product has a profit potential of $15.78. Due to its excellent functionality, the Reusable Lint Roller is a popular product to dropship this September.

Beginner’s Tip: Because products like Reusable Lint Rollers are impulsive purchases, we should focus on creating an excellent ad for the product to capture customers’ attention. Then, we should provide an effective Call-to-Action (CTA) for the customers.

5. Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Device

Another top trending product to dropship is the Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Device. This product is ideal for people who want to improve their teeth’ health as it removes stains, tartar, and plaque.

Therefore, our customers will have a complete solution for their oral hygiene needs. So, let’s analyze the techniques of the current seller.

What is the profit potential of dropshipping the Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Device?

  • Selling price: $39.95
  • Source price: $8.90
  • Potential profit: $31.05

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 18+
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Niches: Self-care products, Personal hygiene

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

DIY Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning. FB ad

Beginning our analysis with the Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Device FB ad, we see that the ad has a massive engagement of 14K likes and 1.3K comments. Looking at these substantial engagements, we can say that the product is highly in-demand.

Most importantly, we can conclude that the seller’s marketing is on point as the ad has 4.1M views. Additionally, the seller promotes the product with a 50% Off Flash Sale and offers Free Shipping Worldwide.

On the downside, the ad doesn’t have a link directing the customers to their website. Therefore, it means many prospective buyers who saw the ad and liked the product did not have access to buy the product instantly. As such, it is crucial to have a link to our product page in the FB ad to increase conversions.

Seller’s Website

Moving forward with Ultrasonic Smile’s website, they are selling the product for $39.95. Plus, starting from the top of the page, we can see a banner displaying a holiday sale, a money-back guarantee, and free and fast shipping. Then, there is a five-star rating from 24 reviews.

On top of that, they are verified with McAfee Secure. It is a certification that verifies our website as a trusted site. Therefore, if we gain a McAfee verification or similar certifications, our customers will feel safe buying from us.

Besides the certification, the seller offers an in-depth product description with all the features, images, and product guides. It is essential to provide as much information to the customer as possible.

Supplier’s Website

Let’s check out AliExpress for Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Devices. We can buy this product on the supplier’s website for $8.90. The suppliers set this product price after offering a 33% discount and a further discount coupon code of $2 and $3. Plus, if we buy 9 of those devices, we get an additional 2% discount.

Now let’s see if this supplier is reliable. In essence, this supplier is trustworthy as they have already sold 1347 products. Plus, the product has a 4.4/5 star rating from the 287 customer reviews.

As such, many customers have bought this product from the supplier and were satisfied. As such, we can be sure that sourcing Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Devices from them will pose no problem.

Profit Potential

Overall, Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Devices have a profit potential of $31.05. With a bit of improvement on the marketing side, we can quickly generate sales with this dropshipping product.

Beginner’s Tip: When dropshipping health-related products like Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Devices, upselling and cross-selling techniques work very well. With this in mind, we can suggest other trending products like teeth whitening devices, to increase our sales.

6. Multi-Level Back Massager Stretcher

Next on our list of the top items to dropship this September is the Multi-Level Back Massager. The structure of this product enables the customers to use it as a massager or a stretcher to relieve back stress.

As it is one of the problem-solving products, we’ll be able to sell it and scale our store quickly. Next up, we’ll uncover the seller’s strategies behind the success of dropshipping the multi-level back massager stretcher.

How much of a profit margin can you have dropshipping the Multi-Level Back Massager?

  • Selling price: $24.99
  • Source price: $12.10
  • Potential profit: $12.89

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 20-45
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Health conditions: Back pain

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Let’s analyze the seller’s FB ad for the Multi-Level Back Massager Stretcher. The video portrays the application of the product on real people with added text which portrays the benefits of using it.

Additionally, the ad includes a complete description of the product and promotes the product with a 50% discount and flash sale. Despite advertising a trending product, the seller is unable to generate high levels of engagement. So, to boost our product’s advertisement, we need to implement a more user-friendly video that works on both computers and mobile devices.

Seller’s Website

Upon entering the seller’s website, we can notice the product’s price is $24.99, displayed in our local currency. While our customers can convert the price to their local currency using other tools, this feature gives them a straightforward solution. Additionally, they have an in-depth product guide with detailed information, which is very helpful to the buyers.

Furthermore, Trending Warehouse has a Related Products section, where they offer other products from their website. This strategy is called cross-selling. While the upselling technique encourages customers to buy a more expensive product, cross-selling refers to marketing additional products of similar interest. However, both of these strategies are used to increase our sales.

Despite these features, the main downside is that the website doesn’t have a blog page. Surprisingly, they do not have any articles or blogs related to any of their products. Blogs and articles paired with Search Engine Optimization are website enhancement tools that help our websites to rank well on search engines. Thus, we should definitely provide this valuable information to both increase customer loyalty and sales.

An additional downside is that the website does not display comprehensive contact information. With only an email address provided customers will not be able to receive optimal customer service. When dropshipping, it is crucial to provide customer service instantly with tools like live-chat options or by providing a phone number.

Supplier’s Website

Moving on to the supplier of this viral product, let’s check out AliExpress. We can find this product on AliExpress  for $12.10 after a 53% discount. In addition, the suppliers offer 3% off if we buy more than five products. Moreover, the supplier provides free shipping.

On top of that, there are eight different colors to choose from. As such, we can extend this same variety to our customers.

Furthermore, the supplier has sold 9979 Multi-Level Back Massager orders and has 1811 reviews. Most importantly, the supplier has a 4.6/5 star rating on their product page. This is a good indication that the supplier is trustworthy and will fulfill our orders. Plus, we can easily communicate with suitable suppliers whenever we have a problem.

Profit Potential

As Multi-Level Back Massagers are in-demand products, we can easily dropship this product this September. With this in mind, this fantastic product can generate a potential profit of $12.89.

Beginner’s Tip: Since Multi-Level Back Massagers are health and fitness products, we should focus on proper marketing channels for this product. For instance, we can use fitness influencers to market our product on social media and increase sales.

7. All-Over Print Bikini & Cover Up

Grabbing the number seven spot on our list, we have the All-Over Print Bikini & Cover Up. The All-Over Print Bikini & Cover Up is a two-piece swimsuit primarily worn by women. It is a seasonal product mainly in demand in summer by beachgoers.

So, how much can you profit from selling the All-Over Print Bikini & Cover Up? 

  • Selling Price: $42.99
  • Source Price: $14.23
  • Potential Profit: $28.76

Target Audience

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16-50
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Interests: Outdoor Summer Activities, Swimming

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Marketing with ads on social media platforms works like a charm to build our customer base. With that said, let’s analyze Atlas Bikinis All-Over Print Bikini & Cover Up Facebook ad. This product consists of two pieces of swimwear in various printed designs.

Plus, they are promoting the ad with the Spring Sale. However, there is nothing written about the product in the description. Since product descriptions help customers understand the functionality of the product, product descriptions are crucial.

However, the ad has high engagement, gaining around 11k likes and 114 comments, and 360K views. Moreover, some comments under the post are very recent. That means the ad is still engaging with customers and viewers. As such, this is a trending product we can add and sell instantly in our stores.

Seller’s Website

Moving on to Atlas Bikinis’ website, we see a banner displaying ‘BUY 3 AND GET 1 FOR FREE’ on their page. Plus, the dropshipping store has a professionally designed logo on the top middle page, which grabs customers’ attention. As such, they are branding their store, which helps us build a loyal customer base.

Also, we can find the All-Over Print Bikini & Cover Up priced at $42.99, including shipping. As Atlas Bikini is a niche store, they only focus on selling bikinis and similar products. Hence, we can also focus on a niche to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Moreover, Atlas Bikini has a simplistic website with only basic features but attractive product images. Furthermore, the product page has a customer review section. Undoubtedly, knowing customers’ experiences is essential to add credibility to the product we’re selling. Overall, they have gained a rating of 5 stars from a total of 8 reviews.

To elaborate, all of these features increase the website’s user-friendliness, resulting in high conversion rates. On the other hand, we can improve our store by including product descriptions with comprehensive information.

Supplier’s Website

Let’s proceed to AliExpress as we can find All-Over Print Bikini & Cover Up at $14.23. Also, this is a discounted price set by suppliers. Additionally, the supplier offers $3 and $5 discount coupon codes and 5% off on products above 100 pieces.

Furthermore, the supplier’s title is very long, but Atlas Bikini has improved it to make it more professional. Although the supplier has 0 customer reviews and ratings, the supplier has 95.4% positive feedback and 23.6K followers.

These factors show that the supplier is reliable and will fulfill our orders. On top of that, the supplier has included an in-depth product description. On top of that, their product variety gives us the option to include different types of bikinis in our stores. 

Profit Potential

As we can see on the supplier’s website, the All-Over Print Bikini & Cover Up is a trending product. While it is a seasonal product that we can sell during summer, the demand for this product is high in the summer. Therefore, according to our calculations, it has a profit margin of $28.76, excluding selling platform fees.

8. Embroidered Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set

As the bedroom is an essential part of people’s homes, more and more buyers want to enhance their bedroom design. The Embroidered Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set is an elegant bedding set that provides an upgrade over standard bedding sets.

Since we have a fantastic product at our hands, let’s find out what’s behind the dropshipping success of the seller.

How much do you gain from dropshipping the Embroidered Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set?

  • Selling price: $346
  • Source price: $177.21
  • Potential profit: $168.79

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 25-65
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Income Range: Medium, High

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Before exploring the product’s profitability, let’s first look at Venetto’s Embroidered Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set FB ad. Noticeably, the ad reaches a large audience, with 13M views, whereas the engagement is even more impressive. With 171K reactions and 6.2K comments, we can conclude that Venetto’s marketing video ad is a success.

Additionally, the seller’s video generally displays the bedding set in attractive rooms with elegant backgrounds. In this way, Venetto Design is positioning itself as a luxurious brand. As branding plays an essential role in scaling our business, we can build our brand image to achieve higher profit margins.

Seller’s Website

When we open Venetto Design’s website, we can see the $346 product price along with a comprehensive product description. Additionally, they offer products with a variety of options and colors. With this in mind, we should certainly do the same when dropshipping this product to increase conversion rates.

Besides providing product variety, they have a “Frequently Bought Together” section. The purpose of this section is to enhance our Average Order Value for higher profits.

Moreover, when we further analyze the website, we can find different guides and instructions related to their products. Some of the information that can come in handy for their customers are product care instructions, order tracking, and customs and import fees.

Therefore, we can see that Venetto Design has a very professional and organized website. With that, customers will have a smooth experience entering the Venetto Design website. With this in mind, we should strive to make our website informative and transparent to make it perfectly optimized.

Supplier’s Website

Now, let’s look at the same product on AliExpress. Here, we can find the product for $177.21, including shipping charges and taxes. According to the supplier, they offer the product at this price after a 50% discount.

On top of that, they offer discount coupon codes of $3 and $2. Additionally, we can get 2% off if we buy more than two orders. Additionally, Venetto Design has improved the products’ titles by shortening them and adding keywords.

Moreover, the supplier page also has an in-depth product description, which is crucial to read before listing it in our stores. Before listing, we should write our product description to tailor our message to our target audience.

Profit Potential

Now, it’s time to go over the profit potential of Venetto’s Embroidered Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set. As it is also a high-ticket product, dropshipping this product can result in a potential profit of $168.79.

9. Wing Pendant Crystal Necklace

If you are a beginner dropshipper, then the Wing Pendant Crystal Necklace is the perfect option for your store. Plus, the Wing Pendant Crystal Necklace is an evergreen product and, as such, a piece of fashion jewelry that has been sold throughout the years.

Because it is a low-cost product that is trending well, the product is easier to dropship. In the following sections, we’ll be exploring the best practices that work for dropshipping this trending product.

How much profit can you receive from dropshipping the Wing Pendant Crystal Necklace?

  • Selling price: $38.95
  • Source price: $9.16
  • Potential profit: $29.79

Target Audience

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 20-50
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Niches: Fashion accessories, Jewelry

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Essentially, Vennais’ Wing Pendant Crystal Necklace FB ad is straightforward and good-looking. The ad shows how the necklace looks when the wings are open and closed. Plus, it shows how the necklace looks while being worn.

Although the ad is simple, the seller has amassed 11K reactions, 600+ comments, and 681 shares. While the ad was posted in June 2021, people are still actively commenting. With this significant and consistent engagement, we learned that the Wing Pendant Crystal Necklace is a highly sought-after product.

Seller’s Website

After analyzing the FB ads, it’s time to explore Vennais’ website. Looking at the product price, they are offering the necklace for $38.95. And similar to the marketing technique of SharkGlass, they also use a marked price along with the 50% discounted price to encourage more sales.

Additionally, they offer the product in various color options demonstrated with images. Plus, they have a banner that displays Free Shipping Worldwide. Moreover, they process orders within 1-5 days on top of 7-20 day shipping times. And finally, the seller offers package tracking, which allows customers to track the whereabouts of their products.

While the features of Vennais’ website are excellent, we can add discount coupons to obtain repeat customers. This way, we can reward loyal customers. In addition, we will also have higher traffic and sales.

Supplier’s Website

After spotting the same product on AliExpress, we see that the Wing Pendant Crystal Necklace is available for $9.16, including shipping. The supplier gives a discount of 30% and a coupon code of $3. On top of that, they are also providing an additional discount of 2% if we buy more than ten pieces.

Furthermore, the AliExpress supplier has a long product name, whereas the seller has optimized the title and description of the product. As dropshippers, we are selling our supplier’s products. However, optimizing product titles, descriptions and images are some of the minor changes we can make to improve our website page.

Although the product from this particular AliExpress supplier has 11 reviews, we should further check their overall rating on AliExpress. In this case, the supplier has overall feedback of 94%, and the product has a 5-star rating. Therefore, we can rely on this supplier.

 Since credible suppliers are one of the strong foundations of a dropshipping business, we need to make sure we are working with reliable suppliers.

Profit Potential

Overall, there is a potential profit of $29.79 with the Wing Pendant Crystal Necklace. In general, it is an impulsive product that customers want to get their hands on. By dropshipping this trending product, we can earn substantial profits this September.

Beginner’s Tip: One of the ways to ensure faster shipping is by contacting suppliers that we find on sites like AliExpress. For instance, if we are dropshipping a product from AliExpress, using AliExpress shipping can take months for products to reach our customers. Instead, we can contact the particular supplier selling the product and negotiate with them to get faster shipping.

10. Pumpkin Pet Comb

Pumpkin Pet Comb trending products to dropship

If you’ve ever owned a pet, then you know that pet hair sticks to almost everything. Thankfully, with the Pumpkin Pet Comb, people can comb their pets so that their fur is manageable.

Hence, it is a must-have product in our store if the dropshipping niche is related to pet products. So, let’s go over the current seller to scan the potential of dropshipping this trending product.

How much can you earn from selling the Pumpkin Pet Comb?

  • Selling price: $29.90
  • Source price: $6.99
  • Potential profit: $22.91

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 20-60
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Interests: Pet lovers, Pet care products

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Pumpkin Pet Comb FB ad

Starting with Sometimehot’s Pumpkin Pet Comb FB ad, the seller promotes the product as a friendly tool for our pets. Moreover, it has a brief product description, a catchy title, and a website link to redirect potential customers to the product page. Plus, the seller offers a discount to encourage customers to buy the product.

In the video, the seller shows the product being used on pets so that customers can see its application. Additionally, the ad has a decent engagement rate with 411K views, 2K likes, and 300+ comments. With such high engagements, we can be confident that the product has a high potential in the market.

Seller’s Website

Let us see what strategies Sometimehot is implementing. Starting with the Pumpkin Pet Combs’ price, the product is marked at a discounted price of $29.90, including shipping. Just below the product, there is an in-depth product description with many excellent images and a product guide.

Additionally, they have a popup at the side that informs customers what other people have recently bought. Plus, they have a “You might also like” section that suggests to customers various products. Another pricing strategy they use is an offer like Buy 2 Get one Free or Buy 3 Get 2 Free. Essentially, all of these are upselling and cross-selling techniques to increase our average order value (AOV).

However, in this case, the seller relies heavily on upselling and cross-selling techniques, which can annoy customers. With this in mind, it is ideal to use a maximum of 2 pricing strategies to reduce the bounce rate of our website.

Supplier’s Website

Now that we know about the seller’s website, let’s go to AliExpress to find the same product. On AliExpress, we can find a supplier selling the same product for $6.99 including shipping costs, including shipping costs. Additionally, there are 419 orders which means the product is selling well.

Plus, the product has 56 reviews in total. Among those 56 reviews, 96% of customers gave a five-star rating. This is crucial information as customer reviews give us an insight into the quality of the product.

Furthermore, the supplier offers 75-day buyer protection. Thus, we are on the safe side when dropshipping from them. On top of that, they have detailed information about the product and provide images with product specifications. Additionally, they also offer a $3 coupon discount for one month. Therefore, we can save on costs and keep more money in our pockets.

Profit Potential

After analyzing further, we found that the potential profit of the product is $22.91. Sometimehot has nailed the FB marketing with their great ad. Plus, they have an excellent seller site and a reliable supplier. With this in mind, we can, too, become successful dropshipping this product by following the above strategies and adding some of our own.

Scale Your Business With Dropshipping Automation

Awesome! We now have a list of best-sellers to dropship this September. While this is a profitable list of dropshipping products, we should continuously conduct product research.

Therefore, to find bestsellers, product research is necessary and the first step to dropshipping success. Our sales can only thrive if we have good products to sell.

This is where the AutoDS product research tool comes into play. The product research tool enables us to scan all products from our supplier’s websites. Then, we can spot in-demand and trending products with the help of various search filters like product’s price, rating, review, category, and more.

Once we have our best-selling products list, we can further narrow the list with a product research spreadsheet to ensure we are only adding the best of the best. The product research spreadsheet has questions about our selected products that we must answer accordingly. In the end, we can find products with the highest potential.

Product Importing

Now that we have our curated list of products to sell, we can add products to our store. This process is called product importing and can be done in two ways: manual and automatic.

When we add products to our store, importing them one by one becomes a time-consuming process. The manual method of importing requires us to visit our supplier’s website and copy the product title, images, description, variants, etc.

It can take us anywhere between 10-20 minutes per product. Once we begin selling multiple products, we can no longer afford to do it manually because of the time and effort required.

On the other hand, automated product importing makes adding products to our store an effortless process. Since the software handles the importing process, we can add products in seconds instead of 10-20 minutes. 

When it comes to automatic product importing, AutoDS has one of the best product importers. Here are the four main product importing features of the AutoDS platform:

  1. One-click Importer
  2. Single Product Uploader
  3. Adding Multiple Product URLs/IDs
  4. Bulk Importer

To elaborate, first, we need to install the AutoDS free chrome extension. Then, we can use the one-click importing feature, which allows the AutoDS extension to gather all images, titles, product descriptions, and variants with just a single click. Alternatively, the bulk importer feature enables us to import tens of thousands of products using a CSV file in under a minute.

Price and Stock Monitoring

While product research and product importing are important automation features, there’s more to business automation tools like price and stock monitoring. Most importantly, business automation tools like AutoDS play a crucial role in scaling our business.

Moreover, by automating our dropshipping store with AutoDS, we can sit back and relax while consistently making profits. With this in mind, we can rest assured that we’re not making any manual errors, such as filling in the wrong customers’ shipping information. Additionally, while the rest of the competition struggles to find best-selling products, it is a walk in the park with AutoDS’ dropshipping tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Way To Do Product Research?

Some of the best methods to perform product research are going through suppliers’ trending pages, such as Amazon’s best sellers. Moreover, we can also find in-demand products from the AliExpress Dropship Center and the AutoDS product research tool.

Which Dropshipping Products Are The Most Profitable?

High-ticket products are the most profitable. Since high-ticket products sell above $100, we can gain higher profit margins. Besides that, some of this year’s most profitable dropshipping products are the Pumpkin Pet Comb, the Wing Pendant Crystal Necklace, and the Golden Cutlery Set.

Do I Need To Do Product Research Before I Start Dropshipping?

Yes. It is absolutely crucial to do product research before dropshipping. That’s because product research allows us to find in-demand and trending products that help us easily generate sales and profit.


Great news! You are equipped with the top ten products to dropship in September. Now, we need to add these trending products to our dropshipping stores. With these in-demand products, our dropshipping store can only flourish.

However, remember that dropshipping is all about trial and error. The more products we test, the more chances we have to become successful. So, look out for our product lists every month and test out our recommendations to increase your business profits.

Before parting ways, we want to offer you more beneficial information to help you succeed in your dropshipping venture. As such, here are some great product-finding articles to check out: